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What's making headlines.
1334 Topics 32.8k Replies Pan's Avatar
by Pan
06 Apr 2020 05:57
For important issues and topics, including contemporary politics and elections.
1013 Topics 43.1k Replies Pan's Avatar
by Pan
06 Apr 2020 02:53
Human Behaviour. Social Issues. Culture and Customs. Religion, Spirituality and related. Anthropology, Sociology, Psychology and Philosophy.
691 Topics 22.1k Replies Ghost Dog's Avatar
by Ghost Dog
05 Apr 2020 23:42
Domestic & Foreign Policy, Military Operations & Wars, False Flags, War on Terror, 9-11, Geopolitics, UN & other NGO's, Police, Private Contractors, Surveillance, Big Brother. Category focus is on contemporary events & issues.
612 Topics 15.9k Replies Flare's Avatar
by Flare
02 Apr 2020 09:19
Economics, Markets, Trends, Forecasts, Stocks, Financial Scams, Money, Debt, Interest Rates, Bailouts, Austerity, Banks, Banking and Bankers.
277 Topics 2888 Replies Lux Interior's Avatar
by Lux Interior
29 Mar 2020 11:51
Past events incl. WW2, Historical Figures, Ancient and Alternative History, Artefacts and Discoveries, Cover-ups and History Re-written.
288 Topics 16.6k Replies Flare's Avatar
by Flare
28 Mar 2020 12:55
Symbolism in Corporate Logos & Branding, Architecture, Media, Film & Advertising. Subliminal Symbolism & programming. Esoteric knowledge. Entertainment industry / celebrities. Abuse and exploitation.
243 Topics 4982 Replies rodin's Avatar
Last Post 17
by rodin
28 Mar 2020 14:58
A place to discuss their work - Alan Watt, Bill Cooper, David Icke, Jeff Rense, Alex Jones, Henry Makow, Rik Clay, John Taylor Gatto, Noam Chomsky, Stefan Molyneux, Lauren Southern, Patrick Little, Owen Benjamin and others. News outlets, presenters, websites and forums.
222 Topics 12.6k Replies novum's Avatar
by novum
05 Apr 2020 23:13
Health, Nutrition, Exercise, Food and Diet, Healing and Cures. Survival Knowledge, Equipment and Techniques, Food Acquirement, Production and Storage, Water, related Community Projects.
238 Topics 2877 Replies MrAnderson's Avatar
by MrAnderson
28 Mar 2020 20:27
The place for science related information - Physics, Technology, Scientific Research and other related topics, including discussions on the nature of reality.
155 Topics 4876 Replies redpill's Avatar
by redpill
27 Mar 2020 21:38
Vaccines and Vaccination, Medication, Pharmaceutical Drugs and Companies, Flouridation, Bio-Engineering, Stem Cell Research, GMO's and other related topics.
114 Topics 1348 Replies Frothy's Avatar
by Frothy
27 Mar 2020 13:48
Earth related topics - Geography, Geology, Climate, Weather, Geo-Engineering, Earthquakes, Volcanoes. Biology, plants and animals.
115 Topics 2326 Replies redpill's Avatar
by redpill
02 Mar 2020 23:14
Aristocracy and Royalty, Lineage and Bloodlines, Freemasonry, Knights of Malta, other societies and related topics.
73 Topics 2589 Replies Ghost Dog's Avatar
by Ghost Dog
05 Apr 2020 23:16
Space Travel, The Moon, Solar System, Planets, Stars and other Astronomical and Celestial objects, Astronomy and related topics.
96 Topics 4527 Replies sketti's Avatar
by sketti
31 Jan 2020 12:00
Unexplained Phenomena, Folklore and Entities. Dreams and related topics.
84 Topics 1615 Replies gorojanin's Avatar
by gorojanin
28 Mar 2020 02:15
Threads and posts are subject to the discretion of the assigned moderators.
357 Topics 9818 Replies Pan's Avatar
by Pan
06 Apr 2020 02:58
Off topic discussion area including funny stuff.
669 Topics 21.9k Replies Exorcist's Avatar
by Exorcist
04 Apr 2020 13:22
Sport and related discussions.
51 Topics 1641 Replies Flare's Avatar
by Flare
19 Mar 2020 00:01
Reviews and Analysis
364 Topics 1393 Replies redpill's Avatar
by redpill
23 Mar 2020 23:17
The place to discuss all things IT and Internet related. Computers, Devices, Phones, Storage, Hardware and Software, Browsers, Connections, Proxy Servers, Security and Privacy, Troubleshooting and more.
65 Topics 1012 Replies Frothy's Avatar
by Frothy
30 Jun 2019 12:31
Information on Reg­is­tra­tion, Tech­ni­cal issues and site FAQ’s in here. This is also the place to ask questions and leave feedback and site suggestions.
119 Topics 4451 Replies MrAnderson's Avatar
by MrAnderson
14 Mar 2020 06:13
Former Public Zone. Public posting disabled. Register to post here.
674 Topics 13.7k Replies Ghost Dog's Avatar
by Ghost Dog
04 Apr 2020 23:23
The place for off topic threads, thread excerpts and de-railment etc. Reader discretion advised. This vent room is viewable to the public.
243 Topics 19.9k Replies Exorcist's Avatar
by Exorcist
02 Apr 2020 23:51

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