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THE DEFENDERS OF BERLIN 10 May 2020 04:14 #1

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75 years ago marked the end of the battle of Berlin. Although on the 2nd of May the garrison of the city surrendered, there were still pockets of resistance inside the city that refused to surrender. Some of them were of the SS, because they knew that if captured would be executed by the Soviets. The 7th is marked as Victory day in Russia and in the West as VE day, victory in Europe day. However, as national socialists we all know that was not a victory at all, not just for Germany but for even the victorious powers. For the current situation and circumstances that put the civilizations and everything we hold dearly in danger of extinction, completely contradicting the claims that this wars end would bring peace and justice, in fact it brought the oposite. The only victory in that day was the victory of Jewry.

That said, I decided to make this video and poem, in honor of these defenders, who thought bravely against the endless hordes of red army savages. Life is a reflection of what you feel and your interpretation of events. I do not see this day as a day we should be sad, or angry or even defeated for the fact they lost. Although sorrow and sadness is understandable, we should rejoice. We should commemorate the men, women and even children that fought to protect the capital of the Greater German Reich. We should celebrate that despite their physical defeat, their sacrifice was not in vain. The fact that we share the same ideas they died for, the fact that more and more people come to agree with us, the fact that more and more this victorious system crumbles under its own weight and lies, tells us who were the real victors of that battle. History will judge them as the most courageous and greatest manifestation of a peoples will to live. It is our duty, as National Socialists, to remember them. Honoring their sacrifice and using them as an example for us in our current state. No matter the darkness, no matter the hopelessness, no matter the suffering and misery, we must always fight on till victory or death. One day, this titanic struggle will end and, our ideals will sit as the foundations for the resurgence of the Western World, and the National Socialist Greater German Reich will be not just a model, but will be immortalized as the greatest manifestation of a peoples will to live.

Here is a poem I wanted to sing, but do to the difficulty of sinking the lyrics with the instrumental, I couldn't get it to work. One day thought, this poem will get its own official instrumental, and be song across the hole world, just like any other German song.

The Defenders of Berlin

Defenders of Berlin, the city of fidelity
Protectors of Germany nation, the country of loyalty
The German people, the people of creativity,
One of Europe's finest, the continent of nobility
In the West and East you were surrounded, the reds and greens enemies
After 6 years of struggle, They made the Reich rubble
Defenders of Berlin, the city of fidelity
Protectors of Germany, the country of loyalty

The old and young were together, Men and women held on
SS and Werhmacht shoulder to shoulder , Rifle and grenade fired on
The Capital, The Greater German Reich
Preferring death to surrender, the hours were dreadful
Your wifes and lovers there, they were ever faithful
Enveloped you were by darkness, the hordes of savages were endless
Yet your will to fight was restless, You fought harder regardless
Blood and steel was the taste, Fire and ashes in the waste
Shrapnel and powder in this place, Sweet and tears in your eyes and face
On the 2nd, hands were up, the red flag they hoist
Your heart broke and furry, do not cry but rejoice!

Do not weep for in the end you have won, preferring blood and Iron
The way of Germans, terrifying the cowards of Albion and Zion
Germany above all else, Your suffering will not be in vain
Your faith full heart is our example, not feeling pain
Your honor never lost, firm as a strong pine
Never leaving your post, like the guard of the Rhine
Our honor is our loyalty, non could go further
One People One Reich and One leader !
Do not weep for in the end you have won, preferring blood and Iron
The way of Germans, terrifying the cowards of Albion and Zion

Your sacrifice stands, sister cities called their men
Breslau, Hamburg, Dresden
Danzig, Posen, Konigsberg
Brunn, Pilsen and Strasburg
The violated mothers in the street, with deserted sisters
The murdered fathers, rooms full of tortured brothers
Yet you stood firm, you always were a hard hiter
Glory to the German people ! Hail Hitler !
May Germany resurge, as she always does!
May she claim her destiny, overcome your foes!

"Freedom is not a measure of good, but good is the measure of freedom." - Bishop Williamson

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