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TOPIC: Staged Riots

Staged Riots 01 Jun 2020 15:14 #1

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Riots as Sedition, NSA and OSA as Solution, Restoring Made in America & America the Beautiful

Jun 1, 2020

Robert David Steele

President Donald Trump has lost the media narrative, in part because he still does not have loyal effective intelligence and counterintelligence.

In this short video former spy, Robert David Steele discusses the riots (paid provocateurs, Somalis funded by Soros, and dumb asses) that have been uniformly condemned by authentic black leaders that the President is NOT in touch with: authentic black leaders with grassroots depth and breadth.

Steele proposes that he get Bill Binney back into NSA immediately -- with 100 people in 30 days Binney can nap all traitors including domestic seditionists and US Government officials actively betraying the President and their Oaths of office; and also map -- globally --- all illicit Wall Street wealth subject to confiscation [Note: killing Bill will not stop this; he has seven others in line behind him.] See his 16 minutes on this at YouTube (also backed up to BitChute): YouTube link

An Open Source Agency would complete the President's total command posture, and fund a Trump Studio, a truth channel and two-way dashboard allowing the President to directly pulse 180 million eligible voters across every issue, demographic, and location, and "the President's Own" public intelligence (decision-support) capability covering all threats, all policies, all costs (the secret world provides at best 4% of what the President needs and nothing for the rest of the government).

. . .

YouTube link
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