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TOPIC: Laura Eisenhower Interviews Two People Who Have Been to Mars

Laura Eisenhower Interviews Two People Who Have Been to Mars 25 Apr 2020 20:37 #1

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Laura Eisenhower, the great granddaughter of Pres. Eisenhower, is a public figure who has been researching the "military-industrial complex" her great grandfather warned us about.

Laura Eisenhower interviews Randy Cramer & Tony Rodrigues (special appearance by Dan Willis)

Mar 30, 2020

Laura Eisenhower

We talk about Disclosure, Mars Programs, Secret Space Program, Psyops, Q-Anon, Pandemics, Pedogate, Propaganda, Advanced technology, ET's and polygraph exams

Captain Randy Cramer is going public with his testimony about his service for the Mars Defense Force. The MDF is part of the Earth Defense Force, a UN “Unacknowledged Special Access Program”. His recruitment in 1987 into the “US Marine Corps Special Section” began a 20 year tour of duty working for the Mars Defense Force, which is the primary defense unit that protects the Mars Colony Corporation. Cramer says that he has been allowed to speak publicly about his experiences.

Tony Rodrigues went through a torturous MK-ultra type program and then years living in Peru doing intuitive work in drug running - and then to lose the intuitive ability and be taken to Seattle to be owned as a sex slave for a Satanic worshiping Elite. He was then sold off to Secret Space programs where he served a short time on Mars as a support soldier for Mars Colony Corp.When the Mars program was cancelled he was traded off to the Ceres Colony Corp where he lived for over a decade. Working on German ships as repairman and eventually cargo engineer on interstellar trade missions.Tony since has been an advisor to a foundation on the pedogate elite practices in an effort to stop human trafficking and has worked with hundreds of people with similar types of memories.

YouTube link
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