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TOPIC: Interview of Researcher Extraordinaire Ole Dammegard re. COVID-19

Interview of Researcher Extraordinaire Ole Dammegard re. COVID-19 02 May 2020 19:19 #1

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First published at 05:01 UTC on May 2nd, 2020.

Ramola D Reports

Extraordinary and uplifting conversation with Ole Dammegard, false flag expert, investigator, researcher, journalist, with some bombshell information on disclosure he stumbled upon recently regarding the planned nature of false flag events rolled across Europe in recent years by NATO, specific info on the Stockholm truck crash, and a further, more alarming disclosure of possible mega false flags to be detonated all across Europe and the world around the time of Brexit, news of which galvanized him into taking action to alert alt media friends around the world, who immediately publicized it -- an action which has made an impact: Brexit was not stopped, the mega events were halted, and COVID-19, likely to have been rolled out earlier, was unleashed only later, and, he says, a softer version at that. Did he just avert mega-catastrophe and instant NWO/global fascism roll-out in October 2019? It looks like this may indeed well be the case. Listen to this gripping account, share widely

A second aspect that Ole covers in detail is: What can I do? What can anyone do to help in this time period of heightened crisis and great awakening? Listen in for great information, ideas, and a very special book to read.

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