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TOPIC: Transition Talks - Robert David Steele - Full Disclosure: What has been hidden, what can we know ...

Transition Talks - Robert David Steele - Full Disclosure: What has been hidden, what can we know ... 19 May 2020 16:24 #1

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This talk was recorded before the fake pandemic and lockdown happened:

Mar 24, 2020

PostScript - The Arlington Institute

Transition Talks - Berkeley Springs, October, 2019

Full disclosure: what has been hidden, what can we know, why does it matter?

Robert Steele is one of the brightest and most creative analysts and problem solvers on the planet today who relate to big, global problems. In addition being very well known on the Internet and being very well connected with many people who are “behind the curtain”, he has reviewed more nonfiction books on Amazon than any other person in the world. This provides him with an extraordinarily broad and sophisticated base for understanding how this world really works and what the likely options are for us all going forward into this time of great change.

In one of his postings on his Public Intelligence website (, Robert indicated that there were three books that most shook his worldview and reorganized his understanding of what is happening in the world. Considering that he had reviewed over 2,500 books across 97 non-fiction categories, I wanted to learn more about these three books that he says “blew his mind open,” so I asked him if he would be willing to talk about those three books, his reviews of them and how he now understands the workings of the world because of it. (His reviews of those three books are below.)

Well, he got carried away and before I knew it, he was proposing focusing on not three but five books (because he just had read two more “six-star” tomes), touch on the next tier of a dozen significant writings . . . and then offer a further list of those that were clearly above average. I thought that in the face of all of this extraordinary change we’re facing, this large, highly-informed perspective would be most interesting. . .

Robert David Steele, former spy, former Marine Corps officer, proponent of Open Source Everything, Presidential candidate in 2012 and perhaps again in 2024, recommended for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2017 will integrate his life’s experience with his lessons from the works of others to explore love versus fear as a foundation for politics; liberty under natural law versus predatory fascism as we now have in the USA; and the possibilities for cosmic awakening very soon, in a full on defeat of the Deep State and its Archon masters.

YouTube link

(I don't believe Steele actually uses the word "Archon" in the talk.)

Here are his reviews of two books he emphasized, Project Human Extinction and Our Universal Journey:

After years of reading across many fronts, I was finally given this book and consider it the single best book summarizing the human experiment as an inter-galactic or cosmic experiment focused on free will, and the details about how the Illuminati morphed from nurturing humanity pre-1700 to control and ultimately a plan to eradicate billions of “useless eaters,” most compelling. . .

Central to the book’s discussion of the Illuminati and the Deep State they command is the use of world war to divide and conquer. WWI was about wiping out the aristocracy. WWII was about creating atheistic communism as a balance against Catholicism. WWIII is about getting the Islamic tribes to wipe each other out and perhaps Zion as well.

The goal of the Illuminati – Satanists who worship Lucifer – is to wipe out governments, religions, and families, creating a New World Order in which everyone is a virtual slave with no options. The New World Order would radically reduce the population, wiping out billions, essentially turning the Earth into a game preserve for the 1%.

The Freemasons are discussed as the heart of the Illuminati control network, with the observation that the vast majority of Freemasons up to the 29th level are good people doing good and unwitting tools of the higher levels – the 30th to 33rd levels are the bridge levels of control from the higher 34th to 36ths levels (my supposition on the latter numbers) that are the Illuminati “majordomos” and orchestrate Freemasonry subversion of all institutions using a mix of unwitting obedient Freemasons and bribed or blackmailed financial, political, intelligence, and military servants.

The over-lapping interaction between the Illuminati and the higher reaches of governments operating in secrecy and in contact with extraterrestrials, are discussed throughout the book. The books – whose references and tone I find credible – posits thirteen extraterrestrial forms, of which six are purely non-physical combinations of energy and consciousness. The seven that take physical form include the Greys, Blues, Pleiadians, Syrians, NGC 584, Crystaline, and the Velo, the latter the most destructive and intent on capturing Earth for themselves.

The role of the secret intelligence community as a primary interface between the Illuminati and extraterrestrials is new to me. It would help explain why the US secret world spends so much to produce so little (4% of what a major commanders needs, according to General Tony Zinni, USMC, then Commanding General of the US Central Command).

Here is one quote, on NSA, citing William Cooper writing on “The Secret Government: A Covenant with Death” which is the third appendix: “The NSA also maintains communications with the Luna Base and other secret space programs. By executive order of the President, the NSA is exempt from all laws which do not specifically name the NSA in the text of the law as being subject to that law. . . . The primary task of the NSA is still alien communications, but now includes other extraterrestrial projects as well.”

I have no direct knowledge and am not sure I completely believe this – I do believe that NSA, NASA, the US Air Force, and the US Navy have multiple secret programs dealing with space – including extraterrestrial contact and technologies.

The books suggests that there is a long-established colony on Mars jointly established by the USA and the former Soviet Union – we do know there are “20 years and out” space exploration programs and classified anti-aging programs. Not discussed by the author, but my own speculation, is the possibility that many of the missing children each year might be involuntary space pioneers, put to sleep for very long journeys with no option when they get there as young adults but to work as they are told.

I really cannot do this book full justice – it needs to be read in detail and it is not as hyperbolic as my review may mis-represent. This is a very thoughtful book that takes a holistic approach to understanding both extraterrestrials and the terrible secrecy and sacrifice that has accompanied government decisions to lie to the public about extraterrestrials; and the Illuminati led by the Vatican and the Rothschilds.

The authors conclude that the Roman Catholic Church was created by Rome, not against Rome, to both unify the scattered Roman dominions but also to destroy the paganistic religions that worshipped Earth and spirits associated with Earth – in brief the Roman Catholic Church was the world’s first global control network and the world’s first end to end propaganda machine. The Roman Catholic Church’s role in many genocides against Native Americans and other indigenous populations, and later Islam, is noted.

The first appendix is a timeline for the Deep State’s formation with the Free Masons and the Vatican at the top, central banks as the next layer, and then a variety of hired political actors including Karl Marx, the Fabians, and most recently the neo-liberals as socialists in drag.

The second appendix is a brilliant outline of all the evil inventions and policies that are being brought together to achieve radical population control including wars, starvation, vaccines, GMOs, and more.

The third appendix describes the Secret Government in detail, inclusive of secret space collaboration between the USA and the Soviet Union now Russia, and it provides a devastating indictment of how extraterrestrials and their technology, bases on Mars, underground cities in the USA, and drug trafficking all come together. George Bush Senior (who I note was also a party to the assassination of John of Kennedy) is featured as the first major Deep State drug smuggler for the CIA.

Two shorter appendices, one on GMOs and one on the Ashtar Command, and a very strong reference section, complete the book.

I will end on a positive note: the authors believe, as I do, that disclosure is coming and the larger public can overcome centuries of poor stewardship by the Illuminati. We can create heaven on earth. First we have to wake up and understand – as Jon Rappoport has suggested for so many years – that we are living inside of a “control dream” in which the officially-sanctioned version of reality imposed by captive news media, government lies, shallow educational programs, and religions, is far removed from the glorious cosmic reality that we are a repressed part of.

For the average citizen, this means that freedom is close at hand from both the terrestrial evil of the Deep State relegating most humans to an “animal farm,” and also from the larger fiction that we are alone in the Cosmos.

There are thousands of extra-terrestial stellar civilizations, some evil, most humane (pun intended). The pineal gland is an implanted biological feature that enables the worst of these civilization to control our elites at one level (Satanic blood rites) and the rest of us at another level (dumbed down acceptance of fake government, fake media, fake religions, and predatory toxic corporations).

It must be said up front that this book and the cosmic view it outlines celebrates the feminine and condemns the manner in which priesthoods, explicitly including the Catholic Church and its Inquisition, have sought to demonize and marginalize the feminine with all its gifts.

This is a very high quality paperback book with many color images, published in 2012, a year that is widely regarded among those paying attention to these matters as the beginning of a 1,000 years of peace and transformation on Earth.

Manipulation of History

History has been manipulated, to include deliberately inaccurate translations of Biblical texts. I am especially impressed by one correction of the record that clearly documents a Hebrew text referring to “before the moon.” This appears in the later section documenting the moon as an artificial craft.

The author is compelling in condemning the manner in which history has been distorted to create multiple forms of priesthoods and elites that are parasites on society, while create a “status quo” of rote learning, conformity, and subservience to an economics and politics that favor the 1% over the 99%. . .

Who Are We and Where Do We Come From?

This is a very ably presented overview, including a critical graphic showing twelve levels of consciousness, that also offers a foundation for the rest of the book expanding on core concepts: to include we are each infinite; unconditional love is the foundation for cosmic consciousness (conditional love is a fear-based trap that enables hierarchical societies that crush individual sovereignty; and more.

What Are We Doing Here?

Life in its purest form is light energy, compressed consciousness, and unconditional love. The Sun is the masculine, the Earth is the feminine, humans are unique as a microcosm of the full diversity of the Universe, with the potential to spread life [but the book is clear that there is life everywhere, stars are actually planets, their life forms are simply different.]

The Supreme Cosmic Deception

I found this chapter fascinating in part because it asserts that pineal gland (the size of a grain of rice) was inserted thousands of years ago as a control channel. This matters because it is the pineal gland that is associated with Satanic rituals that thrive on adrenochrome which is produced by tortured animals, children being the primary source for our depraved elites. In a closely related short chapter that follows, the author trashes every religion as a fraud that integrates false myths, intermediary priests as controllers for the elite against the masses, and rituals that repress evolution by individuals.

Below is an image of the levels of consciousness and embodiment, toward the higher end one becomes pure light and energy. Understanding the duplicitous force or false god / false enlightenment “wall” is central to human liberation. The shadow area below is the “synthetic universe,” what Jon Rappoport calls “The Matrix” that traps people in a false universe that serves the 1%. . .

Extra-Terrestials, Inter-Dimensionals, & The Moon Base

This is an important chapter in part because it makes clear that those extra-terrestials offering a “free ride” to escape Earth are in fact luring humans into eternal servitude at a higher level, preventing them from staying put, healing the Earth, and going all the way to the 12th level of consciousness.

The Moon is discussed concisely. Artificial craft, synchronized so that it always has a dark side invisible to earth and is able to impact on both female menstrual cycles and tides/water (human body is 70% water). Inside the artificial craft is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) computing engine that makes the National Security Agency look like a pimple on the ass of a donkey. The author asserts that the Moon was once a spacecraft with an earth-like surface that was used to populate life across galaxies.

Saturn (where NASA is said to have bases on the rings) is the source of electromagnetic pollution in partnership with the Moon, in combination they use the pineal gland to “tune” humanity away from unconditional love and toward a “divide and conquer” melange of hatreds and deceptions. . .

The author includes in this chapter a short statement on how the more evil extra-terrestials made deals with the US and other governments to provide advanced technologies in exchange for the right to “experiment” on N number of humans, but limited the technology to silicon or “hard” technologies instead of light technologies, such that we have been trapped in a “hard wired” technical paradigm that is now known to be very toxic (5G) while failing to evolve past the “command and control” technologies we were “gifted.”

Where Are We Headed?

This is a philosophical chapter, and one that makes the point that each person is perfect just the way they are, and will awaken and evolve at the right time. There is no justification for expectations defined by others, or guilt over not meeting those expectations. The author makes the point about technology generally that Jerry Mander made about television:

Review: In the Absence of the Sacred–The Failure of Technology and the Survival of the Indian Nations

The author takes pains to trash the various spiritual movements that profer earthly salvation and an increase in personal spirituality, equating them to religions in their fraudulence. We are perfect as we are, we should reject all external religions, movements, governments, etcetera that seek to define perfection or regulation acceptability.

Awakening to a Free and Sovereign Spirit

Let go and be.

Honor the Sun and the Earth, not Saturn and the Moon.

Know that we have a cosmic role and there is no religion that merits any role in standing between us and infinity.

It bears mention that the History Channel series on Ancient Aliens is often on background in my office, and I credit them with the best possible soft disclosure endeavor possible. Extra-terrestials are very real, the matter is settled, deal with it. . .
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Transition Talks - Robert David Steele - Full Disclosure: What has been hidden, what can we know ... 19 May 2020 16:59 #2

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If you would like to see the script and graphics that were used in the talk, they are posted at Steele on Books & America: Love it or Lose it! VIDEO ++.
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Transition Talks - Robert David Steele - Full Disclosure: What has been hidden, what can we know ... 19 May 2020 18:41 #3

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Connect Dots wrote:

Here is a clip from an interview of author Chris Thomas:

Voices of the New Paradigm - Chris Thomas

Dec 3, 2010


Interview with UK author Chris Thomas - 14 min teaser

YouTube link
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