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TOPIC: Forum Maintenance Earlier Today Please Report Any Issues

Forum Maintenance Earlier Today Please Report Any Issues 20 May 2014 16:57 #21

Frog wrote:
I'm not sure what to suggest other than maybe trying an alternative browser ideally one not based on the FF code base. We have done lots of updates to the core, forum and extensions so I can't really narrow it down to anything specific that has changed. The recent update of the forum is the most obvious suspect but there is a degree of overlap.

I think there must be some form of Java error or conflict that's preventing you running the scripts for the profile options. I have just changed some of the conflict settings but I'm not sure your issue will ve solved by that. If you can have another attempt and get back to me I can change things back again if there is no improvement.


Sill no improvement frog, it's obviously a conflict with a script in the version of linux I'm using. Not to worry anyway, I'll just use another OS when I want to change any settings.
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