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TOPIC: Censorship on TZ

Censorship on TZ 21 Apr 2016 18:25 #21

  • Gaia
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Flare wrote:
Gaia wrote:
What the fucking hell? :larf:

Marxism is about the farthest away from my principles as possible. :iitm:

Well, since you're all for immigration,

You cannot be for or against immigration. You can be against uncontrolled mass immigration, like me, so what the hell?
'everyone is the same', 'individualism is a good thing'

These two statements are directly contradicting. I advocate that everyone is different. Different is not "the same", eh? :facepalm:

Individualism is indeed a good thing and 180 degrees different (there he is again!) from collectivist marxism. :facepalm:

What the heck is wrong with treating your fellow human beings as individuals?? :dunno:
, against religion,

No, I'm not an antitheist, I am an atheist. A- is no-religion, not anti. Doesn't mean I look away when religions indoctrinate people. Faith is personal, religion is organised.
any form of government

Because it's based on force and inconsistent.
and pro-LGBT...

WTF? What is "pro-LGBT"? :conf: Other individuals have the right to express their sexuality just like any other (that includes me). Why would you be against that? What are you afraid of? :cool2:
that makes you a marxist.

You can keep labeling dumb words which meaning exactly opposes that of my views, that doesn't make you right.
Or at least you are one without even realizing it :D

Oh yeah, your insights have been proven sóóóó valuable... :larf: :larf: :larf: :sadno:
Cultural marxism

The gradual process of destroying all traditions, languages, religions, individuality, government, (?? not at all, marxism is all about huge government) family, law and order in order to re-assemble society in the future as a communist utopia. This utopia will have no notion of gender, traditions, morality, god or even family or the state.

And you call me that? Wow, you really have no arguments, eh? :facepalm:
The Philosophy was proven not to Work already by Vladimir Lenin as he tried in vein to control and subjugate the people.

I am an anarchist FFS. :yerright:
He admitted before he died that capitalism was the only true system in which people understand how to live with each other.... Lenin knew that there were a few western Idiots who kept spreading the communist ideas long after Lenin gave up.... he called these people useful idiots as they had more emotion than brains and could be used to subvert the western states for a military takeover in the future as the citizens would already be perverted and sick and weak from poisonous ideas, decadent lusts and mindless entertainment.

I recall it was you who were wanking on warfare instruments in the WWII thread. Cinta has pointed that out very well. Why the hell would an anarchist and individualist support a military take-over, oh wise thinker? :roll:
cultural marxism: "everything is relative man"....

My focus on consistency of arguments makes things NOT relative. Their are bound by logical rules.
"there is no truth".... "reality is what we make of it"....

Bullshit. There is truth, just not knowable as nobody has a 100% overview, who claims he does is a false prophet.
we don't need money...

Missed my rants agains the Zeitgeist commies? :facepalm:
cops are violent pigs (especially the white ones).

Most of them are lazy, not violent.
Women are smarter and betteer than men,

Generalisation going against every individualist point I made.
all men are rapists.

Speak for yourself.
"get in touch with your feelings"....

WTF does this even mean?
"if it feels good then do it"...

That depends on morality. As relativism is bullshit, remember?
"she so empowered!!... you go girl!!"...

Feminists. :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm:
"there is no god"...

I have never said that. I say I don't believe in a god, but I have no way of proving the (non)existence of it.
"Let's burn the bible" "don't criticize islam!!"...

You never have read any of my posts in the past 15 years, have you, clown? :facepalm:
"you're a bigot" "a homophobe"

If you are afraid of gays you are a homophobe indeed, by definition.
"you're an agist classist pig".....

Agist? What's that?
"think globally act locally"....

I criticise utopism wherever I see it so this is again ridiculous.
"save the whales.. the trees...

George Carlin's epic rant is all I have to say to that.
the poor african kids!!"

Generalisation going against individualism.
.... "drop out of school and rebell against your parents"....

Leaving the non-"educational" system means breaking away from cultural marxist indoctrination so this is a stupid statement. If you're true to truth seeking you look for other educational methods, home schooling for instance.
"Dad's are scum.... mum's are cool"....

"go vegetarian"

:larf: :larf: :larf: :larf: :larf: :larf: :larf:

I eat WAY more meat than your all-time hero Hitler, clown.
"the ufo's are comming!!" ....

"comming"? :facepalm:

Never watched any of my space topics either I see. My hypothesis states they can NEVER come and also that we can NEVER leave Earth. :yerright: :yerright: :yerright: :yerright:
"don't teach kids math's and reading!!!!!.....

If there are two subjects that are harmless and useful in "school" it's these... :facepalm:
you elitist pig!!!....

Nobody here is part of the Elite. Some want to, looking up to the Nazi Elites and their filth. :yerright:
they need to learn to build a veggie patch

and learn to recycle

Recycling is big business, will be done automatically.
and wear gender nuetral clothes!!!"

"nuetral"? :facepalm:

Not at all. Look around, too few women wear heels in NW Europe...
"we can all eat other's cuisines

I love food from various places, that doesn't mean anything for other people; there is no "we".
and enjoy each others religions

Going against the anti-religion point, make up your mind.
from every nation in one smelting pot of peoples and get along together and intermarry"

If there's anything personal in the world it's the choice for your partner. The "smelting pot" is satirical or a typo? :cool2:

Sounds familiar? :)

You see, nearly every point is directly opposite to my views.

Not that it stops the goldfish with Alzheimer at all. Every Groundhog Day posting the same shit again, never learning or reading anything. Too busy watching Hitler's propaganda porn. :iitm:
The Only Limit is Your Own Imagination
A truth seeker is someone who dares to wade through thick series of toxic smoke screens and tries not to inhale - Gaia
"What do you call 'genius'?" "Well, seeing things others don't see. Or rather the invisible links between things."
- Vladimir Nabokov (1938)
"The silence of conspiracy. Slaughtered on the altar of apathy." - Lords of the New Church (1982)
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Censorship on TZ 15 Jan 2017 07:50 #22

  • zax
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novum wrote:
GMP wrote:
I had thought that all of TZ was a free speech zone because I didn't know until today that some threads were owned by some mods.
I've no issue with that at all just so long as there are safe places on TZ where posters can post freely without their posts being banished to the Vent Room.

Just to clarify, threads cant be moderated independantly of one another.

Moderators can only be assigned to entire categories. (General Discussion is a category, News and current affairs another, etc)

Zorro has been assigned as a mod to the General Discussion category, which is why he can moderate threads which exist in said cat.

He is not a mod outside of general on the main boards. (he is also a mod of one of the members forums).


.Stick with that story.
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