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TOPIC: Truth Zone site now using SSL and https URLs

Truth Zone site now using SSL and https URLs 18 Feb 2017 09:38 #1

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Hello all, as part of our on going efforts to improve the sites security and members privacy we have recently added an SSL security certificate, which allows us to offer encryption site wide for members and visitors alike.

Some of you may have already noticed that the sites URL's are now preceded by https rather than http since around 24 hours ago. This is because of the added SSL certificate which we implemented some 24 hours ago.

Just a reminder that we always have had encrypted login details here through a dedicated script and that hasn't changed and wont change unless it is for the better, so members login details have always been very secure.

However with the added SSL this means the site is more secure across its entirety, for example PM's are now encrypted on the wire using https on top of the existing encryption in the TZ database. In plainspeak this means it is much more difficult for hackers getting at your end to see what you see on your screen.

Now some further information regarding browsers and what they label secure and not secure, and just a warning, this may get abit techy/geeky.... web browsers (eg the big 3, microsoft, firefox and chrome) need everything on the page to be https in order to deem a page secure and give it a green padlock or tick or whatever indicator they use. So every link, image, video etc on that page must be https and have a valid certificate on their end.

The "problem" with this in regards to forums such as this is, people are posting stuff on the forum, which becomes part of the page, which the browser reads as part of the site obviously. This can include stuff like images, videos and links that you guys post. Often these wont be https, so your browser may not deem the page to be secure. However the site is still more secure using https regardless, so it is an improvement.

So a yellow triangle or other warnings may appear on your browsers because of external content that's not using https for the links. This 'mixed content' reason is why... ie the entire page isnt all https content, there is some http there.

You guys can help with that to some extent by doing your best to use https for content links to images, videos and other third-party stuff you add to your posts. Youtube for example is already https , so vid links should begin with https ... imgur is the same, however when you fetch your link from imgur the 's' might not be in the https, you can add it. Many sites are implementing SSL now as standard so https versions of their URLs might work, you can try it out first before posting the URLs here, just see if the link works when preceded by https rather than http. :)

Heres some more geek stuff on 'mixed content' for anyone interested

Thanks to Frog and innohosting for their help in getting this feature installed and functional, and over time we plan to make as much of the site content https as possible.
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