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TOPIC: NSDAP Economics were pretty sound ( in the beginning).

NSDAP Economics were pretty sound ( in the beginning). 30 Apr 2016 17:02 #1

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NSDAP political-economics were pretty sound.
In the early days at least.
The NSDAP were great admirers of the Co-Operative movement.
Many NSDAP members would also have been members of local consumer co-operatives.
Later on though the Nazis nationalised the Co-Ops so that instead of the members receiving their annual 'dividend' share of the surplus- that went to the Party.
The Nazis also replaced democratically elected Co-Operative committees with their own people.
Usually one Nazi ran one Co-Op.
Hence the Nazis moved away from earlier NSDAP economic models and effectively stifled the purpose of the Co-Operatives.
Co-Ops are owned by their members. German Co-Ops were ultimately expropriated from the members to the Nazi party.
More here in this interesting book...
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