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TOPIC: BlackRock: The Company that Owns the World

BlackRock: The Company that Owns the World 10 Sep 2021 15:55 #1

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BlackRock: The Company that Owns the World 20 Sep 2021 13:08 #2

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Isn't Blackrock Number 1?

Most people think BlackRock is the largest investment firm in the world. There is a convoluted and incestuous relationship between the top investment and mutual fund companies so it gets confusing.

I am convinced this is intentional.

I believe that The Vanguard Group is the top company for two reasons.

–Evidence 1 - Using Apple as an example once again (read full artlcle in link). If I go to Yahoo finance I can see that Apple is
owned by BlackRock. I can then see that BlackRock is owned by The Vanguard Group. But I can't see who owns The Vanguard Group.

The trail stops there which brings me to the conclusion that I have reached the top.

–Evidence 2: We will get into this more later, but if you look at the partners list on the World Economic Forum Website www.weforum.org/partners you will find Blackrock but you will not find The Vanguard Group. This gives me the impression they are trying to stay under the radar and appear lesser than BlackRock.


In case you are not aware of The Vanguard Group, the main thing you need to know is that they own EVERYTHING.

They own major or controlling shares in most of the corporations and banks in the entire world. It is reasonable to say that The Vanguard Group owns 10- 15% of nearly every sale made on the planet. You can evidence this by going to 'Yahoo Finance' and typing in 'Apple' for example. Then click on 'holders'. This will bring up the top shareholders for that company.

At first glance you will see that The Vanguard Group owns 7.65% of Apple. However, if you look below this list then you will see top mutual fund holders. The mutual fund list is also dominated by The Vanguard Group. At second glance you'll find that The Vanguard Group owns 14.11%.

This is where it gets a bit tricky and unfortunately, forensic accounting is beyond my skill set. If you dig a little deeper then you will find that The
Vanguard Group also portions of the other holders on the above list (see in article link). Without getting in too deep you can safely
add another 2%. This brings the total to just over 16% of apple stock and that makes The Vanguard Group that largest controller of Apple.

Do this with any company or bank and the result is almost always the same.

Following this trail you will find that nearly everything on the planet is partly or mostly owned by The Vanguard Group.

So, who owns The Vanguard Group?

That's a great question. The Vanguard Group has created a unique situation. All of their clients are sold partial ownership in the company. This means that, even though The Vanguard Group is a public company, their shareholders are protected by client confidentiality.

They boast roughly 25 million clients (under 1 million dollars) and approx. 60,000 'flagship' ($1-5 million) and 'flagship select' (over $5 million) clients' worldwide. I do do not know the specific breakdowns of flagship clients. www.inquirer.com/philly/blogs/inq-

Why does The Vanguard Group Matter?

When we stop looking at all of this on a global level and we focus in on specific examples some frightening situations begin to take shape.

Especially in regards to the 2020-21 lockdowns and restrictions.

- Why did governments shut down churches and small businesses but allow large companies like Costco and Wal-mart to remain open where people were obviously highly condensed? Guess who's owned by The Vanguard Group.

- Why did local restaurants have to close but McDonald's was open? Guess who's owned by The Vanguard Group.

And it gets worse.

Would it be considered collusion if The Vanguard Group owned Facebook and Twitter, (the two companies who worked the hardest at censoring opinions opposed to their pro-vaccine narrative) but The Vanguard Group also owns the companies that sells the “vaccine” ? (*note-”vaccine” is the common term used for the experimental gene therapy currently be sold as a covid-19 solution).

As specific examples begin to present themselves you can use this template to answer most of the baffling 'scientific' decisions used for lockdowns, mask mandates and the push for vaccines.

Admittedly you have to get creative sometimes such as in masks. Masks don't make anyone a lot of money but if the The Vanguard Group
operatives condition the populace into feeling restrained until the “vaccine solution” is presented then the removal of masks offers an incentive towards the sale of the “vaccine”.

Motive: There is a potential for The Vanguard Group to make well in excess of $500 trillion dollars through the vaccine push. When partnering with global governments this can be done by (a) having the public pay for the vaccines (b) get global immunity against lawsuits and liability thereby protecting profits (c) have the governments assume the liability to be paid by the public funds – essentially having the people pay themselves.

KEY POINT: When we say 'The Vanguard Group', we are really talking about the “Select Flagship” clients. These are the people making the most money from these actions.

CONCLUSION: We are witnessing the largest transfer of money from the people to a very select group of super elite individuals, while abusing government authority to do it.


I believe I cannot connect the bridge between The Vanguard Group and Global governments/ individuals without discussing the World Economic Forum.

Just as The Vanguard Group is underestimated, I believe that the World Economic Forum is OVERestimated. Most people believe the WEF is pulling the strings. If you see the WEF not as the shot callers but as nothing more than a marketing/propaganda department for The Vanguard
Group then more pieces of the puzzle fall into place.

read more here: wonnation.ca/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/Evidence-Package-download.pdf
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