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TOPIC: Permanent Human Values

Permanent Human Values 05 Jan 2016 05:31 #1

  • Robert Baird
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Permanent Human Values

At the start of the US involvement in WWII Joseph Campbell was put in the position of having to defend culture and truth rather than go along with the crazed nationalism and outright invasion of so many public institutions through all manner of propaganda. The Bollingen Foundation was backed by Mellon family money and it sought to establish an integrative disciplinary approach including the mystical precepts of Mircae Eliade and Carl Jung. Their efforts at Eranos deserve close attention for any scholar seeking to understand the positive side of the old-money families or elites. I wonder if the Elite sometimes do demonstrate a beneficent paternalism when I see these good efforts.

"Permanent Human Values

I have been asked to tell you what seem to me to be some of the important things--permanently human--which men are likely to forget during hours of a severe political crisis.

Permanent things, of course, do not have to be fought for--they are permanent. We are not their creators and defenders. Rather--it is our privilege (our privilege as individuals: our privilege as nations) to experience them. And it is our private loss if we neglect them. We may fight for our right to experience these values. But the fight must not be conducted on a public battlefield. This fight must be conducted in the individual mind. Public conquerors are frequently the losers in this secret struggle.

Permanent things, furthermore, are not possessed exclusively by the democracies; not exclusively even by the Western world.

My theme, therefore, forbids me to be partial to the war-cries of the day. I respect my theme, and I shall try to do it justice. I am not competent to speak of every permanent human value. I shall confine myself, therefore, to those which have been my special disciplinarians: those associated with the Way of Knowledge.

Which of these are likely to be forgotten during the hours of a severe political crisis? All of them, I should say. I think that everything which does not serve the most immediate economic and political ends is likely to be forgotten.

I think, in the first place, that the critical objectivity of the student of society is likely to be forgotten--either forgotten or suppressed. For example: The president of Columbia University has declared that the present conflict is a war 'between beasts and human beings, between brutal force and kindly helpfulness,' Yet Columbia professors laboriously taught, during the twenties and thirties something about the duties of objective intelligence in the face of sensational propaganda: and no educated gentleman can possibly believe that the British Empire or the French Empire or the American Empire was unselfishly founded in 'kindly helpfulness.' without gunpowder or without perfectly obscene brutality.

It is not surprising, of course, that there should be a strain of opportunism in those public gentlemen who are in a position to tell the multitude what to think; but that our universities--those institutions which have plumed themselves in their dignified objectivity--should begin now to fling about the gutter-slogans of our newspaper cartoons, seems to be a calamity of the first order.

Perhaps our students must prepare themselves to remember (without any support for our institutions of higher learning) that there are two sides to every argument, that every government since governments began, has claimed to represent the special blessings of the heavenly realm, that every man (even an enemy) is human, and that no empire (not even a merchant empire) is founded on 'kindly helpfulness.'

When there was no crisis on the horizon, we were told that objectivity was a good. Now that something seems to threaten our markets--or to threaten perhaps even more than that--we are warned (and this by still another of our university presidents) that the real fifth-columnist in this country is the critical intellectual. What kind of leaders are these men, anyhow?--snorting through one nostril about the book-burnings in Germany, wheezing through the other at critical intelligences in our own Republic?

In the second place we are in danger of neglecting the apparently useless work of the disinterested scientist and historian. Yet if there is one jewel in the crown of Western Civilization which deserves to take a place beside the finest jewels of Asia, it is the jewel cut by these extraordinary men. Their images of the cosmos and of the course of earthly history are as majestic as the Oriental theories of involution and evolution. But these images are by no means the exclusive creation, or even property, of democracies. Many of the indispensable works which you must read, if you are to participate in the study of these images, have not even been translated into democratic tongues. Let me say, therefore, that any serious student of history or science who permits the passions of this hour to turn her away from German is a fool.

Whatever may be the language for hemisphere defense, German, French and English are the languages of scholarship and science. German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Scandinavian, English, Irish, Polish, Russian, Swiss, Christian, Pagan, Atheist, and Jewish have been the workers in these spheres. Chauvinism has no place here. The work is international and human. Consequently, whenever there is a resurgence of the nationalisms and animalisms of war, scientist and scholar have to cork themselves tightly in. They are not anti-social parasites and slackers when they do this. It is with them that Western Culture, as opposed to Western Empire, will survive.

In the third place, the work of the literary man and the artist is in danger. We need not worry about the popular entertainer: he will be more in demand than ever. But we may worry about the artists of social satire: theirs will be a plight very like the plight of the objective social scientist. And we may worry about the creative writers, painters, sculptors, and musicians devoted to the disciplines of pure art. The philistine (that is to say the man without hunger for poetry and art) will never understand the importance of these enthusiasts. But those of you whose way of personal discipline and discovery is the way of the arts will understand that if you are to keep in touch with your own centers of energy, you must not allow yourself to be tricked into believing that social criticism is proper art, or that sensational entertainment is proper art, or that journalistic realism is proper art. You must not give up your self-exploration in your own terms. The politicians are such a blatant crew and their causes are so obvious that it is exceedingly difficult to remember, when they surround you, anything but the surfaces of life....

The artist--in so far as he is an artist--looks at the world dispassionately: without thought of defending his ego or his friends; without thought of undoing any enemy; troubled neither with desire or loathing. He is as dispassionate as the scientist, but he is looking not for the causes of effects, he is simply looking--sinking his eye into the object. To his eye this object permanently reveals the fascination of a hidden name or essential form...

Now this perfectly well-known crisis, which transports a beholder beyond desire and loathing, is the first step not only to art, but to humanity. And it is the artist who is its hero. It cannot be said, therefore, that the artist is finally anti-social, even though from an economic point of view his work may be superfluous; even though he may seem to be sitting pretty much alone.

In the fourth place, the preaching of religion is in danger. God is the first fortress that a warlike nation must capture, and the ministers of religion are always, always, always ready to deliver God into the hands of their king or their president. We hear of it already--this arm-in-arm blood brotherhood of democracy and Christianity...

And how quick the ministers of religion are to judge the soul of the enemy; when the founder of their faith is reputed to have said: 'Judge not, that you may never be judged.' How quick they are to point at the splinter in the enemy eye, before they have looked for the plank that sticks in their own! 'Give to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's,' is not the phrase for a political emergency. 'Love your neighbor as yourself,' is not the phrase for a political emergency... And perhaps it would be well to remember that even the inhabitants of the democracies were born with original sin on their souls: and that not even the President of the United States has any objective assurance that he is the vicar of Christ on earth.

We are all groping in this valley of tears, and if a Mr. Hitler collides with a Mr. Churchill, we are not in conscience bound to believe that a devil had collided with a saint (Biblio: This phrase was quoted out of context, with a predictably horrifying impact on modern sensibilities, in the New York Times article of 1989 on Campbell's alleged bigotry.)--Keep those transcendent terms out of your political thinking--do not donate the things of God to Caesar--and you will go a long way toward keeping a sane head.

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Permanent Human Values 05 Jan 2016 06:09 #2

  • Robert Baird
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The area where Wilson and almost every other supposed occult scholar falls short is in the origins of these knowledge systems. Yes, there was a time a couple of decades ago when I was laughing when Mason's said they came from Pythagoras. It takes a long time to see others who are see-ing more of the facts I reported in Diverse Druids but some have gone so far as to say Pythagoras joined any esoteric group rather than crediting him with any real insight or knowledge. Here is a person who quotes Diogenes Laertes in the matter of Pythagoras being a Druid. And once you have that, you are already past all the Roman re-writes of history and thought but just beginning the trail way further back which I demonstrate as I pierce the lies surrounding their languages and scripts - guided by a Masonic Linguist and my Ogham mentor.

Hidden Wisdom: The Secrets of the Western Esoteric Tradition
By Tim Wallace-Murphy

But Wilson does get the future right thanks to those I champion like Bucky and C. H. Douglas (See social credit). I would post it under We Can Change the World and all the Transhumanist threads but I prattle on about this a lot. Jeremy Bentham wrote this kind of thing in the 19th Century.

"The RICH Economy
by Robert Anton Wilson
from The Illuminati Papers

If there is one proposition which currently wins the assent of nearly everybody, it is that we need more jobs. "A cure for unemployment" is promised, or earnestly sought, by every Heavy Thinker from Jimmy Carter to the Communist Party USA, from Ronald Reagan to the head of the economics department at the local university, from the Birchers to the New Left.

I would like to challenge that idea. I don't think there is, or ever again can be, a cure for unemployment. I propose that unemployment is not a disease, but the natural, healthy functioning of an advanced technological society.

The inevitable direction of any technology, and of any rational species such as Homo sap., is toward what Buckminster Fuller calls ephemeralization, or doing-more-with-less. For instance, a modern computer does more (handles more bits of information) with less hardware than the proto-computers of the late '40's and '50's. One worker with a modern teletype machine does more in an hour than a thousand medieval monks painstakingly copying scrolls for a century. Atomic fission does more with a cubic centimeter of matter than all the engineers of the 19th Century could do with a million tons, and fusion does even more.

Unemployment is not a disease; so it has no "cure."

This tendency toward ephemeralization or doing more-with-less is based on two principal factors, viz:

1.The increment-of-association, a term coined by engineer C.H. Douglas, a meaning simply that when we combine our efforts we can do more than the sum of what each of us could do seperately. Five people acting synergetically together can lift a small modern car, but if each of the five tries separately, the car will not budge. As society evolved from tiny bands, to larger tribes, to federations of tribes, to city-states, to nations, to multinational alliances, the increment-of-association increased exponentially. A stone-age hunting band could not build the Parthenon; a Renaissance city-state could not put Neil Armstrong on the Moon. When the increment-of-association increases, through larger social units, doing-more-with-less becomes increasingly possible.

2.Knowledge itself is inherently self-augmenting. Every discovery "suggests" further discoveries; every innovation provokes further innovations. This can be seen concretely, in the records of the U.S. Patent Office, where you will find more patents granted every year than were granted the year before, in a rising curve that seems to be headed toward infinity. If Inventor A can make a Whatsit out of 20 moving parts, Inventor B will come along and build a Whatsit out of 10 moving parts. If the technology of 1900 can get 100 ergs out of a Whatchamacallum, the technology of 1950 can get 1,000 ergs. Again, the tendency is always toward doing-more-with-less.

Unemployment is directly caused by this technological capacity to do more-with-less. Thousands of monks were technologically unemployed by Gutenberg. Thousands of blacksmiths were technologically unemployed by Ford's Model T. Each device that does-more-with-less makes human labor that much less necessary.

Aristotle said that slavery could only be abolished when machines were built that could operate themselves. Working for wages, the modern equivalent of slavery -- very accurately called "wage slavery" by social critics -- is in the process of being abolished by just such self-programming machines. In fact, Norbert Wiener, one of the creators of cybernetics, foresaw this as early as 1947 and warned that we would have massive unemployment once the computer revolution really got moving."
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Permanent Human Values 05 Jan 2016 07:08 #3

  • Robert Baird
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There is no need to point to other places where ignorance is more rampant (like the Holy Land). There is no need to quibble about how little science is certain about, because science always tries to disprove and re-prove or OBSERVE - or it is supposed to.

There is no great need to add lists of examples of the extent to which we are accepting NONsense and going backwards.

"Charles Darwin’s signature discovery—first published 155 years ago and validated a million different ways since—long ago ceased to be a matter for serious debate in most of the world. But in the United States, reconciling science and religious belief remains oddly difficult. A national poll, conducted in March for the Associated Press, found that 42 per cent of Americans are “not too” or “not at all” confident that all life on Earth is the product of evolution. Similarly, 51 per cent of people expressed skepticism that the universe started with a “big bang” 13.8 billion years ago, and 36 per cent doubted the Earth has been around for 4.5 billion years.

The American public’s bias against established science doesn’t stop where the Bible leaves off, however. The same poll found that just 53 per cent of respondents were “extremely” or “very confident” that childhood vaccines are safe and effective. (Worldwide, the measles killed 120,000 people in 2012. In the United States, where a vaccine has been available since 1963, the last recorded measles death was in 2003.) When it comes to global warming, only 33 per cent expressed a high degree of confidence that it is “man made,” something the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has declared is all but certain. (The good news, such as it was in the AP poll, was that 69 per cent actually believe in DNA, and 82 per cent now agree that smoking causes cancer.)

If the rise in uninformed opinion was limited to impenetrable subjects that would be one thing, but the scourge seems to be spreading. Everywhere you look these days, America is in a rush to embrace the stupid. Hell-bent on a path that’s not just irrational, but often self-destructive. Common-sense solutions to pressing problems are eschewed in favour of bumper-sticker simplicities and blind faith.

In a country bedevilled by mass shootings—Aurora, Colo.; Fort Hood, Texas; Virginia Tech—efforts at gun control have given way to ever-laxer standards. Georgia recently passed a law allowing people to pack weapons in state and local buildings, airports, churches and bars. Florida is debating legislation that will waive all firearm restrictions during state emergencies like riots or hurricanes. (One opponent has moved to rename it “an Act Relating to the Zombie Apocalypse.”) And since the December 2012 massacre of 20 children and six staff at Sandy Hook Elementary School, in Newtown, Conn., 12 states have passed laws allowing guns to be carried in schools, and 20 more are considering such measures.

The cost of a simple appendectomy in the United States averages $33,000 and it’s not uncommon for such bills to top six figures. More than 15 per cent of the population has no health insurance whatsoever. Yet efforts to fill that gaping hole via the Affordable Health Care Act—a.k.a. Obamacare—remain distinctly unpopular. Nonsensical myths about the government’s “real” intentions have found so much traction that 30 per cent still believe that there will be official “death panels” to make decisions on end-of-life care."

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Permanent Human Values 05 Jan 2016 07:37 #4

  • Robert Baird
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The authors of the above article might have a few biases of their own and might not even question authority or do much thinking themself. We could all agree that talking to other people who have fixed opinions and who have no interest in learning is more disturbing to intellectuals than it is to those who never attempted to think and just look for 'easy answers' or whatever works (Makes money or gains sexual advantage). Maybe there are some people who honestly believe they speak to g_d - it was not long ago Americans elected someone who said they got 'direction from a higher authority' and I am not sure that he was just appealing to his fundamentalist demographic because he was holding a book upside down on TV when 9-11 was in progress. Of course we all know how smart many other government officials were that day, but I do not think American media has done as good a job exposing their stupidity during that event and it's subsequent handling, as CBC's Passionate Eye did. Why is that?

Why are Alien theory shows so popular, along with Atlantis, and political debates with no political platforms ever addressing what our future holds? I used to watch Sunday morning shows rather than cartoons but now it hurts my head to see more "Testifying" fence posts and apocalyptic fear-mongering. They still maintain they know the age of rocks and sing Rock of Ages as they fleece each other and screw every woman they can (Swaggart, et all). The pedophiles get to avoid paying court awarded damages, and also are still not paying taxes. Some of these cretins are allowed to kidnap and use brainwashing techniques like overt hypnosis, all of them do it to some degree.

What me worry? It is the very best place to live, with total freedom and democratic principles that protects the whole world against bad people everywhere. If you do not believe that just ask ten Americans on any street corner.
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Permanent Human Values 05 Jan 2016 21:02 #5

  • ragnarok
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I certainly wouldn't place much stock in the fact that a large number of Americans are thick as pig shit where REAL science is concerned.
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Permanent Human Values 08 Jan 2016 13:39 #6

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I don't place much stock in almost anything that is superficial and politically correct.

Those who say they believe in ESP are at a loss to explain it. Over time they avoid any real involvement with it due to oppression of the soul. The scientists are similarly ignorant of these things and they (after all) are 'experts' like the doctors who deny the mind-body connection with the soul that is vital to psychic utilization. Our present culture DENIED these truly human and fantastic or exquisite depths of being. You may have a thoroughly idiotic impression of what Satanism or Luciferianism is. Here are some words to cogitate upon.

"Those who practice the Dark Tradition do so to attempt to make history while rationally using forms, and at times, individuals, for a higher, Cosmic purpose. In this new Satanic Aeon, the stagnation that exists within the ‘norm’ is to be destroyed. The ultimate goal is the Presencing of this new Aeon, the furtherance of a Cosmic force beyond the personal.

The Dark Ones are indeed shapeshifters {Which does not mean a physical body change.} in character as well as in life, the real world. Their actions are performed with Insight and ruthlessness and the doer is often detached, thus causing Chaos, defying and seeking to ‘go beyond’ restrictive forms, structures, laws and institutions whose purpose are to hold people in thrall.

The Way of the Satanist, the Way of the Dark Warrior is to oppose the oppressors, who are usually of weak character and herd mentality, to fight all who seek to stifle our potential and evolution."

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Permanent Human Values 23 Feb 2016 21:06 #7

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English with German subs.


"The truth must be repeated over and over again,
because error is repeatedly preached among us, not
only by individuals, but by the masses. In periodicals
and cyclopaedias, in schools and universities; every-
where, in fact, error prevails, and is quite easy in the
feeling that it has a decided majority on its side."

~ J. W. v. Goethe

Johannes Lang "The Hollow World Theory" Blog
Last Edit: 23 Feb 2016 21:08 by PFIZIPFEI.
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Permanent Human Values 24 Feb 2016 01:50 #8

  • Robert Baird
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Dear Phiz

Feel like saying something intelligent or giving me something I can prove you did not read by quoting it saying you are wrong?

In this case maybe you could tell me why Joseph Campbell was called a Nazi before America entered the war.
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