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GAY FK 27 May 2017 00:18 #1

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Nice new piece by Mathis
Yes, this one caught even me by surprise. I wrote that book-length paper on the Kennedys and never
got a whiff of this. Mostly because I wasn't looking for it, I guess. I was busy with other matters. I
only tripped across the information later. I was re-reading my paper on Bill Clinton, where I found
evidence he, too, is gay, and I suddenly thought to myself, “Wait, they did the same thing with JFK,
building him up as a great ladies' man. I wonder if he was also gay?” So I just typed in John Kennedy
gay”, and was immediately taken here, where we find a 2015 book by Jerry Oppenheimer claiming he
was. This is according to testimony by Lawrence Quirk, who worked on Kennedy's first Congressional
campaign and knew Kennedy's lover Lem Billings.

Have you ever heard of Lem Billings? I hadn't until today. Since
that linked article is at a gay site, I at first dismissed it as a possible revenge outing of some sort, but
further research made that very difficult to do. I found an article from the DailyMail in 2015, saying
the same things. There we learn Lem had a 'high, screechy laugh' and a 'high, nasal whine of a voice'
that, according to Quirk, 'instantly tabbed him as gay.' JFK's sister Eunice said Jack “was a completely
liberated man when he was with Lem.” Yeah, I'll bet. And you can go to Lem Billings' encyclopedia
page, as I did, which implicitly confirms it. There we are told Kennedy's relationship with Billings
wasn't just a childhood fling: it was lifelong. Billings had his own room in the White House and was
treated as a member of the family. What? Joseph Kennedy called Billings his second son. What?*
Jacqueline Kennedy said of Billings, “He has been my house guest since I was married.” What?
Billings was known to be gay. Gore Vidal called him the “principal fag at court”. Gore should know,
being both gay and related to the Bouviers. Billings said of Kennedy, “Because of him I was never
lonely. He may be the reason I never got married.” WHAT?
If you don't think that changes everything, I don't know what to say. They admit Jack had a
flamboyantly gay best friend living with him for three years in the White House, for Pete's sake! How
else could you read it?

I mean, look at the photo under title. The two guys are framed together! Would you have considered
putting yourself in the same frame as your best friend in high school? Would you have considered
writing “Godlike” under your friend's name? Why not just put little hearts with arrows through them
all round?

Billings had almost no presence in the US after 1963, according to his bio, so he and
Jack may have run off together for a few years. According to these new stories, Jack was known to be
ill in the early 60s, with Billings acting as his nurse. That was probably also a factor. But the big clue
is that Billings didn't become depressed and start drinking heavily until after Robert Kennedy's death in
1968. You would have thought he would have done that in 1963 or 1964. This is more indication that
Jack actually died in 1968, with Bobby needing to retire at that time, fake his death, and take Jack's
place in the hidden hierarchy. Remember, they now admit Jack was very ill with Addison's disease,
which causes a doubled mortality rate, so his dying at 51 in 1968 would not be too shocking. Billing's
life and demeanor changed completely in that year, confirming that guess.
We learn more curious facts when we read that Lem Billings became a 'surrogate father' to Bobby
Kennedy, Jr., after the alleged death of RFK. Ethel Kennedy “booted” Bobby, Jr. out of the Hickory
Hill home at age 14 and basically fed him to Billings. Given that Billings was a heavy-drinking
homosexual with a penchant for pretty boys—and given that Bobby was a pretty boy—that has to look
pretty strange.
The article admits Billings was obsessed with Bobby, saying he was just like Jack. Also strange is that
Jerry Oppenheimer, the author of the book revealing all this, also wrote the linked article at the
DailyMail. It used to be a no-no for authors to write their own promotion in the major media, for
obvious reasons. Also strange is his last name Oppenheimer, since that is just another tentacle of the
families, and a major one.
This Bobby Kennedy story is another clue, confirming my previous guess in my long Kennedy paper
that the current Kennedy family is partially manufactured, with actors hired to play some of the parts.
To start with, these brothers and cousins look nothing alike—as I have noted before—and when young
they are too good-looking to believe. Families—especially these old Jewish families—simply don't
have this many model-quality people in them. Feeding Bobby to Billings at age 14 is more indication
of that, since it may mean Bobby wasn't Ethel's real son. He was just a loaner from SAG, like so many
of these people. Some of them take on long-term roles, but others only sign on for the short-term, and
have to later be relocated. That may be what some of the fake deaths are about. I now begin to
suspect JFK Jr. is of that mold. JFK himself may be another. That would explain why he was
inserted into so many old family photos.
Billings involvement in this is also curious, since it indicates he was more than we have been sold, even
now. His genealogy confirms that (see below), indicating he may have outranked the Kennedys. He
certainly would have outranked these young actors. Wikipedia gives us solid proof of that, although
most will miss it. Along with Sargent Shriver, Billings was a trustee for the Kennedy family
Billings begins to look like some sort of handler or eyes-on-the-ground for some faction. He may have
been a mole from a competing faction or family, which this whole Oppenheimer story would confirm.
It seems curious, doesn't it, that the mainstream would be blackwashing the Kennedys like this right
now, and that an Oppenheimer would be doing it. To what end? I can't say, but it may be another sign
of the internecine wars we have been looking at. The major families nudging one another for power. I
will continue to think on it.

More in title link.
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GAY FK 19 Jul 2017 13:36 #2

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IMO Mathis is a lying Jewish cunt trying to demean JFK's memory with made up Gay Bull$hit in revenge for JFK's attempt to challenge the Jewish Federal Reserve's criminal control of the the USA money system.

Allegations were apparently made in a book by another (((Oppen$limeball))) Tribal Liar. Member of the same faggot (((Oppen$limeball))) family of Tribal Liars who fronted the Nuke Hoax.
Meet the New Boss.....Same as the Old Boss
(((ROCCO))) is a Sayanim Troll
(((HotRod))) is a (((ROCCO))) sock account
MrAnderson is a Bollock….lmao
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