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TOPIC: That other NaZionist controlled clown, Benito Mussolini

That other NaZionist controlled clown, Benito Mussolini 14 Sep 2017 18:50 #1

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Those who have followed my earlier topic about the controlled NaZionists know already what my views are on the so-called independent anti-jewish power Nazis. They were not; they were in large majority in the highest ranks jews themselves and used as tools both to ridiculise opposition to jewish power (so people could be called "Nazi" for doing so) and to keep pushing the idea of the opposed jew for no apparent reason, leading in the end to the "moral" basis below the foundation and continuous existence of Israel.

It is just a small step to the next "fascist", or even the founder of it, Benito Mussolini. I already planned to talk about him, but now we have Miles Mathis who has published an extensive paper on this clown.

You may read that paper first, or just look at the mainstream first, which is the same starting point Mathis takes and is always a good entry for red flags waiving around.

We are told at Wikipedia that:
Mussolini was born on 29 July 1883 in Dovia di Predappio, a small town in the province of Forlì in Romagna. His father, Alessandro Mussolini, was a blacksmith and a socialist, while his mother, Rosa (née Maltoni), was a devout Catholic schoolteacher. Owing to his father's political leanings, Mussolini was named Benito after Mexican leftist president Benito Juárez, while his middle names Andrea and Amilcare were from Italian socialists Andrea Costa and Amilcare Cipriani. Benito was the eldest of his parents' three children. His siblings Arnaldo and Edvige followed.

So the biggest fascist (and thus -in name- anti-socialist/anti-leftist) of all times was named, not with one, not two, but three names after socialists? His father was a socialist. And his mother allegedly a "devout Catholic schoolteacher". Keep this in mind for later.
Mussolini's early political views were heavily influenced by his father who idolized 19th-century Italian nationalist figures with humanist tendencies such as Carlo Pisacane, Giuseppe Mazzini and Giuseppe Garibaldi. His father's political outlook combined views of anarchist figures like Carlo Cafiero and Mikhail Bakunin, the military authoritarianism of Garibaldi, and the nationalism of Mazzini.

This is directly contradictory. Combining "views of anarchists and military authoritarianism" is like combining the views of butchers and vegetarians; they contradict each other. So bullshit. You cannot be an anarchist and a fan of military authoritarianism at the same time.
In 1902, at the anniversary of Garibaldi's death, Mussolini made a public speech in praise of the republican nationalist. The conflict between his parents about religion meant that, unlike most Italians, Mussolini was not baptized at birth and would not be until much later in life. As a compromise with his mother, Mussolini was sent to a boarding school run by Salesian monks. After joining a new school, Mussolini achieved good grades, and qualified as an elementary schoolmaster in 1901

His mother was allegedly a devout Catholic, but Mussolini was not baptized. No, of course he wasn't, as he was jewish. As can be read in Miles's paper who has gone to great length to back that up.

But allegedly due to a "conflict about religion" he was not baptized. But that same "conflict about religion" apparently was no problem anymore, by sending him to a boarding school run by monks!? Typical schizophrenic Wiki writing again.

And he was "qualified" (by whom?) as an elementary schoolmaster (not teacher; master), at... age 18?? In which part of the world does that make sense? Right, nowhere.
In 1902, Mussolini emigrated to Switzerland, partly to avoid military service. He worked briefly as a stonemason in Geneva, Fribourg and Bern, but was unable to find a permanent job.
During this time he studied the ideas of the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, the sociologist Vilfredo Pareto, and the syndicalist Georges Sorel. Mussolini also later credited the Christian socialist Charles Péguy and the syndicalist Hubert Lagardelle as some of his influences. Sorel's emphasis on the need for overthrowing decadent liberal democracy and capitalism by the use of violence, direct action, the general strike and the use of neo-Machiavellian appeals to emotion, impressed Mussolini deeply.

So we have someone who allegedly is deeply impressed by "military authoritarianism" but who desperately (he had a job as a schoolmaster, at age 18...) avoided military service?? That's like saying "I really love boxing, but when the boxing match invitation comes you flee". Right.

Nietzsche was of course the biggest atheist at the time, which clashes with Benito's alleged catholic upbringing (or not, if we take that "conflict" seriously) and most of the people he "admired" were jews. Strange, right?
Mussolini became active in the Italian socialist movement in Switzerland, working for the paper L'Avvenire del Lavoratore, organizing meetings, giving speeches to workers and serving as secretary of the Italian workers' union in Lausanne. In 1903, he was arrested (1) by the Bernese police because of his advocacy of a violent general strike, spent two weeks in jail, was deported to Italy, was set free there, and returned to Switzerland. In 1904, having been arrested again (2) in Geneva and expelled for falsifying his papers, he returned to Lausanne, where he attended the University of Lausanne's Department of Social Science, following the lessons of Vilfredo Pareto. In December 1904, he returned to Italy to take advantage of an amnesty for desertion, for which he had been convicted in absentia.
Since a condition for being pardoned was serving in the army, he joined the corps of the Bersaglieri in Forlì on 30 December 1904. After serving for two years in the military (from January 1905 until September 1906), he returned to teaching.

As usual, this doesn't make ANY sense.

Arrested twice
Deported twice
Returned three times

Do they want us to believe Switzerland is a place without any laws and arrests and convictions mean nothing? You can just walk in and out and spend time at a university FFS? :facepalm:

Also; by joining the army you get pardoned for not joining the army. Genius! :roll:

And now it suddenly was no problem to join the army? While earlier he avoided just that? Schizowiki thinks we're crazy or what?
In February 1909,[28] Mussolini once again left Italy, this time to take the job as the secretary of the labor party in the Italian-speaking city of Trento, which at the time was part of Austria-Hungary. He also did office work for the local Socialist Party, and edited its newspaper L'Avvenire del Lavoratore (The Future of the Worker). Returning to Italy, he spent a brief time in Milan, and then in 1910 he returned to his hometown of Forlì, where he edited the weekly Lotta di classe (The Class Struggle).

1 - see the name of this paper; it's the same as earlier in Switzerland, showing the three countries (Switzerland, Austria-Hungary and Italy) where Benito "Fascist" Mussolini was involved in socialism
2 - this shows this was a leading mainstream media outlet and then even a left-wing one. Would you take a modern fascist, let's say Donald Trump, seriously if he'd worked for the Huffington Post based in both the US and Canada? I hope not.
Mussolini thought of himself as an intellectual and was considered to be well-read. He read avidly, his favorites in European philosophy included Sorel, the Italian Futurist Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, French Socialist Gustave Hervé, Italian anarchist Errico Malatesta and German philosophers Friedrich Engels and Karl Marx, the founders of Marxism.[29][30] Mussolini had taught himself French and German and translated excerpts from Nietzsche, Schopenhauer and Kant.

His "favorites" were all jewish, doesn't that ring any bells? And, his favorites were the founders of Marxism. As a fascist?! Sure, Donny Drumpfs favorite books are Das Kapital and the Marxist Manifesto, we all know that... :iitm:
The novel was bitterly anticlerical, and years later was withdrawn from circulation after Mussolini made a truce with the Vatican.[14]
By now, he was one of Italy's most prominent socialists. In September 1911, Mussolini participated in a riot, led by socialists, against the Italian war in Libya. He bitterly denounced Italy's "imperialist war", an action that earned him a five-month jail term. After his release he helped expel from the Socialist Party two "revisionists" who had supported the war, Ivanoe Bonomi and Leonida Bissolati. As a result, he was rewarded the editorship of the Socialist Party newspaper Avanti! Under his leadership, its circulation soon rose from 20,000 to 100,000. At this time, Mussolini was so familiar with Marxist literature that in his own writings he would not only quote from well-known Marxist works but also from the relatively obscure works. During this period, Mussolini, like all revolutionaries, considered himself a Marxist and he described Marx as "the greatest of all theorists of socialism."

If you're not baffled by the crazy contradictions in this paragraph, you're a lost soul forever...

- he was participating in a riot, let by socialists against the Italian war in Libya?!
- he "denounced" it as an imperialist war?? What the hell was he, himself, doing years later then, oh yeah, executing an imperialist war in Libya!!
- after his release of his (fake) prison sentence, he HELPED expel socialists who were IN FAVOUR of the same war, he, allegedly was against?! Why the fuck would he do that? Would Donald Rumsfeld actively help expelling Noam Chomsky from the anti-war movement in 2003?? What-the-fuck do they try to make us believe here...
- Marx(ism) was a jewish set-up and that was known by that time already. If he would have read "the obscure literature", and were to be honest (which he wasn't of course), he would denounce that jewish horrible hand in the world. But no, he was a big fan! The Fascist Leader Of All Times was the biggest fan of Jewish Marxism. Hi-la-ri-ous...
In 1913, he published Giovanni Hus, il veridico (Jan Hus, true prophet), an historical and political biography about the life and mission of the Czech ecclesiastic reformer Jan Hus and his militant followers, the Hussites. During this socialist period of his life, Mussolini sometimes used the pen name "Vero Eretico" ("sincere heretic").

Again; jewish. See Mathis' paper for more.
Mussolini rejected egalitarianism, a core doctrine of socialism. He was influenced by Nietszche's anti-Christian ideas and negation of God's existence. Mussolini felt that socialism had faltered, in view of the failures of Marxist determinism and social democratic reformism, and believed that Nietzsche's ideas would strengthen socialism. While associated with socialism, Mussolini's writings eventually indicated that he had abandoned Marxism and egalitarianism in favor of Nietzsche's übermensch concept and anti-egalitarianism.

So the biggest fan of marxism and socialism (essentially the same horrible thing) rejects the basis of both these ideologies!?

That's like being an anarchist and loving military authoritarianism at the same time... oh wait.... :facepalm: :iitm:
He eventually decided to declare support for the war by appealing to the need for socialists to overthrow the Hohenzollern and Habsburg monarchies in Germany and Austria-Hungary who he claimed had consistently repressed socialism. He further justified his position by denouncing the Central Powers for being reactionary powers; for pursuing imperialist designs against Belgium and Serbia as well as historically against Denmark, France, and against Italians, since hundreds of thousands of Italians were under Habsburg rule. He claimed that the fall of Hohenzollern and Habsburg monarchies and the repression of "reactionary" Turkey would create conditions beneficial for the working class. While he was supportive of the Entente powers, Mussolini responded to the conservative nature of Tsarist Russia by claiming that the mobilization required for the war would undermine Russia's reactionary authoritarianism and the war would bring Russia to social revolution. He claimed that for Italy the war would complete the process of Risorgimento by uniting the Italians in Austria-Hungary into Italy and by allowing the common people of Italy to be participating members of the Italian nation in what would be Italy's first national war. Thus he claimed that the vast social changes that the war could offer meant that it should be supported as a revolutionary war.

One big mish-mash. But the essence is; he was allegedly anti-imperialist, while being an imperialist later in Libya and Abessinia (Ethiopia) and was an opportunist; he would support the war (WWI) only if it would lead to socialist uprisings. That while he would do everything later to prevent just that; the whole idea of fascism...
Mussolini became an ally with the irredentist politician and journalist Cesare Battisti and—like him—entered the Army and served in the war. "He was sent to the zone of operations where he was seriously injured by the explosion of a grenade."[34]
The Inspector General continued:
He was promoted to the rank of corporal "for merit in war". The promotion was recommended because of his exemplary conduct and fighting quality, his mental calmness and lack of concern for discomfort, his zeal and regularity in carrying out his assignments, where he was always first in every task involving labor and fortitude.[34]
Mussolini's military experience is told in his work Diario di guerra. Overall, he totaled about nine months of active, front-line trench warfare. During this time, he contracted paratyphoid fever.[58] His military exploits ended in 1917 when he was wounded accidentally by the explosion of a mortar bomb in his trench. He was left with at least 40 shards of metal in his body.[58] He was discharged from the hospital in August 1917 and resumed his editor-in-chief position at his new paper, Il Popolo d'Italia. He wrote there positive articles about Czechoslovak Legions in Italy.
On 25 December 1915, in Treviglio, he contracted a marriage with his fellow countrywoman Rachele Guidi, who had already borne him a daughter, Edda, at Forlì in 1910. In 1915, he had a son with Ida Dalser, a woman born in Sopramonte, a village near Trento.[15][16][59] He legally recognized this son on 11 January 1916.

Whut? This so-called anti-war Mussolini went happily to war and then was even awarded medals for his bravery? Typical, same as what happened to Hitler; never spending anywhere near the frontlines, but fake medals and recognition to boost popularity. Also see John McCain's fake Vietnam stories.

The alleged "seriously wounded" part is also hilarious. If he really would be seriously wounded, he wouldn't have such a perfect face anymore later, right? Or are we led to believe that "mortar" that exploded missed his face completely? That was one hell of a selective bomb! :roll:

See his second child born from a jewish woman (see Mathis for more)...
By the time he returned from service in the Allied forces of World War I, very little remained of Mussolini the socialist. Indeed, he was now convinced that socialism as a doctrine had largely been a failure. In 1917 Mussolini got his start in politics with the help of a £100 weekly wage (the equivalent of £6000 as of 2009) from the British security service MI5, to keep anti-war protestors at home and to publish pro-war propaganda. This help was authorized by Sir Samuel Hoare. In early 1918 Mussolini called for the emergence of a man "ruthless and energetic enough to make a clean sweep" to revive the Italian nation. Much later Mussolini said he felt by 1919 "Socialism as a doctrine was already dead; it continued to exist only as a grudge". On 23 March 1919 Mussolini re-formed the Milan fascio as the Fasci Italiani di Combattimento (Italian Combat Squad), consisting of 200 members

Ah, the big change. So he joined the war (not really, just in name) under the condition it would boost socialism but then he would do everything against socialism afterwards?

But the big big red flag is, as also happened to his buddy Hitler, that he was supported by MI5...!!!! Whoever wasn't awake until now should really smash himself with the alarm clock. :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm:
In foreign policy, Mussolini was pragmatic and opportunistic. At the center of his vision lay the dream to forge a new Roman Empire in Africa and the Balkans, vindicating the so-called "mutilated victory" of 1918 imposed by the "plutodemocracies" (Britain and France) that betrayed the Treaty of London and usurped the supposed "natural right" of Italy to achieve supremacy in the Mediterranean basin.

Well genius! Mussolini, the rabid anti-imperialist dreams of Roman Empirical imperialism... Either he was a schizophrenic, or the historians. Or both. Or none; just a tool as the Marxists and NaZionists also were.

I've had enough for now, there's much much more to read about this controlled opposition clown, Mathis's paper of 35 pages is a great start.
The Only Limit is Your Own Imagination
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That other NaZionist controlled clown, Benito Mussolini 15 Sep 2017 00:39 #2

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Mussolini during WW I :

Gaia: The usual bullshit and trolling nonsense has been deleted, this picture was the only slight "contribution" (without analysis if this picture is real or fake, no meaning, nothing, just a photo of a guy with a gun), but not a single word on the thousands of points made by Mathis and tens of them by me...
Last Edit: 15 Sep 2017 00:49 by Gaia.
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That other NaZionist controlled clown, Benito Mussolini 15 Sep 2017 01:26 #3

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Right, not a single contribution or research on the points made in the OP or by Mathis.

Just believing in the integrity of a jewish(loving) marxist. Hopefully the brain cells of the other contributors on TZ are less rusted.
The Only Limit is Your Own Imagination
A truth seeker is someone who dares to wade through thick series of toxic smoke screens and tries not to inhale - Gaia
"What do you call 'genius'?" "Well, seeing things others don't see. Or rather the invisible links between things."
- Vladimir Nabokov (1938)
"The silence of conspiracy. Slaughtered on the altar of apathy." - Lords of the New Church (1982)
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That other NaZionist controlled clown, Benito Mussolini 17 Sep 2017 09:07 #4

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