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TOPIC: Castro was Jewish

Castro was Jewish 14 Oct 2014 05:50 #1

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Makes perfect sense. The Bolsheviks were Jewish terrorists funded by German Jews from the USA who hated the Tsar and wanted to get rid of him.

Castro and many of the Latin American revolutionaries were marranos who fled from Spain and Portugal in the 15th Century, or were descendants of those people.

Famous Hispanics who have acknowledged Marrano ancestry include Rita Moreno and Fidel Castro

Who are the Crypto-Jews (also known as "marranos")?

© (c) 1993-1997 Daniel P. Faigin <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

At the time of the Spanish Inquisition and the expulsion from Spain in 1492, Jews were offered conversion or expulsion. Many chose to leave Spain (quite a few found safety in the Muslim Ottoman Empire), but others stayed behind.

"Marranos" actually started appearing with the first riots in the Juderias of Spain. Many were forced to convert to save their lives. These were naturally not faithful Catholics. The laws in 14th and 15th century Spain became increasingly oppressive towards practicing Jews, while providing an easy escape by conversion. Large numbers of middle class Jews outwardly took on Christianity to avoid the laws, while secretly practicing Judaism.

Most of the remaining Marranic practice in Spain and Portugal today is from those religious Jews who escaped from Spain to Portugal in 1492, only to be trapped there later when the expulsion was instituted there as well. The most active Marranism in the Iberian peninsula is in the mountainous border areas between Spain and Portugal, in towns such as Belmonte'. Jewish outreach in these areas is achieving success in bringing them forward and restoring full Judaic practice, but many still fear burning or other persecution if they go public.

Some faithful Catholic converts were won by the efforts of famous apostates like Pablo de Santa Maria who went around disputing the rabbis and ordinary Jews, winning some converts. In the most famous disputation, with Nachmanides, he was soundly defeated, but the Franciscans published false reports of the disputation to win more converts. Nachmanides, who had been protected from heresy laws during the disputations, was forced to publish his refutations in public. He was forced into exile rather than be burned as a heretic. In any case, the faithfulness of these converts is doubtful, since the Order of Expulsion was primarily due to the recidivism of Conversos once they had to live next door to practicing Jews again. It was felt that expelling all open Jews was the only way to keep the Conversos Christian.

Among those who stayed behind were Jews who pretended to convert to Roman Catholicism, but who secretly maintained a practice of Judaism. The term "Marrano" was at one time used to describe them, as the term refers to the swine which they'd publicly eat to demonstrate their outward conversion. It isn't clear if the "Old Christians" or the practicing Jews called them "marrano".

In Majorca the community was converted in the 1430's and are called Chuetas, from "pork lard" since they regularly keep pork lard boiling in cauldrons on their porches. They themselves still call themselves Israelitas in private, and ask forgiveness from el Grande Dio for worshipping in front of statues of a man. They typically sacrified (in a figurative, not literal, sense) their first born sons to the Catholic priesthood as a means of getting protection from Church persecution, so, ironically, many of the priests across the Baleiric Islands are from Marrano families.

Crypto-Jew is the correct term, as it also refers to Jews forced to adopt other religions and political philosophies while maintaining Jewish practices. Crypto-Judaism pre-dates the Inquisition, as Jews were forced by the Al-Mohavid invasions of Spain to become Muslims, creating Crypto-Jews who gradually fled to Christian districts for protection from the Muslims (see Roth's History of the Jews). In modern times outwardly Muslim Crypto-Jews are known to be in Meshed, Iran, and in Turkey.

A number of Crypto-Jewish communities survive today, especially in former Spanish-influenced regions, such as the southwestern U.S.A. They still maintain extensive secrecy after centuries. Other communities were lost to assimilation, but maintained residual Jewish practices such as lighting candles Friday night. Based on information in Cohen's The Marranos and Prinz's The Secret Jews, the following are some examples of these communities:

The Antiquen~as of Colombia.
Much of Northern Mexico's middle and upper classes (Nuevo Leon is the "New Lion of Judah").
The Naucalpan and Vallejo districts of Mexico City. (Technically, Naucalpan is not in the Distrito Federal, but in the greater metropolitan area).
The Chuetas of Majorca. A look at Chueta last names shows many surnames which have became quite famous in the Hispanic world. They include Mir, Miro, and Marti. Of course Joan Miro was Mallorcan. Any marranism in Fidel Castro's family would be through his mother, as his father's family was Gallego, and very few Jews ever lived in Galicia (of course plenty lived in the Austrian Galicia, I'm refering to northwestern Spain). Interesting about the mountains on the Spanish-Portuguese border being a hotbed of marranism, particularly those on the Extremadura-Andalucia border. This area is directly inland from some of the areas which contained the earliest Jewish communities on the Iberian peninsula - for example Huelva and Gibraltar. Malaga and Almunecar - which also had early communities - are also in Andalucia. According to Timothy Mitchell's book Flamenco: Deep Song and other sources, the inquisition in western Andalucia was slightly more lenient than elsewhere because of the need for labour related for the new world trade and mining. The connections are quite interesting.
Famous Hispanics who have acknowledged Marrano ancestry include Rita Moreno and Fidel Castro. Jews have played an important role in the history of Monterrey, Mexico. The Garza family, one of Mexico's richest, of Cerveceria Moctezuma fame, are Jews. Frida Kahlo's father, Guillermo Kahlo, a somewhat reknowned photographer in his own right, was a Hungarian Jew. Diego Rivera admitted having marrano ancestry as well.
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Castro was Jewish 14 Oct 2014 06:30 #2

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His mother's father was a Syrian immigrant descended from a long line of Turkish rabbis. Castro and Raúl were both circumcised at birth, which neither then nor now was practiced in Cuba except among Jews.

Bernardo Benes, a Cuban Jew and longtime friend and business associate of Castro, once said to him point blank "Fidel, you are a Jew" and Castro, though taken aback, did not deny it.
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Castro was Jewish 14 Oct 2014 08:48 #3

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He is 88 now

btw, gogol is celebrating Hannah Arendt's birthday today

I always wondered whether she was a sibling of

"The truth must be repeated over and over again,
because error is repeatedly preached among us, not
only by individuals, but by the masses. In periodicals
and cyclopaedias, in schools and universities; every-
where, in fact, error prevails, and is quite easy in the
feeling that it has a decided majority on its side."

~ J. W. v. Goethe

Johannes Lang "The Hollow World Theory" Blog
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Castro was Jewish 14 Oct 2014 09:47 #4

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Three of the ten original members of the Cuban Communist Party came from Jewish backgrounds.

Fabio Grobart, who had arrived in Cuba with the name Abraham Simchowitz, remained an important Communist leader until his death many years later.

Among the younger generation, Manuel (Stolik) Novigrod, whose parents had been long-time Jewish Communists, fought with the revolutionaries in the Sierra Maestra Mountains and became a career diplomat under the Castro regime.

A number of other Jews also served in the revolutionary government, most prominently Enrique Oltuski, the son of Jewish immigrants from Poland who arrived in Cuba after World War I.

On Castro:

... the name Castro was a common last name of Marranos (anusim in Hebrew, sometimes called conversos in Spanish), Jews who converted to Christianity—either willingly or unwillingly—before or at the time of the expulsion of the Jews from Spain in 1492.

Maurice Halperin writes that in 1960 Castro told Ricardo Wolf, Cuba’s ambassador to Israel, that he had Marrano ancestors. Lavy Becker, who visited Cuba for the Canadian Jewish Congress, recalls hearing the same thing from Wolf. This account has also been confirmed by Dr. Bernardo Benes, who told reporter Ann Louise Bardach that “He [Castro] said to me in passing, ‘As you know, I have Jewish ancestors.’ He said he wanted Cuba to be a second Israel.” In a recent conversation, Benes added a few details: “I had heard that he [Castro] was from Jewish ancestry. … I told him, ‘The next time you go to a mirror, look at your nose, and look what you have done with this little island here in front of the powerful United States. Only a Jew could have done that.’ Castro asked me, ‘So there is no problem with being a Jew?’ and I said ‘Of course not, I’m one.’” Benes recalled a time in 1984, when he, Benes, was negotiating with Castro on behalf of President Reagan: “I remember the exact date. It was May 18, 1984. … In the middle of an unrelated conversation, he said to me, ‘You know, my Jewish ancestors. …’ I remember the words exactly.” Benes told me, “I gave him to read the autobiography of Golda Meir, My Life. He was very impressed after he read it. He told me that she was one of the most distinguished women of the 20th century.” “This is just my personal opinion,” concluded Benes, “but I think he wanted to do in Cuba what the Israelis had done in the Middle East.”

Castro’s daughter, Alina, has written that Castro’s maternal grandfather was a Turkish Jew from Istanbul named Francisco Ruz. She described her great-grandfather as “a boy in Istanbul, who had ancestral memories of a greater empire, when his family of Jewish renegades probably dropped a letter from their last name, shortening it [from Ruiz] to Ruz.” This would be a startling revelation if true, but it is not, since Alina Fernández told her mother Naty (Natalia) Revuelta that this was “the only lie in the book.” What apparently is true is that many of Castro’s classmates called him “judío,” “Jew,” because he had not been baptized by the age of seven. In popular Cuban usage, the word judío was used to refer to a child who had not yet been baptized. It is certainly possible that this and other experiences made him sympathize with the plight of the Jews. In his discussions with Frei Betto, Castro talks about his memories of Holy Week:

Holy Week in the countryside—I remember them from when I was very young—were days of solemnity; there was great solemnity. What was said? That Christ died on Good Friday. You couldn’t talk or joke or be happy, because Christ was dead and the Jews killed him every year. This is another case in which accusations or popular beliefs have caused tragedies and historic prejudices. I tell you, I didn’t know what that term meant, and I thought, at first, that those birds called judíos had killed Christ.
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Castro was Jewish 14 Oct 2014 10:57 #5

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Interesting that Colombus and his "comrades" left Spain in 1492 on the last day that Jews had to leave Spain under the Royal Decree!

Hmmmm ... they really did "discover" and claim the New World.
The same day that Columbus and his men left Europe was the deadline for Jews to leave Spain. It was the date of the enforcement of the Catholic Kings’ Order to expel the Spanish Jews who did not accept conversion (some hundreds of thousands, that is, most Jews), which was the reason for some converted Jews, such as Rodrigo de Triana and Luis de Torres, to embark on Columbus’ (himself a crypt-Jew) expedition and eventually to arrive in Cuba.

Later colonial history shows that from 1500 to the late 1800s, non-declared Jews participated directly in the sugarcane culture and industry and in illegal trade with Dutch and British ships. There were even Jewish corsairs and pirates arriving in Cuba.

The Jewish presence in Cuba is also known through the Inquisition courts, which processed some alleged crypt-Jews, although most of this documentation disappeared after two large fires in Cartagena de Indias’ Inquisition headquarters. Perhaps the most famous of those crypt-Jews was Morell de Santa Cruz, Bishop of Havana during and after the British occupation of Havana in the 1760s.

In 1850, Venezuelan General Narciso López, attempting to annex Cuba to the United States, landed in Cárdenas, a port city east of Havana, and failed in this effort. His military chief was a Hungarian Jew, Louis Schlesinger. Other Jews among them included August Bondi, who later returned to the United States and became known during the Civil War on President Abraham Lincoln’s side.

an article well worth the 15 page read :thumbup:
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Castro was Jewish 15 Oct 2014 03:46 #6

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Fabio Grobart = Polish Jew Abraham Simjovitch
Fabio Grobart (also Antonio Blanco) was born in Białystok, Poland August 30, 1905; his birth name was Abraham Grobart aka Abraham Simjovitch. Apparently following orders of theComintern, during the early 1920s he became a founding member of the Cuban Communist Party. After in 1922 entering the Young Communist League of Poland, and additional Communist activities he may have been sentenced to death and this may have obliged him to leave Poland to settle in Cuba.

He played an important, though generally undocumented, role in guiding the political leadership of Cuba's 1959 Revolution along a socialist path. Fabio Grobart was one of the founders of the Communist Party in Cuba in 1925, "and for decades served as a party ideologue and the man who introduced Castro at party meetings" (Goering, 2001). Grobart was both a member of the Cuban Communist Party Central Committee and a member of Parliament. According to Boris Kozolchyk [1] Grobart’s blunders were at least partially responsible for the outlawing of the Cuban Communist Party in 1948, and resulted in his deportation. In the 1960s, he directed Cuba Socialista and was top planner guiding orthodox ideologogy. As he grew older, he was considered the Party's historian.[2]. He died in Cuba on 22 October 1994.

Abraham was a major éminence grise of Cuban history and is most commonly known as Fabio Grobart, Fabio being a reference to the Roman Consul and guerrilla tacticianQuintus Fabius Maximus Verrucosus called "Cunctator (the delayer)", and thus to Fabian socialism [3].
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