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TOPIC: Is it even possible that there is such thing as a .......... >>

Is it even possible that there is such thing as a .......... >> 16 Oct 2014 14:28 #1

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Is it even possible that there is such thing as a .......... >>

>> Unconscious Lie

Or could we clearly conclude that ALL & every single lie is a fully conscious one & is therefor a premeditated calculated activity?

There are accidental & unconscious killings!
But is there such thing as accidental unconscious murdering?

So a conscious premeditated lie should ends up in the same category as murder ........
except if any lie was created for the protection of self or others!
Please discuss! << The number is .... 2018212082615145


ete Lawson doesn’t even realize he’s in a coma. Why would he? He’s still in his own home, his own bed, and he even sees his wife almost every day. But not everything is normal–take for instance, the strange group of people now inhabiting his home. Why won’t they answer him? Why won’t his wife even acknowledge him? And the biggest question on Pete’s mind: Did I really kill all of those people?

Here are six reasons.

  • We lie to avoid negative consequences for ourselves.
  • We lie to create or protect an illusion of who we are.
  • We lie to get what we want.
  • We lie to remain in control of a situation.
  • We lie to punish someone else.
  • We lie about someone to be accepted by someone who despises them.
  • In short, we lie because we want to be God. We want to establish our own standard of truth. We want to control our own life and its outcomes. We want to look good.

  • This desire is called .................. :ponda: @ oiram @
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