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TOPIC: Oh thy Superior Jews

Oh thy Superior Jews 29 Apr 2015 00:25 #1

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According to the resident Neo-Brigade aka the pming attack dog forum steering knuckledraggers, Jews run the show.

They run the media, global climate, population management, food distribution, immigration, wars. terror, global finance, science, history, Hollywood, music industry, false flags, CIA, FBI, KGB, MI5, MI6, the royal family, education, politics, the prisons, multiculturalism, homosexuality etc.....etc.....etc....

So if this is the case, then the Jews are superior, they must be the best as they are on top, the rest of us are their slaves or their prisoners, perhaps we should worship them...

Perhaps we need think up a nice prayer to worship them with..


Oh thy mighty Jews, you are so superior, see how TZ does worship you so.....

You are responsible for all of our perceptions, we thank you for your good work.

Please send a nuclear bomb to land on rOdins house, it won't matter though, as we know they don't exist (nudge nudge you are so clever)

Please oh please send a copy of this years Hasbara manual to Phizzywizzy her worship is so uplifting.

Oh please please, have mercy on us lower peoples, we have no influence and are no good at war.

Orange and Oracle are permanently on their knees pointing at your tactics and displaying your almighty power.

Please of please mighty rulers give them a sign, they are forever pointing out your supreme position in reality.

Just tell them Adolf was a good boy, I'm sure they won't believe you, but their awe at your power will be further bolstered.

Jews LARPing as Nazis
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