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TOPIC: Why The New World Order Wants You Alive

Why The New World Order Wants You Alive 11 Aug 2015 10:03 #1

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Source: truththeory.com/2015/07/29/why-the-new-world-order-wants-you-alive/

by Luke Miller

I don’t claim to be an expert on government or the economy or the financial system, but in the same way I don’t fully understand how cancer works I still know enough about all these subjects to know they are a bad thing.

I don’t know if good is the right word, but cancer is a relevant analogy for the current system we have in place.

A system that manipulates and abuses all the natural resources from the earth that gives it life. A system that when these natural resources run low, they go and take them from other areas regardless of the cost to the eco system and the people who live there. A system that takes from those who make the system run smoothly, being me, you and anyone else who are not part of the small elite group of people who run this planet.

This is something that I think we have lost touch with, that we the people are the majority and while there are a small amount of people who are running the show, they are totally reliant on our compliance to keep it going.

For there to be small groups of extremely wealthy people there also needs to be extreme poverty. For there to be massive corporations there needs to be wage slave workers. For there to be control over the masses there needs to be cooperation and submission from us or at least a significant portion of us.

We are the ones who empower these groups and while some of this empowerment can be hard to avoid if you want the type of life we are used to, we still have the power to demand change, because without us the system would not exist.

Below are 5 things the New World Order rely on us for and why they must be changed to render them obsolete-


Before I go any further let me clarify what I am not saying- I am not saying employment or a job is a bad thing. If that is what you are into, that is a personal choice.

What I am saying is that a system that requires us to work all the hours under the sun, just to be able to afford our rent, our travel to work, our ever growing debt and 1 holiday a year is not acceptable.

We should all have the right to our own homes, yet due to them being so unaffordable most people have to sign up to a life of wage slavery to get one, and if they slip up, get sick or need time out from work for any reason they can’t because of the debt it causes.

Extortionate living costs are unacceptable and everyone should have the right to have some freedom and breathing room. We should demand this from our government as it is a basic living right that every person is entitled too.


We all pay our taxes or at least most of us do, but where do they go? Why is it that businesses and corporations are so good at keeping down costs yet our government the biggest player, with the biggest budget cannot.

According to a New York study it costs $167,731 to house a prison inmate for a year, with 12,287 inmates which works out to $2,060,910,797 being charged to the tax payer. This to me says corporate prisons are cosy with the government and charging what they want to house prisoners, as these figures are extortionate.(1)


Debt is just another form of slavery as once you are in, it is very hard to get out. The average wage in the US is $24,062, yet the average debt $205,537. Which means the average person would have to work around 8 years, without spending any money on anything but there debt in order to pay it off and this is not taking into account interest which would all but triple that debt. So for most this is around 25 years’ worth of debt if they spend no money during that time. It is crazy!(2)(3)


When I speak about consumption I am speaking about a broad range of things which all feed off of each other.

We consume too much food, we consume too much media, we consume too many material possessions, we consume too many drugs and we consume too many resources. I know this is not true for everyone but generally speaking we consume too much.

The elite rely on this consumption for such a disproportionate share of the wealth, we have the ability as the majority to curb this consumption, but it is not an easy task.

The main part of this puzzle is in the consumption of media, as media stealthily sells us on the need to consume all of this junk and without the mainstream circus show of celebrities, gossip and news propaganda we would not get caught up in the hype of what we are told we need.

There is a really interesting book called 10 billion which hypothesises that once the global population reaches 10 billion we will not be able to keep up with the demand and it will ultimately lead to our demise. It’s a really interesting read-You Can Take A Look At That Book Here


This may seem like a bit of a strange one as we actually rely on them for our education, but ultimately they rely on our acceptance of this education.

Education and schooling are two different things, yet we accept the methods used without question.

The concept of schooling is a great one and there is a hell of a lot of things that (some) mainstream schools are doing well. But the problem is the rigid curriculum.

Subjects are geared towards a certain outcome and while there can be a little variation on this outcome, the curriculum is set and does not encourage much out of the box thinking.

In the UK we spend 12 years at school, not including nursery (kindergarten) and they are increasing it by a further 2 years. All of this and when you leave you are not an expert at anything. For me that is a massive waste.

Schools are a part of the system of control which leads most people to a job and while this works for some people, most are unhappy with this life. After 12 years of education most people can get a good grasp of what they want to do, but with the current system children are losing this and coming out confused and indoctrinated.

We should demand an educational system that provides the tools for a better life, not one that turns people into wage slaves.


Ultimately we are the majority and we can have control if we choose to, do your part if you are interested in a future where we are not oppressed and treated as equals. There is an agenda for global domination by the west, but this is not representative of how most people feel.

You have a voice, so make sure you stand up for what is right, not just what is convenient! Let me know what you think by leaving me a comment below!



About The Author

My name is Luke Miller & I am the owner & creator of Potential For Change I believe that spirituality is the foundations for good health & I like to blend psychology & spirituality to help you find more purpose & happiness in your life. My other interests include health, not just on a physical level but also on a collective level & have a keen interest in education & truth seeking. You can find my Facebook page HERE , YouTube HERE & Twitter HERE . Click here to read more articles by Luke Miler
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Why The New World Order Wants You Alive 15 Aug 2015 21:22 #2

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Why The New World Order Wants You Alive

According to what you can see from their minions on this forum,
they will bore themselves to death, before they starve ....

without us.

"The truth must be repeated over and over again,
because error is repeatedly preached among us, not
only by individuals, but by the masses. In periodicals
and cyclopaedias, in schools and universities; every-
where, in fact, error prevails, and is quite easy in the
feeling that it has a decided majority on its side."

~ J. W. v. Goethe

Johannes Lang "The Hollow World Theory" Blog
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Why The New World Order Wants You Alive 16 Aug 2015 12:39 #3

On the flip side I can think of many reasons why they would also want us dead, and to some extent are carrying out those plans, in the shape of abortions and plummeting birth rates here in the west etc, not to mention the various so called ''Soft Kill'' methods? That said I think this so called soft kill is being over played, and isn't necessarily a wholly deliberate plan to vastly reduce the populations. For example many of the harmful chemicals that are found in processed foods aren't necessarily there to deliberately make people sick or give them cancer, although some could be? It's more than likely a case of recklessness through greed and profit, and the industry capitalising on ''efficient'' ways in the disposal of bi products and waste, which are of course often harmful.

With the changing world and the demand for manual labour slowly disappearing I Would argue in many ways it's a case of . ''Why The New World Order Wanted Us Alive''?
The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane. – Marcus Aurelius
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