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TOPIC: Logic and Knowledge v Conspiracy and Belief

Logic and Knowledge v Conspiracy and Belief 06 Dec 2016 03:47 #1

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Logic and Knowledge v Conspiracy and Belief

The problem, thanks to Google, is that we now live in an age of beliefs. Anything anyone says can be easily countered by a differing opinion, with a click of a mouse. It’s why religion, for example, goes round in circles as people try to prove a belief with science, or alternatively use verifiable science to try to explain a subjective belief. It’s rather like trying to solve a math puzzle using English grammar.

This is generally where conspiracy theories arise from, an attempt to prove using a belief, as opposed to explanation using logic and knowledge. That’s also where they fall, as the competition counters with quotes from others, who also used third hand accounts and it slowly turns into a; it must be true, someone (no one has ever heard of) said it.

From Obama changing the weather in Wyoming to deflect criticism, to the moon being a hologram, it’s all out there and repeated enough times, some will believe it. The plot thickens as Hillary Clinton, a Satanist and witch, who has a double standing in for her does the rounds. Simplified, could it be that Hillary, a former Alinsky radical, caught on that there was more money to be made by lying and cheating her way through life than wandering through the streets shouting, "Power to the people"? Is it a coincidence that Obama (the conspiracy of anti-Christ and devil incarnate?), based his whole election promises using the gullibility of belief, "change you can believe in" by disguising his Marxist past and degenerate lifestyle (0.59).

Or the European Union, that uses the reverse logic of, "Strength through diversity" to confuse and manipulate. It doesn’t take long to get your head around the subliminal message contained in that quote, or the facts behind the EU, "The world is just a great big onion" rhetoric.

Of course, there are conspiracy theories that are proved true, Snowden’s surveillance is an example, but that would fit in with increasing technology and the need for governments to keep track of mass transient populations and the horrors lurking behind the smiling face of multicultural social engineering.

French Ex-President Sarkozy again tells French to mix races
"The goal is to meet the challenge of racial interbreeding. The challenge of racial interbreeding that faces us in the 21st Century [...] If this volunteerism does not work for the Republic, then the State will move to still more coercive measures." Now watch the saddest video you’ll probably ever see on the effects (3.07).

All this is not just coming from Jews; it is a combined assault from minorities, led by a mixture of Jewish and non-Jewish radicals, to destroy the traditions and values of western civilisation. What Trump said yesterday, or Icke’s newest conspiracy, or "Pizzagate", pales into insignificance behind the reality.
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