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TOPIC: Why Are Leftists Apologists & Advocates For Immoral, Infantile, And destructive Behavior?

Why Are Leftists Apologists & Advocates For Immoral, Infantile, And destructive Behavior? 08 Mar 2017 18:47 #1

Why Leftists Are Apologists & Advocates For Immoral, Infantile, And destructive Behavior?

Firstly these people are not good. Not good for themselves, and not good for anybody else around them.

I think there's a variety of reasons why they've become so irrational and neurotic. One of the more common reasons I think is radical leftists have a false sense of commitment to ''humanity'', which allows them a feel good feeling about themselves because they're often not good people who lead good and healthy lifestyles themselves. Their vocal opposition for instance towards what they perceive as ''racism'' provides them with an inflated sense of moral self-esteem. A sense of moral self esteem which many of them otherwise often lack in their own character or in their own personal life's.. Hence why they have to try and over compensate with their irrational beliefs.

Isn't it amazing how leftists NEVER point out how gays are treated in most non-white countries, particularly Islamic countries. What's also amazing is how they advocate for more Muslim immigration into the West at the same time. The radical left and Islamic immigration into the West are strange bedfellows indeed. Islam stands against just about everything the radical left stands for, all except one thing, mass immigration into the West. So you would think these idiots would be against importing an ideology that's totally intolerant of their ''liberalism'', right? Alas, NO!! what the fuck is going on in the minds of these people?

The left romanticizes immigration and even sometimes radical Islam, even when apparently their own beliefs come from the complete opposite end of the spectrum. The left also has the habit of ignoring, denying, or even tolerating migrant criminality, while at the same time eagerly pointing the finger at white people (and white people only) on the rare occasion that group should commit any violence. These double standards are on display all the time now. The left tolerates anything that is openly hostile towards the West and it's people, and are also desperate to try and make rationalizations towards the reverse racism directed at Europeans. Why?

Does that sound like the actions and beliefs of a good person?

For example, leftists shout and scream from the roof tops when people advocate Muslims should under go stricter immigration checks (even from countries that are at war), but most either stay silent or celebrate when Christian home schoolers are persecuted. They tell us we have to respect the religious and cultural sensitivities of non-citizens, but applaud as the government forces anti-free speech laws onto it's own citizens. The only time the left mentions the phrase ''religious freedom'' is when they're advocating the religious freedoms of migrants .. while at the same time cheering as the State compels Christian bakers to service gay weddings. As the left rallies and demonstrates for gays deprived of pastries and cakes, or their ''right'' to use women's bathrooms, they say nothing about the gays thrown from off rooftops in the Middle East.

Scratch the surface of the radical left, and you will find a monstrous contempt and hatred for White Europeans just below the surface. This explains their contradictory behavior and complete double-moral standards.
The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane. – Marcus Aurelius
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Why Are Leftists Apologists & Advocates For Immoral, Infantile, And destructive Behavior? 08 Mar 2017 18:52 #2

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I think the whites of that kind feel guilty, jews and non-whites probably do hate. However you get marxist clowns on another forum saying Noel Ignatiev's views have been misprepresented.

Truth is anti-semitic
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