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TOPIC: Len (((Blavatnik))) friend of Harvey (((Weinstein)))

Len (((Blavatnik))) friend of Harvey (((Weinstein))) 15 Oct 2017 13:28 #1

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Flare posted a video yesterday about Len Blavatnik, a Jewish mogul who was born in the former Soviet Union.

I had never heard of him before yesterday. According to the Sunday Times Rich list Len Blavatnik in 2017
is the third wealthiest person in the United Kingodm.

Net Worth: £11.59 billion ($16.69 billion)

Age: 58

Blavatnik, dubbed a "child of the Soviet Union, citizen of America" by The Sunday Times, became a billionaire after the fall of Soviet Communism.

From Wikipedia:

"in 2015, he was named Britain's richest man with an estimated net worth of £17.1 billion as of April 2015. In 2017, Blavatnik received a knighthood for services to philanthropy.

In 2010, it was announced that Blavatnik and the Blavatnik Family Foundation would donate £75 million to the University of Oxford to establish a new school of government. The gift is one of the largest philanthropic gifts in the university's 900-year history. Blavatnik also indicated the possibility of increasing his benefaction up to £100 million over time.

Blavatnik, the Blavatnik Family Foundation and Access companies have supported many cultural and philanthropic institutions over the past 15 years, including serving as the primary benefactors for numerous major art and cultural exhibitions, including the British Museum, Tate Modern (which named a new wing the "Blavatnik Building" in 2017, Royal Opera House, National Portrait Gallery and Museum of Modern Art."

Expect more degenerative Jewish "art" in these British cultural venues.

Len Blavatnik with (((spirit cooking))) Marina Abramovic.

Most alarming is his Oxford University School of Government which recruits mainly young and elite people from across the world to share global policies. Similar to Common Purpose in the UK but with potentially much more significant people.

In my view this a course to form and shape World Government in the future.

Have a look some of the 120 people recruited for the course in 2017 and their backgrounds.

2016 Prince William opens the Blavatnik School of Government Building at Oxford University:

Video Flare posted yesterday is worth watching:

“The simple step of a courageous individual is not to take part in the lie." Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn
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Len (((Blavatnik))) friend of Harvey (((Weinstein))) 15 Oct 2017 23:23 #2

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The plot thickens ey ... though most of us here know there are hidden hands behind holly-woods bewitching propaganda, we dont always know who they all are and it seems we've come across another.. i hadnt heard of this guy before either.

There have been some reports that Americans are boycotting both the NFL and Hollywood in general ... in growing numbers... we shall see where that goes.

Of course plenty across the globe are still under their spell (including the music industry also of course which ties into the entire 'entertainment' industry ) but the more that break away, the better.
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