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TOPIC: United States: The So Called Democratic Socialism Blue Wave Sweeping The Nation.

United States: The So Called Democratic Socialism Blue Wave Sweeping The Nation. 07 Sep 2018 08:49 #1

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So in the United States they're moving everything in a coordinated controlled manner with the ongoing concerted effort of a political coup against the acting president Donald Trump, getting ready to massively extend internet censorship where probably hate crime legislation is just around the corner from that, and they even have a Facebook war room all set up to monitor the fairness or integrity of the national elections in 2020. :roll: :facepalm:

I am going to tell you democratic socialists that this isn't going to go the way you're wanting it to and here's why with two possible outcomes.

1. All this controlled opposition, interference, propaganda, legislation lobbying, or public gaslighting is going to tremendously backfire I think in that more and more people are catching onto your little games. I think this will only guarantee that Donald Trump remains in office and any push back against that will cause tremendous consequences for you all even further. If he wins again, what then? I am curious to see how you will all react a second time.

2. Let us assume your plans succeed for a moment, you achieve a rigged election, impeachment, and finally get rid of free speech in this country once for all with plans to introduce hate speech or hate crime legislation which is the logical natural next step from there. Do you honestly think there won't be any kind of massive national resistance, insurrection, or movement against all of that? :chuckle: :D :lmao:

I almost want to play devil's advocate and say I hope you succeed in all of that because it certainly would kick start a firestorm of chaos in this country overnight where plenty of us by the way have been waiting for such a great deal of many decades. I am talking about thousands of people when I say that.....
[Actively preparing for that event also mind you.]

Simply put, bring it on! :hahano:

It doesn't matter really what happens either way because you're going to lose, you're going to crash and burn where it will be a marvel to behold afterwards in observation.

P.S. Rural America outside of the cities despise you all with a kind of ferocious hatred even I have never seen before and that's saying something.

This will not end well for any of you so keep it up suckers and be very careful what you wish for because you might in the end just reap the whirlwind.
"Republicans are red and democrats are blue, neither political party owned by Jewish Wallstreet gives a flying fuck about you."- Myself

"They pretend to pay us and we pretend to work." - Former Russian Soviet dissidents and now presently the American working class.

"We must take from the right nationalism without capitalism and from the left socialism without internationalism."- Gregor Strasser

"We must reject the false dichotomy of capitalism and communism as the only choices for the world where instead we must embrace the third position of national socialism." -Myself

"Globalism, internationalism, and civic nationalism means the death of western civilization where instead we must install an ethnic racial form of nationalism."- Myself

"The United States is a Jewish and Zionist owned corporate plantation or labor prison." - Myself

"Syncretic politics is that taking political positions combining elements associated with the left and right that can achieve a goal of reconciliation." - Wikipedia

"Only collectivism will save our collective plight of western civilization during this crisis as individualism by itself isn't enough."- Myself

"We must secure ethnic racial homelands of European peoples worldwide."- Myself - Support alternative internet media and platforms against the corporate embargo of free speech.
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United States: The So Called Democratic Socialism Blue Wave Sweeping The Nation. 07 Sep 2018 10:43 #2

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Great thread. We really need to mobilise against this. Whatever that means.

The paedophile exposures have really shaken up the democratic media establishment but most people are head-zombies and probably don't even care that the Democrats are the Paedophile Pizza party and their whole media and political infrastructure seems to be connected with child abuse and Satanism.

Certainly interesting times...... but Trump isn't doing enough. He's acting less like President and more like bag-man for Israel, and despite him playing the game for Israel and warmongering against Iran the Jews are still trying to crucify him.

He can't win, and if he can't win it means we can't win.
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