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TOPIC: What is the truth your looking for?

What is the truth your looking for? 05 Dec 2018 18:31 #1

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The last few days on these boards have been ........
I didnt come here expecting read a few times the unregistered version of the forum...
From my point of view since i registered on these boards ive been looking to see what people are looking for and what they are proposing to do to make the changes that need to be made in their lives ( as its clear to anyone with just need to engage the brain....just visually one can see the world is upside down) and add anything that i might be able to towards that goal

Im not seeing much of that tho
I see one or two posters trying to set examples of possible ideas for ways to actually physically bring about changes in their lives and to help others to do the same and live more in harmony with their feelings and knowledge rather than to do as they are told in order to pay bills

What i am seeing alot of is in fact disturbing
I see people INSISTING that others MUST believe their information , yet , they offer no reason for any potential client to take on board their reasoning......because its all just a wall of words on a screen....No one is making any changes in their own real lives ....IF they are they are not talking about it here?

I can tell you know for my part.....i dont need anyone to explain to me whats gone wrong....i can see that already
I have a fair bit of life experience as i see that commodity defined
I do not need anyone to explain to me who Adolph Hitler was/who jews are/what islam is being shown to be doing/what banks do/who stole what
WHo fought who/why we were told they fought......NONE of that stuff

I , in my own opinion have done my research.....i do not bring that here to do it with you.....its late in the game....

What changes are we making in our lives and how are we helping others to do the same
Can these changes be made in time?

I dont need to see any more Race Hate
I dont need to see any more Religion Hate


Im just person....i do have family and children....its them i fear most for

Please if you just wish to call me names and drive my voice down....NO need
Just respond accordingly
If your making changes then weve likely got alot in common

If your just staring at screens all day and playing games and taking drugs.....We dont....

Am i explaining myself?
It is my belief that Paths are made to confuse those who cannot Find their own way
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