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TOPIC: Now they call us ‘White Jews’: A new American antisemitism

Now they call us ‘White Jews’: A new American antisemitism 03 Mar 2019 20:21 #1

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This article from The Jerusalem Post perfectly describes the new Leftist Antisemitism, and why it's so poisonous

The Jerusalem Post wrote:
Now they call us ‘White Jews’: A new American antisemitism

If you remain silent when you hear the term “white Jews,” you are not doing your part to stop this creeping hatred.

A recent controversy about anti-Jewish views in the Women’s March has lifted the curtain on a new antisemitism that is percolating in American circles.

“Now Women’s March activists are grappling with how they treat Jews, and whether they should be counted as privileged white Americans or ‘marginalized’ minorities,” The New York Times noted in a recent piece. The labeling of Jews as “white” and debates on how to “treat Jews,” as if Jews are packages in a supermarket is a form of dehumanizing rhetoric designed to force Jewish people into a binary of “white/non-white” that is currently trendy in US discussions.

Related Story: Calif. organizers cancel Women’s March for being too white

The new toxic discussion taking place primarily in the United States is designed to label Jews as “white supremacists.” For instance, Tamika Mallory, the Women’s March leader, told the Times that this issue was raised at an early meeting of the marchers.

“Since that conversation, we’ve all learned a lot about how white Jews, as white people, uphold white supremacy, ALL Jews are targeted by it,” she said. Some groups on the far Left have even embraced this concept. Rebecca Vilkomerson tweeted about it on December 24.

“We white Jews especially need to recognize that centering out own status as victims here is a power move, as well as a way to avoid self-reflection on our relative status in a white supremacist world,” Vilkomerson tweeted.

It is particularly interesting, given the history of antisemitism, how Jews are now considered not only recipients of white privilege, due to their often passing as white, but are seen as emblematic of whiteness and a part of white supremacy. The concept of antisemitism was coined by anti-Jewish activist Wilhelm Marr, who objected to the idea that Jews would assimilate into Germany. Antisemitism became entwined with the idea that Jews were a separate “race” from white Europeans, particularly Germans and northern Europeans. Today that has come full circle and Jews are portrayed as not just passing as white, but of being an example of white supremacy.

How can this be, only 70 years after the Holocaust that the people genocided for being non-white and non-European are now called white supremacists? It is part of a carefully managed agenda in the United States to not permit Jews to be part of discussions about “people of color” or racism. The reason for this is that hatred of Jews has always been about creating an all-encompassing other that is dehumanized and then defining that as “the Jews.” Therefore in European history, Jews were hated for not being Christian, accused of blood libels and forced to live in ghettos or enter cities through the gate where the swine and sewage was. Then came the era when Jews were assimilating and becoming less religiously observant so they were labeled not as a religious problem, but an ethnic-racial problem. Oriental “wandering Jews,” who were foreigners. Today in the US where the popular view in some left-leaning circles is that being “white” is a kind of slander, Jews are “white Jews.”

The term “white Jews” is anti-Jewish because no other group is subjected to this same slur of forcibly shoehorning them into a false whiteness. For instance, Muslims, of which are almost two billion, are not called “white Muslims.” Only Jews are called “white Jews.” Used often enough, the term is designed to dehumanize Jews and take away their diversity, forcing them into the “white” category in America, the category that means “majority” and “privileged.”

The term “white Jews” should be resisted. It is designed solely to make Jews not only an “other” but at the same time a member of the majority. “White” means “majority” in the US, while “Jew” means “other.” So labeling Jews “white” is a way to purposely attack and single out this one group. You’ll notice that those who use this term don’t say “white Muslims, white Hindus, white Catholics.” There is only one group whose religion they seek to lump in with “white.” The goal is to say this often enough until the word “Jew” is synonymous with white. And you’ll notice that “white supremacy” is often lumped in as well, until the word “Jew” in some American circles will be synonymous with “white supremacy.”

This strips Jews of their historic and wonderful diversity. Jews are from Yemen, Morocco, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Ethiopia, India and many other places. When Americans say “white Jews” the idea is to rip that diversity away and bleach it out until there is no history of Jewish people. Jews are even told now that any discussion of Jews being victims of racism is a way for Jews “dwell” or “center” on themselves. The only minority group in America told that it cannot discuss its suffering, and that it is “white.” Just as the term antisemitism, coined in the 19th century, led to dehumanizing of Jews, the term “white Jews” is designed to dehumanize, to package Jews into one monochrome and binary concept of race.

If you remain silent when you hear the term “white Jews,” you are not doing your part to stop this creeping hatred. There are no white Jews. There are Jews. There are white people. One is not synonymous with the other. Some Jews may appear white, or even have origins in Europe. Some do not. There are many more Muslims who pass as white than there are Jews. If you don’t use the term “white Muslims” then you must not use the term “white Jews” and anyone who uses the term “white Jews” must be immediately confronted as to why no other religion gets this “white” definitional treatment.

Leftist Antisemites hate Jews, and they hate Whites. That's why it's so problematic
You can't fix stupid
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Not the Anti-Semite They Were Looking For 03 Mar 2019 21:00 #2

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Nobody in his Right mind would want to be associated with these Leftist crazies
Not the Anti-Semite They Were Looking For

A suspect in anti-Semitic bomb threats capsizes the Left’s anti-Trump narrative

How annoying for the Left when one of their pet narratives crashes head-on into the facts. Given their ominous warnings, the alleged perpetrator of recent, high-profile anti-Semitic threats surely must have been propelled by anti-Jewish winks, nods, and dog whistles from the Hitlerian halls of President Donald J. Trump’s White House.

“The Anti-Semitism coming out of this administration is the worst we have ever seen from any administration,” said Steven Goldstein, executive director of the Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect. That was in response to Trump’s February 21 statement that “the anti-Semitic threats targeting our Jewish community at community centers are horrible and are painful and a very sad reminder of the work that still must be done to root out hate and prejudice and evil.”

Trump’s pro-tolerance speech was not enough for the Arizona Republic’s E. J. Montini. A week later, he accused Trump of not denouncing anti-Semites forcefully enough, although one wonders what Trump ever could say to satisfy Montini.

“At the very least, the haters and vandals feel entitled,” Montini wrote. “They feel immune. They feel accepted.” Montini argued that such “circumstantial evidence” demonstrates that “Trump is ultimately to blame for the rash of bomb threats at Jewish community centers and the desecration of Jewish cemeteries.”

Montini’s words echo a Politico headline from last October: “In a Time of Trump, Millennial Jews Awaken to Anti-Semitism.”

That brings us to Friday’s news: FBI agents in St. Louis arrested Juan M. Thompson. Federal officials suspect that he made bomb threats against the Anti-Defamation League and seven other Jewish groups and Jewish community centers (JCCs). Far from being a right-wing, Trump-loving white supremacist, Thompson is precisely the opposite: a left-wing, Trump-hating black racist.


Assistant U.S. Attorney Jacob Warren filed a federal criminal complaint against Thompson, 31, in the Southern District of New York. Thompson’s alleged chief victim lives in New York City. Thompson is a Vassar College graduate whom Intercept.com fired in January 2016 for inventing sources and quotes in several news stories that he wrote for that website. From the complaint:

Far from being a right-wing, Trump-loving white supremacist, Thompson is precisely the opposite: a left-wing, Trump-hating black racist.

“JUAN THOMPSON, the defendant, appears to have made some of the JCC Threats as part of a sustained campaign to harass and intimidate Victim-1,” with whom he previously “was involved in a romantic relationship.” The Justice Department says that Thompson sent threats against Jewish targets in this unidentified woman’s name, to embroil her in legal hot water. Justice further asserts that Thompson made other threats in his own name, “but which THOMPSON has later claimed were made by Victim-1 in an effort to falsely implicate THOMPSON.”

Prosecutors say that Thompson phoned the ADL’s Manhattan headquarters and stated that a device filled with “C-4” explosives would be “detonated within one hour.” Among other targets, Thompson allegedly e-mailed the Jewish History Museum and a Jewish school, both in Manhattan, and another Jewish school in Farmington Hills, Mich., among others. He told these facilities that he had planted bombs on their property and “wants to create Jewish newtown [sic] tomorrow,” an apparent reference to Adam Lanza’s December 2012 shooting spree at a grammar school in Newtown, Ct. The crazed killer gunned down 26 and wounded two others in that atrocity. No bombs were found at any of these institutions.

Meanwhile, Thompson’s Twitter account is a bulging landfill of seething, Trump-hating, left-wing, anti-white racism. Here is a small sample of his online garbage:

• “Trump is not insane. That’s a slur against ppl who actually suffer w/mental health issues. He is simply a racist/sexist/capitalist monster.”

• “Donald Trump is the perfect example of how dumb, incompetent wealthy white ppl can fail upward.”

• In response to a photo of a woman wearing a Trump-campaign-style red hat with the words “Make America New York” in white, Thompson wrote: “We don’t want America like NY, we want it like Havana.”

• “In 16-17 Flint was poisoned by a capitalist state wanting $$/kill black ppl.”

• “White folk are trash. Absolute trash.”

• “I’m just a poor black man trying to do my part on the ground, and not on Twitter, to destroy white ppl.”

Thompson appears to be a Muslim. In one Twitter post, he writes: “The white west is trash. I thank allah [sic] I am living in Senegal now.” Later, he explains that he is “‘reverting’ to Islam.”

No evidence has emerged to connect Thompson with the revolting vandalism that lately has plagued Jewish graveyards, such as the desecration and toppled headstones that Vice President Mike Pence helped fix on February 22 in University City, a St. Louis suburb.

“There is no place in America for hatred or acts of prejudice or violence or anti-Semitism,” Pence said at the Chesed Shel Emeth cemetery, according to USA Today.

“Today, Vice President Pence proved to be the ultimate mensch by visiting, and even cleaning, the desecrated Jewish graves in St. Louis,” said the Anne Frank Center’s Steven Goldstein. “This administration finally showed America the kind of response our nation was waiting for all along — a response filled with proactive heart.”

In response to this wave of intimidation and destruction, President Trump observed that such vile acts are not always what they seem: “Sometimes it’s the reverse, to make people — or to make others — look bad.”

With any luck, the other anti-Semitic harassers and attackers will be caught, tried, and jailed. So far, though, Trump is right, and the Left is wrong, about who unleashed these anti-Semitic threats.
You can't fix stupid
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Now they call us ‘White Jews’: A new American antisemitism 03 Mar 2019 21:40 #3

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I wonder if she's a poster on this board
Antifa screams anti-jewish slurs while confronting gun shop owner
You can't fix stupid
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