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TOPIC: Mixed people in the West hate the West

Mixed people in the West hate the West 16 Jun 2019 22:38 #1

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Hi there, first post on here. I've had a look around the forum and liked the topics so I decided to drop by and give this a try.
DISCLAIMER: I know conversations on online forums will often get out of hand, but I'll be completely honest here and I hope you can appreciate that.

So I'm mixed myself (which makes this touchy topic a little bit more okay) but always "rooted" for my European country with no ambiguity, I'm a westerner, that's how it is.
I noticed as I gradually matured intellectually that there was a common denominator to most guys of mixed race around me: a kind of animosity or at least disregard towards their side that was a Western country. As I peeked at the U.S. through YouTube, articles, social media...etc to get a good grasp of what was going on there, I noticed in particular the black-white crosses were particularly virulent against white America. More often than not, race has been an integral central notion within the lives of the mixed people I met, myself included.
This is also something I noticed very evidently with jews living in the West (not always, but typically): that trans-national's attitude of fearing nationalism, hating all things national anthems/national pride and such, an aversion towards homogenous deep country folk, a certain cynicism towards life...

As opposed to mixed people in the West, I do not believe mixed people in other areas of the world have that same relation to their countries: for e.g. a white/Japanese hating Japan, or a white/Polynesian with a seething hatred towards some Pacific island..

There seems to be something about the West that just ...ah, gosh... that just rustles people's jimmies, ya know ? There's something about not being fully white that instills a great dread into people, the sort of existential angst that makes them want to see the world burn, kinda thing... or at least, *want to see the West burn for that matter. There seems to be sth about it all that makes the individual wish for death (of a civilization, of a race) rather than life.
Sooooo...what d'ya think ? Be honest, I've just spent a good amount of time writing this crap up !
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