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TOPIC: Greetings Slaves.

Greetings Slaves. 31 Aug 2019 23:45 #1

  • redpill
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We are all slaves indeed, are we not. The shit this forum seems to be going through is just one symptom of that. I have been here before. And I have seen many people saying many intelligent things that can't be said anywhere else. (as well as a few screwups) The thing I would like to ask my fellow slaves is why you don't fight back. (Not that I'm talking about anything violent) It is like the lyric from a RUSH song, "You can't have freedom for free."

Is posting truthful things here the only thing you have the guts for? Where compared to the more popular forums, there are very few sheeple to see it. Are you like the people who were against Landru in the original Star Trek series? That once they saw that there would be change, they got cold feet? I am telling you that you need not fear what change may come if you are allowed to speak. Because in the long run, I can guarantee you that you would be better off.

Also, I don't know what your experiences have been. But I have been banned from all of the major political forums many times for daring to speak the truth. Most recently I was banned from political hotwire just for denying the holocaust. Which I'm sure everybody around here knows is just a pile of horse shit. But who knows. Maybe they are based in Germany. Where even questioning the holocaust as it is generally believed to have happened is illegal.

Another of those lying forums is called "defending the truth." But what they are really doing is defending the lies. Like it or not, we have to fight for our freedom. In a fight for freedom, there is one thing that any successful rebellion needs. REBELS! As many of them as possible. Is anybody around here willing to be on board with this? Because I have a plan to fix the wagons of all those lie supporting political sheeple forums. If only temporarily. Which is to get a bunch of people together and join those forums all at once. Then post a bunch of nonthreatening general discussion topics in all of the categories that they have. And leave replies in other people's threads. But use no avatar. Let this go on for a couple of weeks. Where your threads will be well mixed in with all of the other threads in the various categories they have. Then, everybody all at once, change their avatar to one that shows Hitler or is Nazi related.

This will give those anti freedom of truth assholes fits. It may all end up doing nothing. But at least you can say that you had done something. Such as forcing those mods to do a lot of work going through the forum and deleting everybody's threads and posts. If they can even do it. So if you are on board with this plan, just let me know. I will begin to organize things.
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Greetings Slaves. 01 Sep 2019 04:53 #2

  • novum
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redpill wrote:
Also, I don't know what your experiences have been. But I have been banned from all of the major political forums many times for daring to speak the truth.

Thats a familiar tale for people here cultsmasher, what ya gonna do ey.

Thats why TZ is here.

I even let you post a little bit when you keep returning, other places dont. If you could just stop with the rope and lynching shit... its not chappelles fault his ancestors were brought over on jew slave ships. Some ni**az is aight- red pilled too.

And even the good niggas has issues with niggers. And for any people reading who just got triggered, dont take my wacist word for it ... you dont even gots to axe a nigga to tell you that, they do comedy routines and rap songs about it all the time. The world is a playa haters ball.

Ballers always gots they haters no matter the color. Like you gots your haters on all them other forums, your own aryan blood be hatin on you because (((some people))) said six million... and then angry goys virtue signal to that hand rubbing.

So yeah, I dont know why I bother sometimes, I may as well take the blue pill and in any capacity i can go help hollywood sell Rothschilds climate change and Kalergi to gullible people who think they are rebelling against the system (by doing exactly what the system wants them to do because Clooney did his job of acting in a video and told em to, and made fun of orange man, who is one of em anyway)

In the real world the neo's lose and the cyphers win.
I remember the good old days, when 90+ year olds in nursing homes lived forever. Darn this pesky virus.

1365 = 1

1.1365 = 1,283,305,580,313,352
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Greetings Slaves. 02 Oct 2019 23:53 #3

  • moronfinder
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Generally speaking, it isn't the White mans fault that niggers were brought over here either. And we are paying a very very heavy price for it. They all need to be sent back to where they came from. Also, I have a question for you. Maybe you know the answer. Why is everybody around here such pussies. They aren't willing to lift a single fucking finger to further the cause of White sovereignty. They are all talk, absolutely no action. For those who deny the holocaust, for example, do they not believe themselves the things they say? Are they afraid that the people at those more populated forums will say mean things to them? You read my thread. And you are the only one to reply to it. Maybe what I need to do is go around and ask people individually for help in the truth attack I would like to launch. Also, while you're here, is there any way to post a picture in a thread or reply without having to submit it from a url address?
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