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TOPIC: The Enemy Within: How To Spot Spies, Plants and Feds

The Enemy Within: How To Spot Spies, Plants and Feds 01 Sep 2019 08:27 #1

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The Enemy Within: How To Spot Spies, Plants and Feds

August 31, 2019 Literally Hitler

Have you noticed that all the culprits in the sudden spike of “white nationalist terrorism” all look like retards? Well, that’s because they have some sort of mental illness that makes them prone to manipulation. Now, I’m not condemning white nationalism, we need it badly, I’m condemning the “terrorists” who get people arrested. Sorry did I say terrorists? I meant FBI agents.

hey fellow white nationalists, lets kill niggers and send death threats!

The massive surge in fake terror plots had me thinking. More and more people will fall into the fed trap, and as far as I’ve seen, there isn’t some sort guide to spotting them. Which is why in this short article, I will list the tell-tale signs of feds/spies/plants and how you can stop them. But before I get down to business, I will define all the labels so you know what I’m talking about later on.


A fed is a federal agent (FBI, MI5, any government intelligence agency) who joins right wing groups/forums to encourage violence and other illegal activities. Sometimes feds will make their own phony groups which draws in gullible people, the feds will then suggest gullible members to commit violence, then they will swoop in and arrest the would-be terrorist, claiming that they saved the day. This is used to dismantle the white nationalist movement and to also justify their massive budget.


Similar to a fed, a plant is someone who attends rallies and deliberately makes a scene to defame the movement. Sometimes they are feds, but most of the time they are left-wing provocateurs trying to make us look bad. This usually happens at normie conservative rallies, where some scrawny ANTIFA student will join in the crowd and sieg heil in front of a camera, which the media will then use to vilify everyone who doesn’t like anal sex. Though sometimes it happens at hard-right rallies, where some pretend skinhead will shout “kill niggers”.


A spy is pretty self explanatory. Spies will try to befriend you online and act nice and understanding. You will get to know each other, which will make you comfortable with the spy. He will pretend to agree with you on things, then he’ll ask vague but personal things, like:

- Which country are you from?
- Which part of said country are you from?
- Are you in any groups?
- When did you take the red pill?
- Were you a part of (insert extremist group)
- I’m into cars, what car do you have?
- Wow really? I live in (insert city) too! Which part are you from?

You get the idea. They will be very subtle about it and trick you into giving all your personal info. Once they have that, they will dox you and you will be on their hit list forever.

So how can I spot them?

Well, spotting them isn’t really that hard if you know what you’re looking for, especially on social networking sites like Gab. Speaking of Gab, Gab tends to attract a lot feds, spies and plants, so this guide is mostly based on spotting them on Gab, but I will provide some IRL examples.

Spotting Feds/Fed honeypots.

So, some basics. If you want to stay away from feds, keep the fuck away from groups like AtomWaffen Division and the National Socialist Movement (AWD, NSDM). They are both manufactured fed honey pots designed to attract larpers, especially the NSM. In fact, stay away from any group that has its members playing dress up with their Nazi uniforms; they’re fake and dishonest and most likely fed traps. Groups like them are manufactured for specifically vilifying genuine white nationalists by making them all look like skinhead degenerates who love dress-up time. And groups like AWD? They are the pretend terror groups that get autistic teenagers arrested. Keep away from all the skull mask gun shit, it’s all a big fed trap.

Spotting feds online is a lot easier. As they don’t really understand the right, they will use cringe phrases like “kek” or overuse other things like Pepe memes or triple brackets. If they aren’t overusing memes, they’ll be advocating for violence in the most apparent way possible. A tell-tale sign of a fedposter is his account creation date. If his account is new and he’s just posting “we need to kill all jews and niggers,” then he’s blatantly an agent. They don’t always advocate for violence however, as seen here.

Sometimes they will try to spread disinformation. You can spot these types easily. They’ll pretend to be one of us, but they’ll say something like “hey, I know this is bad, but I think we should do x instead”. The “x” is usually something ZOG supports 100%, like causing trouble in Hong Kong, or sending money to fake neo-nazis in Ukraine.

So in summary:

- KKK, AWD, NSM etc are ALL fed honeypots.
- New accounts advocating violence are definitely feds.
- “white nationalists” who try to spout ZOG nonsense are feds.
- Bald meth addicts in Nazi uniforms are feds.
- People who deliberately try to cause infighting are feds.
- People who urge you to commit an act of violence are feds.

FBI doing some Nazi roleplay

If you want a more visual explanation, watch this video by MR OBVIOUS explaining how the feds are raiding 8chan (Now shut down permanently)/

Spotting Spies

Spotting a spy is arguably the easier of the bunch. There are two different types of spies; ones who gather information from you by just talking to you, and one who records you at rallies. The first one is easy to spot and counter; if they ask too many questions, they’re on to you. You can counter this by simply not answering. Of course, check when their account was created. If it’s a brand new account and they’re asking you questions, block them.

Spies at rallies, however, are more tricky, as they might not actually be spies. They could just be journalists or just people wanting to upload it on social media, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. If they are filming you and only you, tell them to piss off. Or if you’re not the confrontational sort, wear something that hides recognizable features, like sunglasses or a half-mask. Other than that, there isn’t much you can do to stop them within the law. That’s why spies are more of a threat, they’ll dox you and you’ll have a mob of losers show up at your door within the week.

Spotting Plants

Spotting plants is easy peasy. If someone in the crowd runs in front of the camera and starts shouting “heil hitler”, they’re a plant. But you can stop them before they try to make a scene. Look at what everyone is wearing at the rally, they would all be wearing something similar to one another, jeans, poloshirt, boots, cargo pants etc. If someone looks out of place, chances are they’re a plant. Of course, in Charlottesville they tried to blend in. I don’t even think they were spies, they were just feds. Again, they may not be plants, but if someone is deliberately making a scene, regardless if he’s a plant or not, tell him to stop, or threaten him. Or, try and get organizers to escort them out the premises.

Plants online are easily countered. Just kick them from your group, or block them, or report them for spam. You can always tell if someones a plant online, key things like the age of their account, post history and their followers. If everything checks outs (no followers, advocating for violence/illegal activity/saying “kill x”, and new account) then they are plants.


Well, it’s a bit sad that I even have to write this, but that’s the world we live in, as everyone is out to get us. You can’t trust anyone. The idea of a white ethno-state is just too much for the Jews, meanwhile they get to live in their paradise paid for by the tax-payer. With that being said, I hope you learned something useful today. Stay safe.

"Freedom is not a measure of good, but good is the measure of freedom." - Bishop Williamson

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The Enemy Within: How To Spot Spies, Plants and Feds 01 Sep 2019 09:32 #2

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I remember the good old days, when 90+ year olds in nursing homes lived forever. Darn this pesky virus.

1365 = 1

1.1365 = 1,283,305,580,313,352
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The Enemy Within: How To Spot Spies, Plants and Feds 01 Sep 2019 16:00 #3

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Most plants are probably just left-wing rabble. Some Feds might be involved too, but I'm betting the vast majority of Feds don't do it because they remember their Oath and know the real enemies of America are Democrats, militant blacks, perverts, muslims and lefties.
We right-wingers are the backbone of America and other countries, we're not the enemy..:)

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