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TOPIC: The Change in Tone in Mainstream Movies: Depicting a Wholesome Society vs Depicting a Diverse Society

The Change in Tone in Mainstream Movies: Depicting a Wholesome Society vs Depicting a Diverse Society 03 Sep 2019 22:35 #1

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I just watched "Surviving Christmas" (a very cheesy but surprisingly good Christmas comedy, mind you...), and being a movie from 2004 it still carried with it that wholesome American spirit (family, community values, often in a magical Christmas setting...).
From the oldest: It's A Wonderful Life (also a Christmas movie...) from the 40's to the 60's "Yours Mine and Ours" with Henry Fonda... to the more contemporary 80's/90's like the National Lampoon's Vacation series or Steve Martin's "Parenthood" and "Father of the Bride".... Hollywood mainstream family comedies were depicting the American spirit of community values in a largely homogeneous society.
Happy, close, all white families that despite all their flaws and sometimes disastrous behaviors ended up tightly together and enjoyed life in a quiet neighborhood with like-minded people around. Wholesome. You'd end the film with a smile and a bit of a warm feeling in your heart. Because of what those films meant on a deeper level: the stability of a civilization.

Those family comedies have become increasingly rare, if not impossible to find anymore. Probably the latter. Movies have become so politicized it seems even the comedy genre has become hijacked by the PC clique and the only comedies that are considered decent anymore have to be distinctly cynical. I'm a big fan of filthy idiotic humor myself, but isn't it interesting that those comedies described earlier have become dinosaurs of the cinema industry ? Where the wholesome Christmas comedies at, yo ??
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