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TOPIC: Reparations for illegal Aliens

Reparations for illegal Aliens 21 Dec 2019 20:35 #1

  • peacenik
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You gotta see this!

It starts at about 1:38 into this short video. Mayer, Buttigeag, who is a contender for president of the US. wants to give reparations to illegal aliens, for being illegal aliens.

That's how crazy it's got here in America, this is how disconnected politicians have gotten from the American people...Presidential contenders no longer try to appeal to Americans, but to illegal aliens. They don't even try to hide it anymore.

Imagine if this were to happen in a sane country, to actually admit to wanting to give tax payer money to illegal aliens. :wtf:
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Reparations for illegal Aliens 21 Dec 2019 20:38 #2

  • Frothy
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I'd be happy to exchange some decent immigrants for some of the native scum but perhaps I've missed the premise due to being at the pub for too long this afternoon.
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