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TOPIC: Bizarre - The Somerset Belenoff Document, Cannibalism, "The World Governing Council!"

Bizarre - The Somerset Belenoff Document, Cannibalism, "The World Governing Council!" 18 Jan 2020 23:10 #1

Cannibalism Has Raised its Ugly Head - British Ultra High Society "Love Factory" Babe Natalie Belenoff-Windsor Her Mother, Sister, Cousin and High-Ups From "The World Governing Council" are Mentioned!

Natalie Belenoff-Windsor.

Allusions to societal cannibalism in the US in particular had appeared constantly in magazine literature at least since the mid 1950's, everyone knew of the Donner Pass incident when wagoneers trapped by a snowstorm resorted to survival cannibalism .. that was not the sort of cannibalism they were on about.

Erskine Caldwell could have broached the subject in his writings .. knowing real truth issues like the 911 attacks and the NWO are presaged in popular literature witness George Orwell's 1984, or in the case of 911 itself on television re The Simpsons Predict 911, so suspicions have been about for a very long time.

The New Bethlem Hospital for the Mentally Ill, Known as Bedlam.

I nearly died laughing when I got to the part in the SomersetBelenoff / WGC link, that went on about lunacy and Bedlam Asylum for the Mentally Ill which closed hundreds of yrs ago .. I started to laugh then reading on it got worse and worse until I was breathless from laughing and blacked out.

How long I was out I don't know but when I came 'round it felt like I was on a bed of loose stones I had no idea who I was or where I was, the Iphone was still in my hand it came on and I remembered where I was, true story .. I don't know whether the humor was intentional or not however the diction and text brought the Gemstone File to mind.

Who is Somerset

This is the bit that broke me up :) Insane Staff - The following individuals worked on the VibeSat program. They are housed at the Bedlam Royal Hospital in London. Insiders say they were brought to the Cathedral HQ Complex in Luxembourg to work on the VibeSat project under the direction of Karina Belenoff and later Tiamet Marbani. The work, which lasted more than a year, required extensive interaction with ancient demonic entities from the Sumerian, Babylonian and Akkadian religions, as well as thousands of ghost-like entities on the Lower Astral.

The purpose of the program was to enable the Wettin teams to contact other vibrational dimensions using highly advanced technology. Insiders tell us the project has been fully implemented and systems have already received several upgrades to continue improvement. The individuals listed below still reside at the Bedlam lunatic asylum in London, but they are frequently released on supervised travel papers to work on updates to VibeSat, Forgotten Frequency, Lost Lullaby Frequency and related systems.

Dr. Archibald Byrd is a former professor of Ancient Religions. He retired from teaching in 2010 due to his deteriorating mental health, this where I broke up however he was still sane enough to earn a second PhD in Computer Science in 2017.

Stella Daniels helped develop the Lost Lullaby frequency and engineered Wettin's early systems connecting the material plane to other dimensions. Her frequency connections were effective at piercing the veil between the living and the dead but the early technology wasn't able to provide stable connectivity due to oscillating vibrational frequencies. She went insane in 2015 but continued to work on stabilization for the duration of the VibeSat program. She is widely respected at the World Governing Council for her pioneering work.

Kermit Holman is said to be a brilliant, but extremely disturbed designer of systems architecture. His work while still at university focused on building a precursor to the World Wide Web. Holman spent several years wandering aimlessly throughout the United States, earning a living as a bookmaker until he was convicted of murder and cannibalism in 2007. Court records labelled Mr. Holman a "troubled drifter", and he was sentenced to serve an indefinite term at the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum.

The Asylum, which was officially closed in 1994, continued house offenders deemed too violent for ordinary prisons or standard mental health institutions. In 2016 at the request of Somerset Belenoff, he was transferred to the La Colombière psychiatric hospital in France. He was later brought to Luxembourg to work on the VibeSat program and afterward transferred to the Bedlam asylum in London to be near his colleagues.

Vanessa Payne is said to have gone insane while working on the VibeSat program after spending too much time on the other side of the veil. She shot herself in 2018 and died at Luxembourg Cathedral. Insiders tell us she continues to work for the Wettin VibeSat team as a permanent resident of the Lower Astral. DECEASED

Druscilla de Havilland is a member of the de Havilland aircraft family and is also a cousin of film actresses Olivia de Havilland and Joan Fontaine. She is an Oxford-educated scientist and aerospace engineer who spent several years working in the field of advanced propulsion systems for the Royal Air Force. She went insane in 2012 and was confined to a mental institution for 3 years until Somerset Belenoff recruited her to begin work on the development of VibeSat and Dark Horizon systems.

In 2018 she pleaded guilty to charges in connection with the plot to sabotage Miss Belenoff's private jet. She was represented before the Council by Marissa Windsor St. John, who advocated leniency, urging the justices to take into consideration de Havilland's past service to the World Governing Council as well as her mental state at the time she committed her crime.

Insiders say Miss de Havilland's mental condition had deteriorated to the point that she was incapable of understanding the consequences of her decisions and she was easily manipulated by the primary conspirators into providing information that allowed them to sabotage the engines on Belenoff's Gulfstream jet. In the end, with all judges in attendance, the vote was unanimous. Miss de Havilland was sentenced to the elite Hohenegg/Meilen Clinic near Zurich to be treated for an undisclosed psychiatric disorder. Insiders say the costs, which are considerable, are paid by Somerset Belenoff from her personal fortune.

Stacie Croix is a gifted programmer who also happens to be a murderess. When she isn't working on programming projects she insists on being addressed as "The Whore of Babylon."

All in all the Somerset Belenoff document is the most bizarre tract I have ever encountered .. phew!
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