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TOPIC: Who would help me refresh thread at other forums.

Who would help me refresh thread at other forums. 16 Mar 2020 23:23 #1

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You have seen my threads around here. One of my favorites is, "Listen to the children scream!" Right now it is down in the vent room. Look at any thread I wrote around here. Being a cult smasher, nobody can refute them. I have written many of these same threads at other forums. Where I was banned. But the truth isn't that easy to crush. I know that I am unlikely to receive any help around here. I can't even get anybody to post a Nazi related avatar. Let alone at some other more populated forum. Even though Hitler was in the right.

But if you support White people, how about this. I have many of the threads I have here at other forums. Would you be willing to join another forum and start a thread called "I'm NOT Cultsmasher." Then say whatever you want. Good or bad, it doesn't matter. As long as you will do this for me. Tell me you are at whatever forum I mention, and refresh one of the threads I have here over at the other forums I have them at. Of course, I don't dare do it myself. Otherwise they will just call me a sock or spammer and ban me. But if somebody else does it, I can go in and practice freedom of speech. Which for me means freedom of truth. Just send me a PM if you agree to discuss the details.
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