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TOPIC: We continue to play their game, which ends with our obliteration.

We continue to play their game, which ends with our obliteration. 19 Dec 2020 15:36 #1

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As the working man was content to allow the machinations of global oligarchy to build, our ability to shape the country and the world was taken away. Now, the elites decide everything.

Presently, they have their sights set on the only two powers capable of resisting them, Russia and China. Narratives are constructed to fit the purpose. Actions to inflame Russia and China are intentional. Respect is denied. Honesty is deplored. Can there be any wonder why the war drums against Russia and China are beating louder than ever? We are expected to believe that Russia hacked not only our government but also the top tech firms, and our politicians on both sides are demanding retaliation. The Pentagon has classed China as a permanent enemy, demanding that we borrow and spend trillions more to outpace their military growth. All this, despite the fact that the US and its most powerful allies possess more than enough deterrence under any metric. Deterrence is not the goal. Predatory hegemony is.

Relativism hasn't only permeated our philosophy and daily economics, it has permeated the fate of the natural world, because truth itself is relative to them. There is no moral imperative to tell the people the truth about anything anymore. It has demonstrably been this way for over a century. I believe that the elites have already built a breakaway civilization and are planning the demise of this one. Then, they will pick up the pieces as the permanent overlords of human destiny, and be able to publicly use all the secret technology which they have hithero denied us of enjoying. They do not want us to reap the benefits. Only themselves.

While the Christian European created this modern world, it was subservient to the deceptive notions of militaristic nationalism and economic tenets designed by the oligarchs to consolidate their ownership of all that is valuable. While we were playing a losing game against each other, the fruits of the earth were accumulated by the group which did not compete against itself. They intentionally made us believe their lies, and defend new philosophies that were poisonous to us. Those new philosophies are now the mainstream bulwarks of so-called Western values, abolishing the values of both divine and natural law. While we thought our way of life was protected, and we murdered each other to "protect" it, the entire time we were only accelerating their absolute power over human affairs.

Pathetically, the general public is yet again ready to flip that final card, then the New Age can begin. Global population will be eradicated and surveiled. Then, the conspirators will descend from their hiding holes, no longer desirous to protect their identities.
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