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TOPIC: The House Always Wins

The House Always Wins 04 Feb 2013 15:30 #1

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The House Always Wins

Submitted by sawx75 on Fri, 02/01/2013 - 18:06
in Activism & Events
DP Original Massachusetts

A little back story on this article. I was one of the 17 delegates that got bounced by the MA GOP State Committee. We did not disappear after that, we continue to fight to bring a more conservative track to a very liberal state GOP. We are true grass roots, not neo-con astroturf. We had a candidate that supported liberty candidates, as well as a collection of other more conservative coalitions up for election as the chairman. We ended up losing by a slim margin, but watching the collection of unscrupulous party "leaders" last night was sickening. The person that won was endorsed by Scott Brown, and I suppose the entire weight of the MAGOP will now be thrown behind his special election. Forget the grass roots when you can have top down leadership I guess.

The House always wins.

The establishment makes sure of that. They do it all the time. Last night was no different. As I stood there watching a group of cheating and unscrupulous establishment cronies celebrate, I was left wondering what it all meant. As I watched the State Committee members that actively and immorally overturned the votes cast at last April’s caucus, I had a feeling that something wasn’t right. A feeling grew in my stomach as I watched them high-five chest bump. What were they cheering for? Why were they so excited? Do they even understand what it all means? Do I?

Nope, not at all. I do not understand it at all. Last night was strange. In the midst of the cheers and long faces a weird thing happened. I had surreal feeling of stepping back to observe the scene. I felt as if I was watching a performance, kind of like a puppet show, where the performers are manipulated to display their actions by some unseen force causing them to react. They were counting votes, speechifying, laughing, joking, glad handing, basically being politicians. They performed admirably, and were able to cast their spell on the audience as all good puppet shows should. They lured us in to suspending our belief that it is not fake, that what they were doing is real, and that we actually had a chance in making change. That the ideals of a more conservative path would be an attractive alternative to the shameful state that the party is in. That volunteers are willing to sacrifice for their beliefs, and that you do not need to pay “volunteers.” That the energy of true grassroots would be enough to overcome the thin veneer of astroturf that currently exists.

On the other side of the ropes I watched our reaction and a sick feeling came over me. I felt like a puppet too. I felt as if we were being played. I felt as if puppets were controlling puppets, as if it were all some great game. Behind the curtain, the masters of the show were laughing at us for not only falling for the show, but becoming part of it and making it more real for them. Like Lucy reveling in the fact that dumb Charlie is going to take another crack at that football. It was as if some uncontrollable urge took over the rational part of my brain, and tricked my mind into suspending it’s disbelief. Much like any other orchestrated play, corny movie, or cheap dime store novella, the end is always predictable, and I feel like a sucker for getting taken for a ride.

Yeah, but we were so close! Sure we were. Keep telling yourself that, and look at where it has gotten us. I realized that the people I was there to see defeated always win. That it was not about any one candidate. It was about trying to fight the establishment. Fear, greed, and stupidity, always win because it is the way of life for the majority. They are easily swayed, easily manipulated, and easily controlled. I watched morally and mentally deficient marionettes take control of me last night, and I need to realize that is not how I want to be played.

As I sit here this morning I feel defeated. Not from the performance last night, but for the fact that I fell for it. I feel foolish that believing in a cause is all that is required to defeat the cheaters. I was wrong. Man was I wrong. I realize that I am now a part of the game. I am part of the problem. I am, by participation, adding more fuel to their wretched fire. I realized that the my attraction to this thing is like a candle drawing in a stupid moth. A creature blessed with the ability to fly anywhere it chooses, yet decides that the best course of action is to fly directly into the flames and kill itself.

I am sitting here emotionally and morally defeated with the realization that I am fighting giants with a fist full of bee bees. That no matter what path I feel I am on, the fruits of any moral victory will be spoiled by a wicked and toxic environment. That in fact the house always wins, and that the good guys are always mocked and scorned. So I guess I am a loser. I accept this fact, because I prefer not to become the monster that it takes to win in that environment.
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