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TOPIC: Grasport mine, US imperialism West Papua

Grasport mine, US imperialism West Papua 17 Sep 2013 08:02 #1

The Grasberg mine, owned by US company Freeport-McMoRan funding genocide and illegal occupation in Indonesian occupied West Papua

A gaping wound in the heart of West Papua, which was once a beautiful and sacred mountain, capped by a glacier, is visible from space.
It is so horrible and shameful for American politicians to see, they are taken in deliberately different flight routes when they visit the region so that they do not see the devastation which they are often helping to fund with this mine.

Everyday thousands of tons of gold and copper are being extracted from the Grasberg mine, the largest goldmine on Earth.

The work is also incredibly unsafe and unfair, whilst all of the mine owners are either American or Indonesian, the Papuans are given the most dangerous and low paid jobs. This year alone, over 29 people were killed in 2 mining disasters.
When workers went on strike in 2011, they were beaten and shot at by police, at least one worker was killed.

Freeport is Indonesia's biggest taxpayer and all the proceeds are channeled to Jakarta, whilst Papuans become poorer and poorer in their own land.
Freeport dumps over 238,000 tonnes of toxic waste into the local river system EVERY DAY. And pays the Indonesian military over 3 MILLION dollars every year to kill local Papuans and keep them away from the mine.
During the start of operations here, thousands of local Papuans were killed and evicted by the Indonesian military just to make way for this monstrous mine.

This only adds to the 500,000+ innocent West Papuan men, women and children who have so far been murdered by the Indonesian military, only for expressing their desire to live in a free and independent nation of West Papua.
Even for just raising the West Papuan national flag, West Papuans are given jail sentences by the Indonesian authorities of 15 years.

Indonesia - stop the theft of West Papua's natural resources and destruction of the West Papuan land!

To find out how you can help the suffering people of Wets Papua, please visit the website of the Free West Papua Campaign here: freewestpapua.org/ and here: freewestpapua.org/take-action/

Help to stop this 21st century genocide.

If you search the top arms exporters from the UK you'll find the majority are selling weapons, ordnance and machinery to the Indonesian governnment which is conducting this occupation.
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Grasport mine, US imperialism West Papua 17 Sep 2013 11:38 #2

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This to me is an extreme example of the nature of government. The indigenous people of Papua, have no representation in the Indonesian government, as such when decisions are made by that government they examine the effects of their decisions on those they know, and since the Papuans are unknown no consideration is given to them. Further down the chain when Papuans remonstrate against the decision being made over their heads they are not seen as a group which the government made the mistake of leaving out, but rather just an encumbrance that gets in the way of what the government is doing for its people. The result is that Papuans not only end up out of any decision making loop but are actively suppressed to the point of genocide.
Closer to home we can look at a very similar situation in Canada with the oil fields and indigenous populations. Or we could see the same situation with fracking, where the oil companies are close to the decision makers and we can see how distant ordinary people are now from government.
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Grasport mine, US imperialism West Papua 17 Sep 2013 13:59 #3

Kind of off topic but have you heard of Thomas Sankara jonb?

He got into government and booted out imperialist profiteers from Burkino Faso, his nations industry began to benefit the workers and inhabitants of his country, not swiss bankers or accountants, after his assassination however, a western/market friendly government took over, lead by one of Sankara's generals and began to reform the reforms Sankara had made.

The reason I bring it up is to highlight my personal opinion, that private influence over government is the problem you're talking about, whether through lobbyists, the power of the £ or $ over politicians/statesmen or the primacy economic reasoning in formation of people's ideologies/worldviews.

Ordinary people are distant from each other and themselves, so while the majority complain about fracking they also complain about pollution and our dependence on foreign imports (high prices) of gas, I think government is less conflicted I don't think you get far in Gov without Economic backing, unfortunately...

...If you don't have economic backing you need public support or mass support, and politicians know this, it's very clear in Europe where conspiracy theories and populist anti-government rhetoric are growing more prevalent.
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Grasport mine, US imperialism West Papua 18 Sep 2013 00:26 #4

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In truth my position is not that far distant in many things from a conventional view, and as such I could interact on conventional political forums. The problem is that the the people on them are trapped in conventional thinking and it seems lack the ability to look at problems from any other than one of the conventional view points.
They become tribal about their politics, dismissing argument from the other side, and insisting there own view should predominate. This in effect means nobody actually examines the presumptions of their own side. Which has the outcome that leaders of those sides are freed from any need to be responsive to their own followers.
Now when that group of leaders came to identify with each other more than they do with the people they are leading, the decisions they make will be increasingly about safeguarding their own group than it will be for any set that they do not identify with. If you want to look at this situation in evolutionary terms the leaders are no longer the brains of the body, but rather a parasitical force.
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