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TOPIC: Lockerbie: What really happened?

Lockerbie: What really happened? 16 Mar 2014 18:22 #1

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In our third and most disturbing investigation into the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103, we ask who was responsible.

In late December 1988 a terrorist bomb destroyed Pan Am Flight 103 over the Scottish town of Lockerbie and killed 270 people.

Only one man, Abdel Basset al-Megrahi, a Libyan citizen, was tried and found guilty of causing the explosion. But he protested his innocence at the time of his trial in Camp Zeist in Holland in May 2000, and continued to do so up until his death in Tripoli in May 2012.

For three years filmmakers working for Al Jazeera have been investigating the prosecution of al-Megrahi.

Two award-winning documentaries, screened on Al Jazeera in 2011 and 2012, demonstrated that the case against him was deeply flawed and argued that a serious miscarriage of justice may have taken place.

In the first episode, Lockerbie: The Pan Am bomber, we followed defence investigator George Thomson as he revealed how forensic evidence presented at al-Megrahi's trial was not only inaccurate but appears to have been deliberately tampered with.

Then in Lockerbie: Case Closed, we revealed the hitherto secret assessment of the Scottish Criminal Case Review Commission (SCCRC) - an independent public body in Scotland - which had re-examined the case in detail and had recommended that it be referred back to the courts for possible dismissal.

Crucially, our film also showed how new scientific tests comprehensively undermined the validity of the most significant piece of evidence linking the bombing to al-Megrahi and Libya - a fragment of electronic timer found embedded in the shredded remains of a shirt, supposedly bought by the convicted man in Malta.

The timer, the prosecution had claimed, was identical to ones sold to Libyan intelligence by a Swiss manufacturer. But as our investigation proved, it was not identical - a fact that must have been known to British government scientists all along.

Now, in our third and most disturbing investigation, we answer the question left hanging at the end of our last programme: if al-Megrahi was not guilty of the Lockerbie bombing, then who was?

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Lockerbie: What really happened? 17 Mar 2014 17:31 #2

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" Vietnam was the first war ever fought without any censorship. Without censorship, things can get terribly confused in the public mind "

General William Westmoreland Time magazine, Apr. 5, 1982
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Lockerbie: What really happened? 18 Mar 2014 11:27 #3

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Pan Am Flight 103 exploded over Lockerbie by estimated 3-pound plastic bomb on December 21, 1988.

Explosion followed U.S. shooting down of Iranian airliner on scheduled flight along established airways. Iran vowed to retaliate by bringing down one or more U.S. airliners, and contracted with a terrorist group based in Syria to carry out the bombing.

President George Bush (Sr.)  needed Syria's cooperation in the planned attack on Iraq, known as the Gulf War. If the Syrian-based terrorist group was charged, Syria's cooperation would be blocked. Since Libya had been a favorite target of President Reagan since Libya objected to U.S. Navy maneuvers in Libya's territorial waters, it was decided to build a case against Libya, and ignore the overwhelming evidence involving Iran and the Syrian terrorist group.
U.S. Department of Justice personnel then planted evidence it had purchased, bribed witnesses, and then charged Libya with engineering the bombing and charged two Libyans with placing the bomb on a connecting flight.

Major judicial irregularities were followed by convicting one of the two Libyans.

United Nations' representative and others seeking justice accumulated evidence of massive corruption by FBI-DOJ personnel, Scottish prosecutors, and Scottish judges,. Combined with media publicity in Great Britain (blackouts in U.S. media), Scotland was forced to authorize a second appeal and reluctantly agreed to the submission of additional evidence.
After repeated efforts to block and delay the hearing on the appeal—where the massive evidence would become known to the public that revealed the actual bombers and the massive obstruction of justice by Scottish, British and U.S. personnel, the convicted bomber, al Megrahi, was offered his release—but only if he dropped the appeal. No interest was shown in the evidence that would have publicly revealed the real bombers—and the criminal obstruction of justice by U.S., Scottish personnel.
In Europe, victims' families approve of the release of the victimized Libyan and demanded an outside investigation to identify the actual bombers. But in the United States, partly due to the endemic cover-ups and dumbing down of the people, they were outraged that a mass murderer could have been released. Little did the American people know that among their "leaders" were people whose corruption had protected the actual bombers and orchestrated the worst combination of prosecutorial, judicial corruption that had already has astronomical blowback effects.
Fabrication of evidence to divert attention from the actual bombers for several reasons as stated in Chapter 5.

Filing false charges against two Libyans that were innocent.

Crime scheme and series of criminal acts to divert attention from Syrian-based terrorists that were paid money by Iran to place the bomb on Flight 103, and divert the blame to two innocent Libyans and fabricate Libya as being behind the murders.
Threatening witnesses whose testimony would have exposed the hoax.

Paying money to provide false evidence against the accused Libya, al Megrahi.
Paying money for perjured testimony against al Megrahi.
All of the above criminal acts were under the direction of FBI personnel,apparently carrying out a scheme by White House politicians, primarily President Ronald Reagan.

Scottish police and Scottish judges, and British politicians, aided and abetted the scheme.

Massive evidence of the crimes repeatedly published in the British media, while U.S. media people and media corporations engaged in a total cover-up, protecting the criminal acts by FBI and other government personnel. The evidence was placed into appeal briefs filed in the Scottish courts. The highest Scottish court issued a decision addressing the massive fraud and the appeal was to be heard toward the end of 2009.
To prevent the appeal from progressing, and thereby keep the duped American public from learning about these matters. the falsely convicted Libyan, al Megrahi was pressure to drop the appeal so as to obtain his release, using his terminal cancer condition as the basis.
Despite the overwhelming evidence of the greatest terrorist-related fraud at that time, requiring an independent investigation in Great Britain and in the United States, politicians in both countries (and FBI-DOJ personnel) blocked any possibility of such a hearing. That protected the careers of FBI-DOJ personnel and the politicians who directed or knew of the massive conspiracy related to 270 deaths. among the evidence presented was that of a United Nations representative who exposed the joint British and U.S. hoaxes and cover-up of the actual murderers.

The tragic plight of Libyan, al Megrahi, falsely charged with the deaths of 270 people on Flight 103, while key people in the United States engaged in criminal acts and conspiracy that protected the guilty and made a Libyan to suffer he consequences. Upon his release in October 2009, U.S. politicians condemned the release of a mass murdered that they knew was innocent, and who suffered because of their criminal cover-up of the crimes. This picture of Megrahi upon his release after the FBI and U.S. politicians got through with him!  Every decent American should feel shame for what was done to him, and the conduct of their leaders!

Assisting in the perpetration of these crimes were U.S. aviation lawyers, who knew from their knowledge of the evidence available in Great Britain that under the direction of U.S. personnel, the actual murderers were protected while prosecuting an innocent Libyan−and facilitating the political desire to blame Libya as master minding the crime. If U.S. aviation lawyers−representing the families of the Flight 103 victims had revealed the truth, that the Libya and Libya were not responsible for the 270 deaths, they would have lost tens of millions of dollars in fees.

And if the U.S. families of the U.S. victims had acted to have the evidence widely available in Great Britain made known in the United States, they would have lost the $10 million paid by Libya to have the damaging financial sanctions removed. Those sanctions were part of the scheme to falsely charge Libya with being responsible for the 270 murders.
Also suffering from this hoax were the Libyan people, adversely affected by the financial sanctions imposed by U.S. politicians and the United Nations.

In Great Britain, Dr. Swire, who lost a daughter on Flight 103, aware of the evidence and the fraud perpetrated by U.S. and British government personnel, funded the legal appeal for the Libyan, al Megrahi, that was falsely charged with the murders and who spent most of the remaining part of his life in prison.
Also assisting in the perpetration of this hoax upon the American people were U.S. media people and media corporation that kept from the American people the overwhelming amount of evidence available in Great Britain.

The Libyan government announced on May 20, 2012, the death of the so-called Lockerbie bomber, Abdelbeset Ali Mohmed al Megrahi. He was 60 and died from prostate cancer. Unknown to most uninformed Americans—dumbed down by the mainstream media—they were deceived by key people in the federal government, with an endless list of enablers, into believing Megrahi was actually guilty in that catastrophic event. The facts show he was innocent.

Key Lockerbie Issues in a Nutshell—Censured in U.S.!!

involving U.S. personnel and the extension of that culture into a series of highly deadlycatastrophic events affecting the United States and its people—with no end in sight. The following is a brief highlight of the series of events that constitutes the culture in the United States today and in the future:

U.S. Navy Commander orders the shoot-down of an Iranian airliner killing 290 people, followed by July 4 rejoicing of Americans on July 4 holiday.
Iranian officials, properly outraged, vow to retaliate.
Pan Am Flight 103 is blown apart over Lockerbie. Iranian officials no longer discuss retaliation. Evidence points to Syrian-based PFLP group and Iran.
Iraq, funded and armed by Reagan-Bush administrations, and encouraged by U.S. consul, invades Kuwait.

President George H.W. Bush (Sr.) decides to attack Iraq, and needs the cooperation of Iran and Syria. FBI-DOJ-directed investigation and prosecution suddenly shifts attention to Libya for official blame for Lockerbie bombing.
FBI-DOJ personnel plant bogus evidence miles from the main crash scene in a scheme to shift blame from the actual murderers, charging Libya with orchestrating the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie. The evidence was a half-thumb-size timer fragment found in a muddy field miles from the main wreckage, months after the bombing event. (That timer fragment was obtained from a former employee of the Swiss manufacturer.)
FBI-DOJ personnel pay $3 million to a small Malta shopkeeper and his brother to testify falsely about the purchaser of children's clothes allegedly found in the suitcase allegedly containing the bomb that passed as an unaccompanied bag through five security check points.
FBI-DOJ personnel pay a discredited CIA informant to provide false testimony about the identity of two Libyans that allegedly put the bomb-carrying suitcase on a connecting flight departing Malta.

FBI-DOJ personnel offered $4 million to the owner of the company that produced the timer mechanism to provide perjured testimony—and who refused to become implicated in the scheme.
FBI-DOJ personnel falsely charged two Libyans with the murder of 270 people, while covering up for the Syrian-based group that committed the murders—under contract with Iran to avenge the U.S. Navy shooting down of an Iranian airliner that killed 290 people.

Small town Scottish police, prosecutors, and judges, under guidance by FBI-DOJ personnel, then become part of the greatest tragedy-related frauds in the world's history. The U.S.-orchestrated scheme then required the cooperation of Scottish trial and appellate judges to engage in blatant judicial corruption even worse than is prevalent in many U.S. courts.
The Libyan, al Megrahi, the immediate victim of that U.S.-directed fraud, was released from prison on condition that he drops the appeal that contained overwhelming evidence of the scheme. U.S. media continues the cover-up of the high-level criminal activities.
The corrupt culture in the FBI-DOJ continues, and enabled to occur a series of catastrophic terrorist successes, requiring the continuation of the cover-up by U.S. media personnel.

Department of Defense Document
Identifying the Actual Perpetrators

Segments in a Department of Defense document—marked secret—identified Iran and the Syria-based PFLP group as responsible fore the Lockerbie bombing. This information is kept from the American people by U.S. media and members of Congress. The last paragraph in that multi-page document states:

Mohtashemi is closely connected with the Al Abas and Abu Nidal terrorist groups. He is actually a long-time friend ofAbu Nidal. He was recently paid 10 million dollars in cash and gold to these two organizations to carry out terrorist activities and was the one who paid the same amount to bomb Pan Am Flight 103 in retaliation for the US shoot-down of the Iranian Airbus. [Underlining added.]

That Department of Defense document clearly stated that Iran and the Syrian-based Abu Nidal group (PFLP) was responsible for the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103—directly opposite of the political statements and those of Department of Justice personnel. Think for a moment of the implication of implications of the American people being lied to in this fashion, protecting the murderers of 270 people, shifting blame upon an innocent Libyan and upon a nation that suffered from U.S. sanctions, involving an endless series of criminal acts directed by FBI-DOJ personnel with the knowledge—or direction—of a president of the United States, and joined by an endless number of groups profiting from the scheme and conspiracy!

Further, the lies, the criminal acts, the scheme, being supported by whole groups of people, some profiting by aiding and abetting one of the biggest hoaxes played on the people of an entire nation. Then, do a little more reading to understand how this deception and culture enabled to occur a series of even worst terrorist attacks and where they led to, including two wars that would not otherwise have occurred. And this is only one of multiple areas in which the sheep-like American public has been defrauded during the last half century!

Critical Evidence Withheld From American Public
Despite the gravity of the corruption and high-level personnel involved in this great air disaster, and the catastrophic ripple effects from that corrupt culture, the American public, among the main victims of the blowback effects, were kept uninformed, or deceived.More information and evidence on the Lockerbie crimes are available for those that want the facts.

Petition to Open an International Investigation for the Truth

Suggest signing the petition to force an investigationinto the Lockerbie bombing, by Dr Swire, the father of a British victim in the Lockerbie disaster.

If that fails to force Scotland to conduct a meaningful investigation, an investigation by an independent group, and possibly the United Nations, will be necessary due to the resistance by Scottish officials to have the world discover the role of key Scottish officials in this sordid matter that led to even worse disasters.

Sampling of Evidence Contradicting U.S. Charges

Massive amounts of evidence are available to those who will make the effort, and include the links shown at this site, including for instance the following:

United Nations Security Council reports by its representative at the Lockerbie trial, Professor Hans Koechler.

Hundreds of British media investigative articles.
In search engine, for instance, use search words such as the following: "Lockerbie crash," "Hans Koechler," "International Progress Organization," United Nations Representative." 

United Nations Reports Showing Massive  Errors in The
Lockerbie Investigation and Prosecution

The following are some of his reports, which also refers to evidence from other sources, including witnesses that were paid to give perjured testimony, a witness that provided a timer that was then planted by FBI or CIA agents, and much more.

Probably never in any judicial proceeding, or terrorist trial, has there been such a great amount of blatant corruption—and evidence showing the corruption—engineered by the United States through corrupt personnel in the U.S. Department of justice, with the knowledge of presidents, members ofCongress, and media people

Lockerbie Observer Mission of Dr. Hans Koechler. Home page of United Nations concerning the Lockerbie trial. 

Statement by United Nations international observer on the conduct of the trial, Feb 3,2001. United Nations February 3, 2001 report on trial irregularities.  UN Observer's appeal report, March 26, 2002.

Report by UN international observer, March 26, 2002, revealing a literal conspiracy by Scottish judges and prosecutors, and U.S. Department of Justice personnel.

Note concerning the status of Prof. Hans Koechler as international observer at the Lockerbie trial UN report on trial irregularities. August 23, 2003. United Nations blast FBI forensic credibility. October 14, 2005.

UN statement to European media, October 14, 2005 onmassive fraud during Lockerbie investigation, prosecution, and trial before both levels of Scottish courts. June 29, 2007. Prof. Koechler's statement and criticism about SCRRC long delay in referring appeal to the high courts, and withholding information.

Statement by the United Nations international observer to the Lockerbie trial, and his reference to serious misconduct, including reference to the political and intelligence segment of the United States. June 29, 2007, relating to the upcoming second appeal.(Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission to the High Court of Justiciary.) UN Observer's statement on sworn affidavit by Lumpert, the former employee of Mebo Corporation, that unlawfully took a timer fragment and sold it to an FBI agent, which was then planted as newly discovered evidence, and who then provided perjured testimony during the trial. Statement by UN observer about evidence of perjury relating to timer fragment allegedly found by FBI agents. February 25, 2008, and any chance of honesty by the appeal judges was not possible. UN report on British judicial block. June 23, 2008. UN report on overwhelming obstruction of justice. August 10, 2009. UN statement on release of al Megrahi--the U.S.-branded murderer of 270 people. August 21, 2009.

Sampling of the many media sources providing information on this matter that mainstream U.S. media withholds from the American public.

Hundreds of articles in the British and Scottish media—while U.S. media had a tight censor on the information.
Check another file on related evidence.

Planted Bogus "Evidence" Provided by FBI-DOJ Personnel
For Charging Libya and two Libyans with 270 Murders

Half-thumbnail-size timer fragment found by FBI agents miles from the main wreckage months after the bombing and months of heavy rain. That was the sole evidence used to charge Libya with orchestrating the 270 murders.

Former employee of the timer mechanism provided sworn affidavit that he gave that piece of fabricated timer to FBI agents prior to its sudden "discovery" and planting among the wreckage.
The owner of the manufacturing company gave sworn affidavit that the timer evidence produced at trial was not the same as that sold to Libya.
The sole "evidence" used to show that the two Libyans charged with placing the suitcase with the bomb on a connecting flight was a discredited CIA-informant, whose testimony the judges themselves said was not creditable at best, or worse, lying.
That witness was paid over $1 million for his testimony, and then flown to the United States where he was placed in the witness protection program with a guaranteed income.
Further, there was no evidence produced showing that the unaccompanied suitcase was placed on a connecting flight departing Malta, and the evidence showed that there were nounaccompanied suitcase.
Further, for the FBI-DOJ scenario to be valid, that unaccompanied suitcase would have had to pass undetected through departing security at Malta; pass undetected through arriving and then departing security on another airliner at Frankfurt, and then have to pass undetected through arriving security and departing security at London's Heathrow Airport.
The last "evidence" used by FBI-DOJ personnel was to produce a small Malta clothing merchant to testify that he sold children's clothes allegedly found in the bomb-containing suitcase; that had miraculously passed through numerous security checks; that survived the heat and blast from the most powerful bomb even used to down an airliner; and who had the uncanny memory to remember one item of thousands of clothes that he sold years earlier to a particular buyer; and to recognized what surely was charred fragments.  During 23 interviews, his description of the buyer varied all over the map. However, upon seeing a picture of one of the Libyans on a magazine cover, and upon being offered $2 million for his testimony, he was able to testify that the Libyan selected to be the FBI's scapegoat resembled the person. And to insure that the $2 million was sufficient, FBI personnel paid $1million to his brother. American justice in action!!
Cost to Libya resulting from shifting of the murder charges from actual murderers to Libya reached billions of dollars due to sanctions, causing Libya to be blackmailed into paying $2.3 billion to American families of Lockerbie victims. The U.S. scheme almost brought to power radical Muslims that would have constituted a threat to the United States.

Much of this information has been accumulated, and combined with other insider information, in books written by former federal agent Rodney Stich, that combines the Lockerbie frauds with other frauds:
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Lockerbie: What really happened? 18 Mar 2014 12:04 #4

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That's long but worth the read
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Lockerbie: What really happened? 30 Nov 2018 19:54 #5

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I don't know who was responsible for the Lockerbie bomb, but I know there has been a cover-up.

More details will follow.

Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, who was convicted of the crime was an innocent man.

Today in the news:

Lockerbie families: we were spied on by the state

Classified files reveal fears over campaigning.

"Relatives of the Lockerbie bomb victims said yesterday that they have been repeatedly bugged by the security services as it emerged that secret government documents suggested the families needed “careful watching”.

Previously classified government files, seen by The Times, reveal that Margaret Thatcher, when she was prime minister, had been warned that the families were becoming increasingly organised and it was suggested to her that they be put under observation."
“The simple step of a courageous individual is not to take part in the lie." Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn
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Lockerbie: What really happened? 30 Nov 2018 20:01 #6

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This 5 part series about "Lockerbie" is a great analysis of all the points of this staged "plane bombing". Good work, Vexman!
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Lockerbie: What really happened? 25 Feb 2019 16:26 #7

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There are only a few sources on the internet on the Lockerbie bombing in which 270 people died that was blamed on Libya. I’m not totally convinced that drugs was the motive, but I do believe that there was a cover-up.

The “Scottish trial” was held at Camp Zeist in the Netherlands (home of corruption and cover-ups). Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi was sentenced to life in prison for the Lockerbie bombing.
Megrahi's appeal against his conviction was refused in March 2002 by 5 Scottish judges (again) at Camp Zeist.

Ulrich Lumpert, the Mebo AG engineer who testified on a key piece of evidence, admitted to lying in court and stealing the evidence from his employer.

Several legal experts as well as the UN observer at the Lockerbie trial have challenged the verdict that convicted Megrahi.
At the beginning of 2003, Nelson Mandela asked for the intervention of the Western Christian churches in what he described as "a clear miscarriage of justice".

In June 2007, Megrahi was granted permission to appeal against his life sentence for a second time.
On 10 August 2009, doctors reported that Megrahi had terminal cancer. Megrahi abandoned his second appeal in August 2009 after making a deal.

On 20 August 2009, Megrahi, who had served over 8½ years in prison, was pardoned on “compassionate grounds” and moved to Libya (so he was never found innocent).
Megrahi died on 20 May 2012, 2 years and 9 months after his release:

Shortly before take-off, FBI Assistant Director Oliver "Buck" Revell rushed out to the tarmac and pulled his son and daughter-in-law off the plane that would later crash. Revell had a relationship with Lt. Colonel Oliver North.

On 21 December 1988, a BKA surveillance agent watching the Pan Am flight's loading noticed that the "drug" suitcase was different from that used for all previous drug shipments. This one was a brown Samsonite case.
About an hour before takeoff he phoned in a report, saying something was wrong.

Tundergarth farmer Jim Wilson told relatives of Pan Am victims that he was present "when the drugs were found". He informed local police, who notified the Americans.

A member of a mountain rescue team recalled:
We arrived within two hours [of the crash]. We found Americans already there.
Tom Dalyell, a British MP, said:
Absolutely swarms of Americans [were] fiddling with the bodies.
The crash site was quickly bulldozed, destroying crucial forensic evidence, with an Army official maintaining a watchful eye at all times:
(archived here:

It was no other “special” cover-up artist Robert Mueller who supervised the Lockerbie Bombing “investigation” in 1988; according to Aangirfan, to cover-up a drug scandal:

In 1987, investigations into Iran-Contra found that al-Kassar was paid 1.5 million pounds by someone in the US government for arms to the Nicaraguan Contras.

In 1992, al-Kassar sold millions of dollars worth of arms to Croatia, Bosnia and Somalia, violating UN embargoes against these countries.

Was the bombing to protect the heroin and arms trafficking by intelligence asset Monzer al Kassar, an associate of Oliver North and Richard Secord?

On board Pan Am 103, on 21 December 1988, were Major Charles McKee, of the the US Defence Intelligence Agency in Beirut, and Matthew Gannon, CIA Deputy Station Chief in Beirut.
It has been reported that McKee and his team discovered evidence that the “rogue” CIA unit COREA, was involved in drugs with Monzar Al-Kassar:

According to former Scotland's Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill, there is indication that the CIA did the Lockerbie bombing.
MacAskill admits that “Megrahi was not the bomber”:

The Scottish cops investigating the 1988 bombing knew that US intelligence had offered $2 million (£1m) to the Crown's key witness (and his brother) in the Lockerbie trial - Tony Gauci. It still has not been disclosed whether the brothers accepted any money.
This should have been relayed to the defence attorneys before the trial of Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al Megrahi, the Libyan serving 27 years for the bombing.

Another document, probably from the CIA, contains classified information about the MST13 timer which allegedly detonated the bomb. In 2007, in the appeal court, the Crown was still refusing to hand the material over to the defence (for national security reasons).

On 1 June 2000, the US government made a secret deal with a senior member of the Crown Office, Norman McFadyen, to not disclose certain information.
It looks like the right to a fair trial, of Megrahi, was breached.

Jim Swire, whose daughter Flora died in the tragedy, said:
It is shocking to me that if after 19 years of trying to get to the truth about who murdered my daughter, national security is being used as an excuse.
(original version was deleted for some reason):
Donald Trump is very cozy with the Rothschild crime syndicate:
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