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TOPIC: Heart of a dog

Heart of a dog 19 Sep 2014 22:30 #1

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I would like to bring attention to this book, most english readers likely never heard about.

Heart of a dog(pdf)

I consider it an essential reading, written by Mikhail Bulgakov in 1925.
It is a bitter satire about the Soviet society, and their attempt to create a new type of human, the homo sovieticus.

For a short summary, wikipedia is sufficient here.
It's generally interpreted as an allegory of the Communist revolution and "the revolution's misguided attempt to radically transform mankind."[2] Its publication was initially prohibited in the Soviet Union but circulated in samizdat until it was officially released in the country in 1987. It is "one of novelist Mikhail Bulgakov's most beloved stories" featuring a stray dog "named Sharik who takes human form" as a slovenly and narcissistic incarnation of the New Soviet Man.[3] The novel has become a cultural phenomenon in Russia, known and discussed by people "from schoolchildren to politicians."

The book was rejected for publication in 1925, due in part to the influence of Lev Kamenev, then a leading Party official. Bulgakov subsequently wrote a play based on the story in 1926 for the Moscow Art Theater. However, the play was cancelled after the manuscript and copies were confiscated by the secret police, or OGPU. Eventually, Maxim Gorky intervened to get the manuscript returned.[1]

The story has similarities with Dr. Faustus, Frankenstein, and The Island of Dr. Moreau. It was published in the Soviet Union only in 1987, more than 60 years after its completion, but was made known to Russian readers via samizdat. In 1968, it was published in English by Harvill Press, translated by Michael Glenny. More recently, it has been reprinted by Grove Press in paperback; ISBN 0-8021-5059-4.

The real life prototype for Professor Preobrazhensky was possibly Russo-French surgeon Serge Voronoff who was famous for his experiments on implanting humans with animal's testicles and thyroid glands, though there were others who did similar work

In the end, the dog just wants to become a dog again.
Bearing a search warrant, they demand that the Professor and Bormenthal produce Sharikov on pain of immediate arrest. Unintimidated, the Professor orders Bormenthal to summon Sharikov, who is changing back into a dog. The Professor explains the change as a natural phenomenon, although it is obvious to the reader that he and Bormenthal have simply reversed the operation. Followed by the now apoplectic Schwonder, the police depart.

In the aftermath, the fully canine Sharik blissfully resumes his status as a gentleman's dog. However, he is soon terrified to see the Professor bringing home a human brain and removing the pituitary gland...

Serge (Samuel) Voronoff was born in Subbotnik to a Jewish family in a village close to Voronezh in Russia shortly before July 10, 1866, the date of his circumcision in a synagogue. He emigrated to France at the age of 18, where he studied medicine. In 1895 at the age of 29, Voronoff became a naturalized French citizen. Voronoff was a student of French surgeon, biologist, eugenicist, and Nobel Prize recipient Alexis Carrel, from whom he learnt surgical techniques of transplantation. Between 1896 and 1910, he worked in Egypt, studying the retarding effects that castration had on eunuchs, observations that would lead to his later work on rejuvenation.

In 1917, Voronoff began being funded by Evelyn Bostwick, a wealthy American socialite and the daughter of Jabez Bostwick.[4] The money allowed him to begin transplantation experiments on animals. Bostwick, also acting as his laboratory assistant at the Collège de France in Paris, and consequently became the first woman admitted to that institution.[5] They married in 1920.
The Bostwicks are descendants of Robert De Brostick, born in 1522 in England.

A branch of the New York Bostwick family rose to prominence when Jabez Abel Bostwick made a fortune in business and was a founding partner and first Treasurer of the Standard Oil Company.
The Bostwick Family Mausoleum in Woodlawn Cemetery

Jabez Bostwick and his wife Helen had two daughters, Nellie and Fannie, and a son, Albert Carlton Bostwick (1876–1911). Nellie Bostwick married Francis Lee Morrell, a member of the New York Stock Exchange. Their youngest daughter, Fannie, first married Capt. Albert Carstairs of the Royal Irish Rifles and made her home in London, England. Their daughter, Betty Carstairs, was well known in the 1920s as a powerboat racer and for her eccentric lifestyle.
The resident shill announced
blue_tackler wrote:
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yet he is trolling further. :facepalm:

blue_tackler wrote:
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Prime example of holocaustianity mental issues, clinically insane, and utterly ill informed, a danger to public health if this dude was working for CDC.
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