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TOPIC: The evil of Islam and destruction of Europe

The evil of Islam and destruction of Europe 16 Sep 2015 22:28 #1

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Muslim radicalism is rife in countries across Europe, with violence and intimidation against indigenous populations along with a rape epidemic growing daily perpetrated largely by Muslims. It's a wave of hatred and anger rolling across Europe. One need only look at the banners and placards Muslim protesters bear inciting death to non-Muslims and words to the effect that Europe will pay, infidels will burn, and praising the idea of beheading all opposers. Parts of the Quran are against Muslims integrating with non-believers, meaning that as a believer they should not learn from others because they themselves are the ones who rule and must decide what is good and bad. They are to obey only Islam.

Immigration is not Westernising those who settle in Europe because Muslims are not of a mind to integrate. The openly stated aims of rioters and protesters is to turn Europe into a Muslim state and to impose Sharia law (already present in London). When political Muslim representatives become electable they will carry the votes of a Muslim majority in areas where they have settled. Original populations will become minorities in their own countries. Muslims reject Western values and yet are being welcomed into Western countries. Muslims will not assimilate but create their own enclaves and eventually outgrow native populations.

In the UK, enactments appear to serve and protect immigrants. In the Public Order Act 1986 it became an offence to use threatening, abusive language or behaviour likely to incite racial hatred, or to display, publish or distribute written material with such an intent. The act was amended by the Racial and Religious Hatred Act 2006 which meant it also became an offence to stir up hatred against people on religious grounds. However, there are numerous examples (see YouTube) where UK Muslims are demonstrating with hateful slogans and chants clearly likely to stir up racial hatred and yet nothing is done, i.e. they are not arrested but able to carry on with impunity. The police do absolutely nothing. But find a white person demonstrating against immigration and they will be targeted pretty damn quickly. What is going on here? It is as if there is some underhand agenda with one rule for white British and another for extremist Muslims. A Muslim can hold an anti-British placard and yell 'whites burn in hell' but if a British person shouted the same against blacks or Muslims an arrest would immediately follow. Why? Because any arrested Muslim/s would accuse the police of racism and being denied free speech. Try and find footage of provocative, hate-filled Muslim protesters being arrested under either of the above Acts.

The rich, cultural heritage of Europe is being eroded. Say what you like about the mix of Indo-Europeans that inhabited and fought over these lands but the fact remains that European countries do have an identity and an individual culture. Traditional lands where artists, composers, industrialists and engineers once lived to forge an identity are going to be lain waste by Islam, and history shows that Muslim states are barbaric in nature and incapable of sustaining a peaceful way of life. I'll go further: Europe is importing a savage infestation of vitriol and hatred that will ultimately lead to its destruction, i.e. terrorist attacks by a plethora of radicalised religious splinter groups, urban street fighting that will make war zones of many cities, mob rule and law marked by barbarism and bloody intolerance, and an overall disregard for any dignity, respect or the value of life itself.

There are numerous branches of Islam, and some like the Sunnis and Shiites are sworn enemies. An overspill of their ongoing murderous conflict will permeate swathes of Europe in years to come, and even in these two branches of their so-called religion there are divisions. While there may be a great many Muslims who wish to live in peace there are numerous radicals who overtly oppose the West and are solely intent on its downfall. These people, who number thousands spilling into Europe daily, are incapable of living peaceably among themselves and certainly won't do so in the lands they've effectively invaded and openly despise.

The very idea of harmonic multiculturalism is woefully naive and will never work while there are colossal ethnic and cultural divisions. People in essence prefer to reside among their own kind - people who share similar customs and ways. There is nothing racist about wanting to live amongst one's own. And now we have the recently coined term 'white flight' bearing evidence of people leaving their home towns and cities because, in some cases, they are strangers and/or a minority in their own land..

I've always believed the kind of world mankind has forged needs a complete overhaul but I'm realistic enoughto know that will never happen while the system we endure prevails. Notice how European countries are giving Islam concessions – polygamy for Muslims, legalised rape, paedophile marriages, stonings, beheadings, and a woman having only half the worth of a man. THIS is what Muslims live by. It's barbaric and brutal, and yet Europe is giving it license. Then again, you might say if that's how they want to carry on then let them do so. Morals aside, well okay but have them live out their atrocious medieval lifestyle in their own countries. Now that the West has imported and accepted depraved Muslim notions of how a society should live is it any wonder that the savage elements (of which there are many) feel they have carte blanche to do as they please? Look at France, look at Sweden. The latter is now the rape capital of Europe and it is PROVEN to be a direct result of a huge influx of Muslims, and these evil men responsible are unprincipled and many detest everything the West stands for. They are laughing in the face of authority.

Islam, like other cults and religions, exercises misplaced faith over reason. Besaides it isn't a religion in my view - it's an evil cult practising all the depraved things I mentioned earlier. But one thing that really offends me even more is the tolerance we are told we owe them when the rioting hordes have zero respect for us. Countries they flood into have to be tolerant of them while their 'religion' is founded upon non-tolerance of 'infidels' and non-believers. ISIS threatened to send half a million migrants into Europe. That's a pittance compared to what is already here and what is coming. It's also a Trojan horse.

Do not make the mistake in thinking this is a racist rant. It isn't about race, it's a focus on an ideology founded on barbarism, inequality, intolerance, child rape, mutilation, and violence against anyone who dares oppose the regime. Sadly though, this stain on the world seems permanent.
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The evil of Islam and destruction of Europe 16 Sep 2015 22:38 #2

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I couldn't read through your whole wall of text. But I agreed with what I did read. And it is most likely that I would have agreed with the rest. But in speaking of such things, with me, is like preaching to the chior. All of human history involves zillions of examples of one group taking what another group has. Whai is going on in Europe, or what is going on at the U.S.-Mexico border is just the same old shit through different means. Examples of it can be found in my thread "Jewish Warfare." Also, have you ever seen the documentary, "Islam: What the West needs to know."
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