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TOPIC: All Things Canada

All Things Canada 10 Mar 2019 11:06 #281

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“Fleurons,” or “jewels,” is the proud nickname that’s been given to the big, Quebec-based companies collectively known as Québec Inc. You may have heard of one of them: the engineering and construction giant SNC-Lavalin.

Recently, La Presse reported court testimony and evidence that in 2008, SNC lavished $2 million on entertaining the playboy son of the late Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi on a cross-Canada travelling orgy of hookers, strippers and porn.

Among the expenses was $7,500 for a single session with escorts. Further details of what Saadi Gadhafi got for SNC’s $7,500 are not available.

We do know what SNC got: a contract to build a $275-million prison for the Gadhafi regime.

The former justice minister said she was pressured over a four-month period last year by senior government officials, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, to allow SNC to negotiate an agreement with the prosecution to avoid trial on fraud and corruption charges. (The charges arise from the company’s activities in — surprise — Libya).

Conviction on the charges could disqualify the company from bidding on future federal contracts for 10 years, possibly jeopardizing some of SNC’s 9,000 jobs in Canada, 3,400 of them in Quebec.

The agreement would allow the company to pay a fine and meet other conditions instead.

In the poll, Quebec was the only region where respondents preferred a negotiated settlement. Across the country, more than 50 per cent favoured a criminal trial.

This case is based on the supposed threat to SNC’s head office in Montreal and its 9,000 Canadian jobs represented by a criminal conviction.

That threat may have been exaggerated. A loan agreement between SNC and the provincial government’s pension fund manager, the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec, requires the company to keep its head office in Montreal until at least 2024.

SNC won’t say how much its federal contracts are worth. But its latest annual report shows that its dependency on the whole Canadian market has declined to only 31 per cent of its revenue in 2017.

And one financial analyst, Benoit Poirier of Desjardins Capital Markets, told the Globe and Mail he estimates that federal work represents no more than half of the Canadian total.

What’s more, the Trudeau government apparently has a backup plan to help SNC if it’s convicted, by reducing the period during which it would be disqualified from bidding on federal contracts.

But there’s another reason SNC might want to avoid a trial.

A La Presse financial columnist, Francis Vailles, speculated recently that Wilson-Raybould might have wanted the SNC case to go to trial to educate the Canadian public about corruption.

Quebec’s tarnished jewel, however, might not want any more publicity from testimony and evidence in open court, like the story about the $7,500 SNC Special.
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All Things Canada 19 Mar 2019 19:40 #282

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The Ethnic Cleansing of White Canadians

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All Things Canada 20 Mar 2019 04:00 #283

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Flare wrote:
The Ethnic Cleansing of White Canadians

Rather than lay down and die the population should conspire to assassinate Justin 'the effeminate poof' Trudeau.
And bikerdruid for good measure.
liberabo te ab inferno
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All Things Canada 22 Mar 2019 15:47 #284

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Some interesting tidbits on British colony Canada...

At the following link is all the evidence you need to know that Canada is part of the dictatorship of Queen Elizabeth II.
It’s the Governor General (chosen by the Queen) that has exeuctive power; laws only come into effect if they are “assented” by the Queen. The House of Commons of Canada (1 for each of the 4 provinces) is democratically elected, but can only reject proposed bills. The Governor General summons qualified Senators.
Also interesting is that only since 1949 Canada has its own Supreme Court (before that the English Courts ruled supreme over Canada):

You only have to understand words like “constitutional convention”, to know who calls the shots. According to the state propaganda, controlled by the Queen, the fact that the Queen has “executive power”, doesn’t mean that it’s a dictatorship. Of course we all know from history that dictators won’t abuse their power?!
Canada was created by an act of the Parliament of Great Britain called the British North America Act, 1867 (the Constitution Act, 1867). This has never been repealed, so – by law – Canada is a colony of Great Britain, you can read it here (including the Constitution Act, 1982):

The following articles are from the Canada CONSTITUTION ACT, 1867.
24. The Governor General shall from Time to Time, in the Queen’s Name, by Instrument under the Great Seal of Canada, summon qualified Persons to the Senate; and, subject to the Provisions of this Act, every Person so summoned shall become and be a Member of the Senate and a Senator.

54. It shall not be lawful for the House of Commons to adopt or pass any Vote, Resolution, Address, or Bill for the Appropriation of any Part of the Public Revenue, or of any Tax or Impost, to any Purpose that has not been first recommended to that House by Message of the Governor General in the Session in which such Vote, Resolution, Address, or Bill is proposed.

55. Where a Bill passed by the Houses of the Parliament is presented to the Governor General for the Queen’s Assent, he shall declare, according to his Discretion, but subject to the Provisions of this Act and to Her Majesty’s Instructions, either that he assents thereto in the Queen’s Name, or that he withholds the Queen’s Assent, or that he reserves the Bill for the Signification of the Queen’s Pleasure.

To me it looks more like there are plans to use Canada to effectively take back the USA as a British colony.
There are plans to swell Canada from 35 million to 100 million by importing migrants:

The genocide on Native American children in Catholic residential schools in Canada from the end of the nineteenth century on is well-documented. It is estimated that some 50,000 children were killed, while also a lot of potential mothers were sterilised. The Canadian government together with the Catholic Church has been trying to exterminate all Native Americans (for a final solution).
On 12 April 1910 D.C. Scott declared:
It is readily acknowledged that Indian children lose their natural resistance to illness by habitating so closely in these schools, and that they die at a much higher rate than in their villages. But this alone does not justify a change in the policy of this Department, which is geared towards the final solution of our Indian Problem.
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All Things Canada 22 Mar 2019 16:11 #285

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Firestarter wrote:
Warning: Spoiler! [ Click to expand ]
Are you Anti-White?
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