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TOPIC: What is Fascism? An Ideology explained

What is Fascism? An Ideology explained 16 Feb 2019 22:10 #81

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Truth Will Out Radio: The Church Behind Fascism II

Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise continue their look at the hidden role of the Catholic church in Fascism by concentrating on Leon Degrelle and his Rexist party.

The Vatican agreed with the Fascist states that fascist methods must be used for political action, that the popular Catholic parties had become corrupted and that the lower clergy should be distrusted for their promotion of liberty and other masonic ideas. The church also created it’s own anti-Communist movement called ‘Catholic Action’ which was dedicated to destroying Liberalism and restoring the natural hierarchy of being. This movement predated Fascism, but agreed with it on all the main points.

Leon Degrelle became the chief proponent of it and the name of the Rexist Party came from the Catholic Action battle cry ‘Christus Rex’. They declared that they would now take on the challenge of defending Catholic interests and Ecclesiastical matters, leaving the state free to concentrate on all political matters.

Degrelle succeeded on getting a concordat signed between Belgium and the Vatican and removed the progressive priests, following the same pattern established by Germany and Fascist Italy before them.

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