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TOPIC: Manus/Nauru Island Detention Camps

Manus/Nauru Island Detention Camps 05 Nov 2016 13:40 #41

  • Orangeaid
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December 11, 2012 marks the 7th anniversary of when over 5000 Cronulla locals finally fought back against years of Islamic violence, rape and savagery.

Islam Monitor Leftwing journalists wrote sob stories about how badly Australians were allegedly treating Muslims. Yet Lebanese Muslim goons have been terrorizing locals for years without a peep from these leftwing bigots who call themselves journalists.

‘Report’ after ‘report’ on the Cronulla riots stressed Australian racists as being the problem. When it came to fingering Lebanese Muslim thugs the same journalists omitted the thuggery and described this scum as “being of Middle Eastern appearance. This lie was a shabby attempt to reinforce their despicable view that Australians are basically racist.

Let us take a quick look at what this despicable bunch of ideologically motivated hacks deliberately ignored. Three lifesavers objected to Lebanese Muslims bullying a group of women because of their bathing costumes These Muslim thugs attacked the greatly outnumbered lifesavers and badly beat them, rendering one of them unconscious.

It was this vicious incident of Lebanese Muslim thuggery that sparked the riots that these mendacious journalists are blaming on Australians.

If the riots were racially inspired, how come only Lebanese Muslim thugs were targeted? Why were there no Indians, Chinese, Vietnamese, Cambodians, Ceylonese, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jews, etc., involved? Also ignored by our media guardians is the interesting fact that the Lebanese have been immigrating to Australia for more than 100 years without any kind of reaction from native Australians. Additionally, how do they explain Lebanese Catholic churches being targeted by Muslims?

Nearly all of the former immigrants were Maronites while the Lebanese scum that started the riots are Muslims who came here in the 1970s.

“Middle Eastern” is the multiculturalist’s code phrase for Muslim. So what we have here is Muslim hatred of Australia. Nevertheless, despite massive evidence to the contrary our leftwing media still insists on lying to the public. It’s true that some racists attached themselves to the mob. But to use their opportunism to smear fellow Australians as “neo-Nazis” is, unfortunately, par for the course for our agitprop journos.
It is time to recognise the extremist religious canker in our midst and cut it out –– even if it means revoking these thugs’ citizenship and deporting them to Lebanon where, I have no doubt, they would be welcomed with open arms by Islamo-fascist terrorist groups.
Even FOX News blamed the Aussies, not the Muslims
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Manus/Nauru Island Detention Camps 05 Nov 2016 14:20 #42

  • Frothy
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Orangeaid wrote:
You think Jewish twat, it is a MILITARY operation run by the DEPARTMENT OF DEFENCE ... with Department of Immigration.

As it's a MILITARY operation the shit stirring leftist Jew media has no access. And they hate it so they do what you do do well ... whine :facepalm:

A ''military operation'' with asylum seekers being policed by G4s :iitm:
The contract for services on Manus Island between G4S and the Commonwealth of Australia, released under an FOI request and published online by New Matilda, shows it was largely specified as a collection of cleaning, gardening and security services wrapped up with plenty of rhetoric on collaboration, “transferee” health, wellbeing and dignity, with much detail to be worked out later (e.g. performance frameworks).....

Not your average contract

In theory at least, the power of a contract comes from the ability of the purchaser, in this case government, to enforce standards, sue for breach, extract damages, and punish contractors who fail to deliver.

In practice though, just how willing are governments to actually do this, and do they have the necessary resources and skills to follow through?

When we combine the power of the contract with intense competition in provider markets, governments should be big winners with lower prices and higher quality. In reality, the situation is much more complicated with profound challenges in specifying services, either an unwillingness or inability of purchasers to wield a big stick, and highly contorted supplier markets in some areas. As Bernstein argued in his piece, it’s remarkably rare for firms in the “market for justice” to lose their contracts.

In our work we have found that the most complex and potentially risky areas of outsourcing are inevitably in situations where the government hands over its monopoly on legal force to external parties or involves them in sensitive areas, points stressed in the US Commission on Wartime Contracting report.

There are three different types of benefits and costs for government to weigh up when making a decision to outsource.

The first is value for money - difficult to analyse in the Manus Island case given the mixed messages that came out of Senate Estimates about synergies, streamlining and efficiencies on the one hand, but the suggestion of higher costs of processing offshore compared to onshore (page 88). The second is relationships. In the case of Manus Island this is muddied by the political relationships between the Australian and PNG governments that are bundled in with the broader service delivery story.

Then there are the strategic costs and benefits - reputation effects, loss of core competencies, and the inability to control the situation. Even if we knew that there were value for money and relational benefits in the case of Manus Island (and we don’t), the strategic costs accruing to the Australian government in this case are profound politically, ethically and morally.

Creating multi-billion dollar contracts with large multinational firms for the handling of asylum seekers is not only strategically risky for government, it has surely pushed us over the edge of our tolerance for outsourcing.

You derailed nutter.
Once a hyena always a hyena.
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Manus/Nauru Island Detention Camps 05 Nov 2016 23:00 #43

  • Orangeaid
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It's called outsourcing.

The department of defence sign a contract with them.


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You may as well have got the Frankfurt School to write that article :hahano:
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