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TOPIC: Flight or Fight? Some suggestions plus a question.

Flight or Fight? Some suggestions plus a question. 05 Nov 2016 13:48 #1

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Flight or Fight?
Your choice.
Moving into the woods to become an off-grid wooden spoon whittler might suit some people.
For a while at least albeit winters can be tough round these parts.
Running away to warmer climes is also touted as an option as well, by some.
IMO why become a 'foreigner' when you could make 'home' better?
Nobody is ever as smart in a second language.
Most of us on here choose to live in homes that would seem totally luxurious to many people in the world. Having potable water on tap is little short of a miracle to some, plus we have media that we enjoy engaging with ( online at least, lots more usually), central heating, lockable doors and windows. We take those all for granted and nobody much wants to give them up.
Withdrawing from engagement with politics and not voting is a bit like off-grid spoon whittling. It simply hands over control to the status-quo for 'business as usual'. No change.
Some posters here on TZ and similar fora have too simple a view of right and wrong. Most politics isn't like that. Most politics is about balancing two things that might be right but can't be done at the same time. Politics is also about minimising wrongs that cannot be fully prevented.
At a local level politics is about people in communities engaging together to effect change where they live and it works.
Positive change can and does happen politically when good people work together to effect it.
Why curse the darkness when you can light a candle?
Agreed 'old fashioned' party-politicking is useless but ANYBODY can canvass a platform as an Independent in any election and seek support.
If enough people like what you have to say they will vote for you and you immediately have a body of support towards bringing in those changes that you want.
Moaning about "how useless" it might be to even try is just that... useless moaning.
It is those who 'saddle up and show up' who make a difference.
Do you agree?
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Flight or Fight? Some suggestions plus a question. 06 Nov 2016 11:23 #2

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G'day GMP.

Governments are registered companies. Voting for anyone is simply giving consent to the corporation to own you.

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You cannot reason someone out of a position that they didn't reason themselves into.

When paired opposites define your beliefs, your beliefs will imprison you.
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