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TOPIC: The impossibility of Anarchism

The impossibility of Anarchism 01 Dec 2016 23:41 #1

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1. Humanity prevents it from ever being so Anarchy, in the most literal sense of the definition, simply means a system with no rulers. Even this is, at its base, completely impossible for any extended period of time. The nature of human beings is such that our brains impose order on any system which we are presented with. Its a hard wired part of what makes a human being tick (for evidence of this, look into how your brain processes visual information). It happens to be why people often find coincidences everywhere and see the face of Jesus in toast. Its just how we are formed. That being the case, even in small social situations people will inevitably divide into those leading and those following. Some people will always rise to the top of any group, while others will always lack the confidence to make decisions on their own. The minute there is a hierarchical structure, anarchy ceases to exist and human being will always impose a hierarchical structure on any group.

2. Anarchy Is Impossible. Anarchy-No state, no monopoly on the use of force over a given area is simply impossible. Even if you just have a bunch of random groups of people in an area who want to defend themselves to avoid civil war they will have to make agreements with each other and these agreements constitute a government and the framework of organization that puts this into place is the state.
And if nobody is getting along, then still people occupy space, so if you are holding the law to be X you are holding it to be X for some area even if it's just your lawn and that becomes a "state" at least until a bigger stronger group comes along to enforce its laws.

3. Not if we want a civilization. Anarchy is not a viable alternative to the state; it is what exists when a state breaks down. It was the condition that people lived in before civilized society developed. People can disagree on how strong the state should be, and what its responsibilities should be, but there must always be something, in order to ensure that people can live in peace.

4. Anarchy is Not a viable Alternative to the State Anarchy would break down society. Government maintains order and allows us to be progressive and advanced. Without a moderator it would be a wild west mentality, where every man was for himself. There would be no authority to determine what is heinous. Murder wouldn't be punished. Anarchy is extremely dangerous and ineffective.
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