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TOPIC: Murder on the Tracks, the Story of Kevin Ives & Don Henry

Murder on the Tracks, the Story of Kevin Ives & Don Henry 21 Feb 2018 08:55 #1

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Former WWF Star Billy Jack Haynes says he was present at their Aug. 23, 1987 murders in Alexander, Arkansas, at the behest of a "criminal politician," in company with three local enforcement officers, two local attorneys, politicos and a bar owner.

He admits trafficking cocaine he got from murdered CIA drugs pilot Barry Seal and says Seal introduced him to a politician drug dealer from Arkansas who in 1984 asked him to kill David Kennedy son and nephew of Senator Robert and President John Kennedy, the "politician drug dealer from Arkansas" at 4:48 sounds like Bill Clinton.

From Doc Washburn @ SoundCloud - Sharlene Wilson says she had been on the railroad tracks that night in company with Dan Harmon, Larry Rochelle, bar owner Keith McKaskle, a "guy named Don and a black man named Jim."

She says the boys had been beaten and that their hands were bound, she admits stabbing Kevin Ives and says Rochelle and McKaskle finished them off .. maybe "Don" was BJH, later in the statement she says the black man was named Dan.

Billy does say a "local bar owner" identified as McKaskle was there while the "two lawyers" were probly Harmon and Rochelle, however he makes no mention of a female being present nor of a "black man," while Sharlene Wilson fails to mention "law enforcement officers."

Update: From InvestmentWatchblog - Teenagers Kevin Ives & Don Henry allegedly witnessed a drug operation tied to Clinton and the CIA, Billy Jack Haynes in an interview with Doc Washburn Feb. 16, 2018 says he witnessed their murders in Alexander, Arkansas Aug. 23, 1987, and saw the bodies put on railroad tracks to be run over by a train.

BJH admits that from 1982 he was trafficking cocaine he obtained from murdered CIA drugs pilot Barry Seal, he says Seal introduced him to a politician drug dealer from Arkansas who in 1984 asked him to kill David Kennedy the son and nephew of Senator Robert and President John Kennedy, who died April 25, 1984 in Palm Beach, Florida.

Haynes wrestled in Detroit two days before the murders of Kevin Ives & Don Henry took place, in Detroit he had received a message with an Arkansas number to “call home,” when he called [Bill] Clinton asked him if he would like to do [more] business the way it had been done in Florida, Haynes told him he would .. suppose the "business in Florida" was the murder of David Kennedy.

Previously he had met everyone at the Rose Law Firm, he stated he had wanted to go “big time” .. Clinton sent Haynes a ticket from Detroit to Little Rock, Arkansas August 22, 1987, Sheriff Jim Steed picked him up at the airport and took him to the Governor’s Mansion where he met Bill and Hillary Clinton.

They thought two Arkansas State Police Officers were stealing cash from the drug drops in Alexander and wanted him to provide muscle, they told him to bring his wrestling mask, Clinton said others he had met previously at the Rose Law Firm would be there, Clinton said that if they caught the guys who were stealing it would be his job to beat them to death.

The Clintons asked him to put a tape inside his suit and a VHS camera to film the drop to see who was stealing, that night he and Sheriff Steed sat up in the woods back from the drop, a van came in there was flashlight communication, a third car came in from the right with two police officers then a car came in with Dan Harmon who was high on cocaine.

Haynes taped the plane coming in between midnite & 1 am nothing happened no one stole anything, after the pickup Pulaski County Sheriff’s Lieutenants Kirk Lane and Jay Campbell got out of their car, they talked for a while before Dan Harmon got out of [his] car and asked who Haynes was, the Sheriff said he was "with Bill Clinton and that is all you need to know."

Harmon tried to call Bill Clinton but could not get through, they all proceeded up to the train tracks there were guys on the tracks a third one was on a motorcycle, Haynes heard a gunshot and they took off. Harmon called down to Sheriff Stead to "get the f***," while Jay Campbell and Kirk Lane took out after the boys.

Twenty minutes later they brought them back over their shoulders in handcuffs and bleeding profusely they had been beaten with flashlights, Don Henry was dead they threw both down like a sack of potatoes on the train tracks, Kevin Ives was vomiting blood. Haynes spoke to Governor Clinton on the phone and told him no Arkansas officers had stolen from the drop.

That there were two dead kids, the voice on the phone told Haynes there could be no witnesses, the others repeated “there could be no witnesses,” where after "they" took the butt of Kevin Ives' rifle and smashed it with full force into the back of his head.

On the night they were killed Ronnie Godwin claimed to have seen Jay Campbell and Kirk Lane grab Ives and Henry from outside the Ranchette Grocery Store in Alexander, beat them and force them into a police car .. a Federal Jury awarded more than half a million dollars to two Pulaski County Sheriff’s Deputies after finding a California filmmaker defamed them in a film about the deaths of two Saline County boys in 1987.

From SitcomsOnline - According to the theory set forth by Linda Ives, her son and Don Henry were simply victims of being at the wrong place at the wrong time .. Aug. 23, 1987 they ventured into the woods near Little Rock, Arkansas to do some night hunting, at some point they stumbled upon Dan Harmon and Sharlene Wilson were awaiting drugs to be dropped from an airplane per pre arrangement.

Dan Harmon realizing there were now witnesses to the drug drop approached them in a threatening manner, whereas Don Henry filed one shot from his rifle and everyone scattered, Don and Kevin took off northbound where a short while later they met up with another crony Keith Coney on a motorcycle, who took them to Ranchette Grocery on Highway 111.

Don Henry allegedly tried to make a phone call before two police officers showed up identified by witnesses as Kirk Lane and Jay Campbell, who are alleged to have been at the scene of the drug drop earlier that night. Witness Ronnie Godwin observed Campbell and Lane violently arrest the two boys and throw them into the back of their unmarked police car, then take off towards a dirt road which dead ended in the woods after around a quarter mile.

Godwin parked hidden behind two trailers and watched as the car emerged from the woods fifteen minutes later and drive toward the railroad tracks where the boys were later run over, Keith Coney who had taken Ives and Henry to the grocery took off on his motorcycle when the violence began. He went to a local bar known as the "Wagon Wheel" and informed two men of the situation one of which was Keith McKaskle, who also took off in the direction of the tracks to see what was going on.

Extrapolate the airdrop was in fact a regular CIA landing at SCA so what could Ives & Henry have seen in any case that warranted their killing, moreover the fact that Alexander, Arkansas is some 119 miles by road from Mena, Arkansas which is usually given as the location of the crime is more indication someone is jiggering with the facts.

Keith Coney pictured at left above who transported the boys to the Ranchette Grocery died May 17, 1988 when his motorcycle slammed into the back of a semi truck. Keith McKaskle at right died of 113 stab wounds on election night, November 10, 1988 .. that night he is said to have told the bartender “If Jim Steed loses the election, my life won’t be worth two cents,” Steed was the Sheriff in Saline County where Ives and Henry were murdered.

Another problem I have concern the supposed "air drop" in the first place, the picto shows the place on the tracks where their bodies were found is just a few hundred meters from the boundary of Saline County Airport, so any hope anyone could carry out clandestine air ops anywhere near there is the stuff of dreams.

Similarly why would anyone consider a late nite air drop for an extremely valuable cargo of drugs and money, and take the chance of the packages bursting open on impact or being lost in the boondocks in the first place, the CIA can come and go as it pleases and supposedly can land and take off again with no questions asked from virtually anywhere in the Lower 48.
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Murder on the Tracks, the Story of Kevin Ives & Don Henry 24 Feb 2018 21:02 #2

The elephant in the living room is Israeli involvement..

Amos_Quito @ Reddit: This rabbit hole runs deep, the murdered boys apparently witnessed illegal activities by members of a group involved in a massive conspiracy involving some of the most powerful organizations and ruthless people in the world - including the CIA, Mossad, Mafia, and elements within the Governments of the US, Israel, Panama, El Salvador and Iran.

Key players were VP George HW Bush, Bill & Hillary Clinton, Panamanian dictator Colonel Manuel Noriega and his close associate Israeli Mossad agent Michael Harari, at that time Mena Intermountain Municipal Airport was a central hub for clandestine operations used to circumvent Customs and Border Patrol scrutiny.

Cargo being flown into the Mena airport from Panama were drugs and "Contra Rebel" soldiers from El Salvador who were brought in for training in secret US facilities, the drugs would move into the US black market while soldiers who had finished training were shipped back to Panama along with cash and weaponry.,7340,L-4970068,00.html
Manuel Noriega with Mike Harari during a visit to Israel in the 1980's.

Richard J Brenneke who was from 1968 until 1986 an independent contractor with the Central Intelligence Agency, says he specialized in handling money and East Bloc weapons purchases and flew a C130 into Mena ten or twelve times starting in March 1984.

"From Mena I would take people generally paramilitary or military forces from Central America who had been trained in the area around Mena, who would be taken back to Tecuman Airport in Panama City, we would carry weapons down there which frequently came either from Government stores or through Tamiami Gun Shop in Miami, Florida."

"They were met by members of the Panamanian Defense Force, a man by the name of Michael Harari would frequently be there to meet the shipments, he is a Mossad agent and an Israeli national and was Manuel Noriega's partner in a number of business deals in Panama. I know that firsthand because I had to deal with him."

"We would come back to Mena, Arkansas with individuals and unmarked 400 to 600 pound boxes of cocaine and marijuana, sometimes the cargo was taken off and put into other aircraft which departed from there, mostly the cargo would be unloaded in front of Rich Mountain Aviation and be stored in their hangers."

"Others were members of John Gotti's crime family in New York, one of whom was an individual known to me by the name of Sal Reale who was the Director of Security for Kennedy International Airport in New York City, whose job was to make sure that cargo being shipped through Kennedy avoided Customs procedures, the CIA which was was in partnership with Gotti told me to do work on his behalf."
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