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TOPIC: What politicians do for a living.

What politicians do for a living. 24 Aug 2018 22:34 #1

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Here is the job description of any politician. Taking bribes and blowing smoke up your ass. That's it! They are nothing more than corporate shills. They do whatever their corporate masters tell them to do. Politicians work for them. Not you. Also, most politicians are lawyers. What is the purpose of lawyers? To tell lies and get away with it! Unless they forgo the bullshit as they did with Reagan and just hire an actor to play the role. Politicians don't even write most of the laws Corporate lobbyist do. It's no wonder people say politicians shake babies and kiss hands.
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What politicians do for a living. 25 Aug 2018 01:49 #2

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Yep theyre corporate lackeys often with law degrees.

Their role is to balance corporate power vs peoples revolt basically, manage the population so conditions are kept at a level where it doesnt revolt, but the corporations come first.

The ones put out at the front are also great actors.

What was Trump doing before his latest role? Yep he got a good 7 or so years of practice being an apprentice actor, with a bit of warming up before that with various appearances.

So add actor to the job description, which you already mentioned anyway. Critics in the know will argue it was Reagans best role ever!
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