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TOPIC: Spiritual Leaders And Political Leaders

Spiritual Leaders And Political Leaders 02 Feb 2019 13:57 #1

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People are fascinated by the otherworldly and mystical. They go to priests and gurus who feed their appetite for it. If such a guru were to start to speak of political matters they would probably be a little shocked, after all it doesn’t sound very “spiritual”. Spirituality, what is it? Perhaps to talk about unconditional love and the cultivation of compassion? Perhaps to talk about the Christ and His suffering in redeeming humanity? Nice thoughts, thoughts which come with a warm glow, maybe even thoughts which inspire people to engage in spiritual practise. So not a bad thing.

However it’s easy to get caught up studying all the occult mysteries and high doctrines of spirituality, losing touch with the actual reality around us. If someone is oppressed we say “oh it’s their Karma” or maybe “I will pray for them”. Rarely do spiritual people stand up and challenge the status quo, the actual elements of the system which are oppressing the people, keeping them downtrodden. Sure, some religious organisations actually engage in some charity, but nothing more than charity, which in itself does not bring about change in the system (good and necessary as it is).

Effectively spirituality gives a person an inner force and clarity with which they can accomplish great things socially if they wish. Not only that, but through meditation we can develop the insight to see through the false doctrines and traps which captivate so many. Politics, on the other hand, brings spirituality “down to Earth”, grounding it in the realities of life on this planet rather than in dogma, concept, abstraction.

POLITICAL CONSCIOUSNESS aids SPIRITUAL CONSCIOUSNESS as it encourages us to act, to live in deeds rather than abstractions and face up to the real situation of the world as it is. SPIRITUAL CONSCIOUSNESS aids POLITICAL CONSCIOUSNESS because it gives us inner force and clarity, saving us from becoming caught up in dogmas (like those of Marxism).

Why then, is the combination of the two so rarely seen? All of us can think of at least one example in Mahatma Gandhi, but beyond this we might struggle. Evidently, there are forces on this planet hostile to the awakening of human consciousness. To the powers that be who seek to maintain their dominance, their riches and their empire, the people who are solely spiritual are not a great danger, they are usually too much dreamers. Nor are the people who are wholly political a great danger, they are usually disoriented and fight among themselves, and anyway their projects aren’t often fundamentally different to that of the elites when held up to the light. Dostovesky puts it as follows (you can replace ‘Christian’ with Buddhist, Muslim etc.):

“We [the powers that be] are not particularly afraid of all these socialists, anarchists, atheists, and revolutionists; we keep watch on them and follow all of their doings. But there are a few peculiar men among them who believe in God and are Christians, but are at the same time socialists. Those are the people we are most afraid of . . . . The Christian who is a socialist is to be dreaded far more than the socialist who is an atheist.”

So of course, those who rule over us do what they can to ensure we don’t AWAKEN, their task being helped by all of the spiritual people who are adverse to politics and want nothing to do with it, and all of the political people who want nothing to do with spirituality. The narrow-mindedness of such individuals serves very well the agenda of the powerful, and make no mistake, there are those among them who consciously serve that agenda.

Thus we present to you this chapter of a work by the Latin American writer Samael Aun Weor, from the 1965 book “The Social Transformation Of Humanity”. The chapter contains a lot of very interesting and original ideas for the open-minded and receptive person.


Spiritual Leaders are not more exalted than Political Leaders. Political leaders are not more exalted than spiritual leaders.

Political Leaders and Spiritual Leaders represent two aspects of the same thing, such as Light and darkness, day and night, Spirit and Matter, etc.

Political and Spiritual LEADERS are the positive and negative poles of the same force.

The political and the Spiritual must balance each other in the two dishes of the cosmic scales.

The Great Geniuses have the scales in one hand and the sword in the other.

The Spiritual Leader when he does not do Social work becomes a useless Drone.

The Political Leader without Spirituality is a RASCAL of the intellect, the Rascals are without Spirituality.

When a man is a Spiritual and Political Leader at the same time he wields the scepter of power.

In the World of Interrelation, in SOCIAL LIFE, man can become a beast or a Genius.

The Intelligence of the Universe in which we live, move and have our being, is totally social and deeply RELIGIOUS.

In life we all want Social guarantees with infinite anxiety, but unfortunately we make the mistake of demanding without thinking about giving back, the good that we do always seem colossal; the good that we receive, we always consider scarce.

We are born to live with our fellow human beings, in cohabitation there is the redemption or condemnation of man.

What is no good for the Individual, harms the Society, what is no good for the Society harms the Individual.

Social Coexistence produces more advantages for man than any kind of Solitary life.

Man is a political animal that does not know how to live politically.

Man has been trained to live in society and he isn’t capable of living alone, nor does he have the courage to do so.

When a man finds his partner, Society begins.

The Law of the Society is each for everyone and everyone for each one, this reminds us of the four Musketeers when they said: “ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL”.

Once someone surprised a Misanthrope laughing alone – why are you laughing if there is no one with you – they asked? Precisely because of that, the Misanthrope answered.

If a man could go up to heaven to contemplate the whole marvellous infinity, he his happiness would be diminished by not having someone to share it with.

We are born to unite with our fellow human beings and live in community with the Human Race.

Outside of Society man is a beast or a GOD. In Social life the beasts and the GODS are formed.

The HEADS OF STATE in ANCIENT TIMES, were Great Spiritual Leaders . The SACRED KINGS of the Archaic times were heads of Religion.

AESCHYLUS said: A prosperous state honors the GODS, we say: THE PERFECT STATE is impossible if we exclude RELIGIOUSNESS.

The HEADS OF STATE when they are not Spiritual Leaders call their own violence Law, and the violence of others they call a crime.

ANTIRELIGIOUS POLITICIANS can only be sustained by crime and always kill anyone who can eclipse them.

THE RASCALS always work in favor of the privileged minority, and when they work for the Majority, wanting to do good, they turn out doing a lot of bad.

Governing means rectifying, the RASCALS do not like to rectify because they are too proud.

One can be RELIGIOUS without belonging to any form of religion. Only the religious man is truly REVOLUTIONARY.

RELIGIONS are the living foundation of all CIVIL SOCIETY and the inexhaustible springs of all WISDOM.

All Religions with their GODS, DEMI-GODS, PROPHETS, MESSIAHS, and SAINTS, are the product of ILLUMINATION.

RELIGIONS should become scientific and science should become deeply religious.

There is FORMAL logic and DIALECTICAL LOGIC, the latter can scientifically demonstrate the falsity of DIALECTICAL MATERIALISM and the SCIENTIFIC REALITY of RELIGIOUS PRINCIPLES.

THAT, THAT, THAT which we call the TRUTH, can receive many names such as ALLAH, BRAHMAN, THAT, GOD, TAO, etc., etc., etc.

Religions WORSHIP THAT and EXPERIENCE ILLUMINATION during their ecstasy in the absence of the “I”.

THAT can not be defined, that is THE TRUTH, and this is the UNKNOWN from INSTANT to INSTANT.

RELIGIOUS LEADERS can experience THAT and therefore are SUITABLE to do Social work and wisely govern the peoples.

THE GOD of the Cannibals will be a Cannibal, the one of the crusaders a crusader, the one of the Merchants a Merchant, the one of the Thieves a Thief, the one of the Cats a Cat, the one of the dogs a dog, etc.., etc., etc., but the one of those who have really experienced it, is the TRUTH.

All the Great Political Leaders of the powerful Civilizations that preceded us from the profound night of the Centuries, were also Great Spiritual Leaders.

MOSES, MOHAMMED, SAINT LAMA, BUDDHA, JESUS, HERMES, ASHIATA SHIEMASH, GANDHI, etc., etc., they were geniuses of politics and spiritual guides.

Who could deny that Moses was also a GREAT LEGISLATOR? Who could prove that Mohammed was not also a Social Worker and a Great Lawgiver? It is enough to read the KORAN to know that Muhammad was a Politician and Legislator, who worked honestly for his People.

And what about the BUDDHA, the man who renounced the Wealth of the Court, the Beggar Prince? And what about the Master of Masters who initiated a new age? And what about his gospel?

Reading carefully the Gospels, we find in them LATIN AMERICAN CHRISTIAN SOCIALISM, which has as it’s bases the FOUR GOSPELS OF JESUS THE CHRIST.


THE POLITICIAN without RELIGION is CUNNING, GREEDY, DECEPTIVE, MURDEROUS, IRRESPONSIBLE, THIEVING, at the very least, sincerely mistaken – which causes much damage.

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