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TOPIC: The next step in mass enslavement

The next step in mass enslavement 08 Nov 2019 19:25 #1

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There's talk on some other thread about white men being too docile and incapable of defending their own interests with any kind of vigor.

There's also talk, everywhere, of the role of modern technology in monitoring and controlling the masses whether it's geolocation/phones, social media or else.

There's more and more talk now of transhumanism, the concept of blending organic humanity with electronic components as to "enhance" the species...there are already mild examples of this, but scarier examples are soon to follow.

It seems the elites are nearly in full control. Nearly, because there is still one risk: the uprising of the pleb class through physical force. This very next day tomorrow, the people of Germany can effectively in mass choose to go up to the PM's residence and overthrow the government, they would meet resistance but no more than that. The people of France can march towards the Elysée, Canadians can randomly go and massacre Trudeau and his whole staff and government, and so on.

So it's good enough for now the ruling class have us by a leash, but that dog on the other end of that leash could very well turn on them still.
I think the next step is to take away the ability to physically retaliate. Make the human being into a vegetable, an organism capable only of very minimal physical activity, kept alive merely to squeeze every ounce of value out of them. We would be fooled into thinking we're lucky we get to chill on a chair all the time and that we're fed intravenously and for free when past generations had to go through hell for mere sustenance and even fight bloody wars. They would find clever indirect ways to suppress certain elements of the human experience and get us hooked on all kinds of drugs and addictions...
Anyways: take away the physical aspect of the human being.
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