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TOPIC: The New Wave of American Marxism

The New Wave of American Marxism 21 Sep 2020 21:16 #1

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The New Wave of American Marxism

September 21, 2020 Ana Tournesol

It is no secret that the United States has erupted into chaos during the beginning of this decade. The result of a global pandemic and widespread riots is a nation unsatisfied and turbulent.

Most of this civil unrest was born after the death of convicted criminal George Floyd by the supposed hands – or, knee, in this case – of police. Thousands took to the streets to protest (peacefully or otherwise) this purportedly terrible injustice, even in European countries where no such event took place.

Statues of great men from our country’s past were torn down in line with this rising need for ‘justice’, as a result of their apparent racism – a crime so ghastly that it erased all other facets of these integral historical personalities. History was spat upon by innumerable institutions in hope of being considered virtuous by the angered mob, shouting their cries of revolution – which was, surprisingly, backed enthusiastically by the powers that be.

However, these riots were not only in the name of racial justice.

Among the crowd were Antifa, a label solely based on abolishing all that was ‘fascist’ (or whatever they decided to be so) and Leftists of all kinds united in hatred of this ‘fascism’.

Socialists, communists, anarchists, all who believe that the paramount evils of this world and all the maladies of this country are rooted in capitalism and authority, precisely that of the law.

2020 was a grand leap to action for “leftists” all over the country to unite in hatred of many things, their homeland being one of those.

Marx, as many of these young protesters begin to sympathize with and admire, believed that all history was

class-war, and that a revolution ending in communism was inevitable. This belief is finding its rebirth in the Land of the Free, within the young minds of those dissatisfied with our long-decaying state of affairs, and still inclined against the concepts they’ve been indoctrinated to perceive as oppressive.

They see his solution as the only solution.

It would be ignorant not to recognize how the events of 2020 have united the Left almost as energetically as 2016 united the Right in support of Donald Trump, leading him to his victory.

These leftists, those that have only just stumbled onto the political scene and have yet been radicalized into an ideology far stronger and more pervasive than liberalism, aim to revolutionize the United States in all sorts of radically destructive ways.

Every American tradition, every historical or patriotic symbol that makes us united and durable, down to this country’s flag, is in their world a symbol of hate – of oppression, racism, of whiteness, and therefore slavery.

National unity is repudiated by them, as is history, if it does not include some event of broadened liberty or ‘equality’. America itself to them is a hate symbol, and pride in this nation – even entirely detached from the current government – is therefore ‘hateful’, and must be extinguished.

These are not the reasonable liberals of the past.

The Left is changing, as is the Right. The protests that slowly begin to fizzle out now were the catalyst to something much greater, and so was the 2016 election.

As we come toward November in yet another election year, and especially afterward, political unrest will not cease, but only grow, as both wings become more extreme.

The personal is becoming political, the next generation will not be able to escape this. Down to fundamental values, dispute will cause division. It is now more important than ever to be proud of your country, to stand with its people, history, and traditions. The government has proven useless in all of this.

The United States has become weakened by its inner turmoil, and will only become more divided as time goes on, but I am hopeful for the future.

In any case, this problem is not going away, and will likely continue for a long time until ending as it began – in violence, however on a much wider scale.

In times like these, national solidarity against domestic destruction is of utmost importance.

"Freedom is not a measure of good, but good is the measure of freedom." - Bishop Williamson

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