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TOPIC: Life Extension

Life Extension 21 Apr 2016 04:38 #1

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In the year 2000 Scientific American had nine separate articles addressing anti-aging research.

It was predicted that a doubling of lifespan through re-constitution of the telomeres would happen in a few years.

60 Minutes did a program a couple of years later and I felt we were close at that time. Fidel may have received some treatment, but it is unlikely when it is perfected that average people will gain access.

My continuing research indicates there is more at play than just re-constitution of the telomeres at the end of our genes.

The theory of everything will integrate all areas of thought energy, and science. I hope people in physics are not only observing the chemical elements of what 'everything' truly is. I imagine we are indeed approaching some kind of singularity but I do not know we will access all "THAT IS". Those who do are ascended being or will become such.

Stress effects are genetically passed from generation to generation. If this experiential type of data is transferred through our genes - imagine how much like a computer chip our brains truly are? Or is this like Horizontal gene transfer in lesser life forms which I think occurs in all life forms and explains what we have called intuition? I have written about occult genetic information transfer for decades, and I see many current science proofs are in line with what I wrote. The most important one being the lymph system which I connected with psychic points charts and chakras as a teenager, now proven to exist in the brain as of 2015, at the University of Virginia (Kevin Lee).

I say we can heal ourselves and if we learn to address this properly as we grow up it will make our offspring more adept at many things. St. Germain set up schools in Vienna to accentuate these abilities and he never aged a day according to Voltaire - in the 50 years he knew him. That does not mean he was immortal as some fraudsters are out there selling.

There are possible ways to ensure this does not happen if we make love only when we have been stress free, perhaps. Does this mean aggression in our kinks or ways of making love is not good? Would gestation in gravity free environments for a few hours a week help? When does the information get embedded?

"A father’s stress may directly affect his son’s health.

In mice, males exposed to repeated psychological stress developed high blood sugar — and so did their unstressed male offspring, researchers report online February 18 in Cell Metabolism. Stress appeared to alter chemical tags on the DNA in a male’s sperm. These epigenetic tweaks were then passed onto male pups, which produced higher levels of blood sugar-generating proteins in their livers than mice sired by unstressed fathers. If the frazzled fathers received daily doses of a drug that blocked stress hormones before mating, their sons’ increased blood sugar was mostly prevented, the team found.

The results call for further exploration of how a father’s experiences or actions — for example, smoking or exposure to toxins — may impact his children’s health, the scientists say."

To summarize:

We have epigenetic effects making genetic changes but we are not able to identify a simple execution or determine an efficacious path to get these effects in most circumstances. It appears some well documented cases of adept spiritual people that can now be brain mapped and tied to specific regions of the brain have been correct about healing and the brainwavelengths involved are known.

We see horizontal gene transfer of information accentuated with Ayahuasca in some guided or knowledgeable cases - and with specific rituals.

Then we find chemical tags on the sperm can carry stress and if there is no stress can these tags carry other knowledge or feelings associated with healing? I am encouraged by the openness of the anti-aging research I have read. The reward is beyond immense - and I think it can be brought to fruition. I have offered to be a guinea pig as an attuned adept in specific circumstances associated with Bhakti,
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Life Extension 22 Apr 2016 02:58 #2

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Life Extension 22 Apr 2016 03:42 #3

  • Robert Baird
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I know that is not true.

China has already engaged in genetic alterations on humans and engages in harvesting organs and stem cells from poor people regularly. Their ethics are way behind others - and I suspect others are also cloning and doing similar things as a defense (The US says this is why they broke the Geneva Conventions on weaponizing viral agents at places like Fort Detrick which they at first denied they were doing anything.). After 9=11 you had the Anthrax scare which Horowitz traced to Fort Detrick. Then Law and order did a show on it a couple of years later. Then the US admitted they did break the laws.

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