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TOPIC: Caduceus Cancer Cures

Caduceus Cancer Cures 15 May 2016 01:55 #1

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The ancient caduceus had a use in healing with it's two helixes that were reresented by snakes. You see them as logos for Medical associations today. Snakes in dualistic energy representations are central to many hegemonies of religion and power to this day. The energies given over to these CONs are many and include billion year soulful contracts.

The Therapeutae of Pythagoras the Druid who became the Essenes under James the older brother of Yeshua at Qumran as well as the Theraveda Buddhists in places like Thailand - continue using some of the sacred geometry. The interplay of conscious energy termed Gaia or Aether get used and abused by authors promoting esoteric ideas they only superficially understand. The Royal Institution or J. K. Rowlings and the Secret are a few examples alongside the plethora of movies about alien hybrids based on the Bible Narrative lies. You would be amazed how history is replete with these lies; including Blavatsky or Bulwer-Lytton alien cults like Scientology and Thulean Nazi constructs (Unity Church, Nauvoo Mormons, Lucis Trust, and many other religious and secret society cults including even sects of Yoga).

If we could actually study what Pythagoras was trying to use - we might get the energy support to afford a mutable conscious helix added to the caduceus I see now being used at MIT.

If we could start telling the truth about all ways some men have taken a little knowledge and used it against others through these cults - we might really change the world.

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