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TOPIC: Toxic Aluminum in Vaccines

Toxic Aluminum in Vaccines 17 Apr 2019 15:35 #1

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I am glad to see that experienced investigative journalist Jon Rappoport is still posting about vaccines:
Toxic aluminum in vaccines

by Jon Rappoport

April 15, 2019

I hope that aluminum, an ingredient in many vaccines, keeps moving up on the chart of key issues in the vaccine wars. The mainstream medical forces believe they can ward off any critiques. They’re wrong. But the exposure of the truth has to keep escalating.

At Robert Kennedy, Jr.’s site, the World Mercury Project, there is a science library of studies referring to toxic aluminum in vaccines. I recommend reading all the citations. They’re highly informative, and some of them make excellent ammunition. Here are a few examples:

“Aluminium has been shown to be present in brain tissue in sporadic Alzheimer’s disease. We have made the first ever measurements of aluminium in brain tissue from 12 donors diagnosed with familial Alzheimer’s disease. The concentrations of aluminium were extremely high…Overall, the concentrations were higher than all previous measurements of brain aluminium except cases of known aluminium-induced encephalopathy…The unique quantitative data and the stunning images of aluminium in familial Alzheimer’s disease brain tissue raise the spectre of aluminium’s role in this devastating disease.” (“Aluminium in brain tissue in familial Alzheimer’s disease,” Ambreen Mirza, Andrew King, Claire Troakes, Christopher Exley. Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology, November 2016.)

“Vaccine adjuvants and vaccines may induce autoimmune and inflammatory manifestations in susceptible individuals. To date most human vaccine trials utilize aluminum (Al) adjuvants as placebos despite much evidence showing that Al in vaccine-relevant exposures can be toxic to humans and animals…It appears that Gardasil via its Al adjuvant and HPV antigens has the ability to trigger neuroinflammation and autoimmune reactions, further leading to behavioral changes…In light of these findings, this study highlights the necessity of proceeding with caution with respect to further mass-immunization practices with a vaccine of yet unproven long-term clinical benefit in cervical cancer prevention” (Rotem Inbar, Ronen Weiss, Lucija Tomljenovic, Maria-Teresa Arango, Yael Deri, Christopher A Shaw, Joab Chapman, Miri Blank, Yehuda Shoenfeld. Immunol Res, July 2016.)

“Infants and young children throughout the world receive high quantities of aluminum from multiple inoculations. Incremental changes to the vaccination schedule during the past several years significantly increased the quantity of aluminum in childhood shots. Numerous studies provide compelling evidence that injected aluminum can be detrimental to health. Aluminum is capable of remaining in cells long after vaccination and may cause neurologic and autoimmune disorders. During early development, the child’s brain is more susceptible to toxins and the kidneys are less able to eliminate them. Thus, children have a greater risk than adults of adverse reactions to aluminum in vaccines. Millions of children every year are injected with vaccines containing mercury and aluminum despite well-established experimental evidence of the potential for additive or synergistic toxicity when an organism is exposed to two or more toxic metals.” (Neil Z. Miller. Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons, Winter 2016.)

“In young children, a highly significant correlation exists between the number of pediatric aluminum-adjuvanted vaccines administered and the rate of autism spectrum disorders. Many of the features of aluminum-induced neurotoxicity may arise, in part, from autoimmune reactions, as part of the ASIA syndrome [Autoimmune Syndrome Induced by Adjuvants]. Aluminum is added to vaccines to help the vaccine work more effectively, but unlike dietary aluminum which will usually clear rapidly from the body, aluminum used in vaccines and injected is designed to provide a long-lasting cellular exposure. Thus, the problem with vaccine-derived aluminum is really twofold: It drives the immune response even in the absence of a viral or bacterial threat and it can make its way into the central nervous system. It is not really a matter of much debate that aluminum in various forms can be neurotoxic.” (Chris Shaw, L. Tomljenovic. Immunologic Research, (2013) 56:304–316 DOI 10.1007/s12026-013-8403-1.)

Based on these, and many other suggestive citations from studies, what honest researcher wouldn’t want to probe the aluminum-vaccine issue to its depths?

A recent paper by several authors, including aluminum expert, Christopher Exley, details a finding of alarmingly high levels of aluminum in the brains of children with autism. The research doesn’t implicate vaccines directly, but it certainly points the way to follow-up investigation—and what should be a moratorium on the production of vaccines using aluminum.

Robert Kennedy, Jr.: “Dr. Exley’s findings have shocking implications for today’s generation of children who receive 5,000 mcg. of aluminum in vaccines by the age of 18 months and up to 5,250 additional mcg. if all recommended boosters, HPV and meningitis vaccines are administered.”

Here is a list of U.S. vaccines containing one or more aluminum adjuvants: Dt, Td, DTaP, Hib, Hep A, Hep B, HPV, Meningococcal, Pneumococcal, DTaP-IPV, DTaP-IPV/Hib, Hep A/HepB.


I had never heard of Christopher Exley before.

Here is a video featuring him:
Published on Jun 15, 2018

DON’T MISS this insightful and inspiring conversation between the host of The HighWire with Del Bigtree and Dr. Christopher Exley. Filmed at the 5th Int’l Symposium on Vaccines, Dr. Exley discusses the effect of aluminum on the human body and the high amounts of aluminum found in the brains of people with autism and Alzheimer’s disease.

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Toxic Aluminum in Vaccines 17 Apr 2019 17:32 #2

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In 2017, some Italian “scientists” discovered all sorts of toxic “nanoparticles” in vaccines. The only vaccine for animals, for cats, they tested, ironically was also the only “clean” vaccine!
They used X-rays to measure what elements were in the vaccines: archive.is/Wnaeh

They found all sorts of dirty stuff in vaccines.
Table 2 contains a summary of the highly toxic chemicals found in which vaccine, including.
Al – Aluminium
Bi – Bismuth
Cr - Chromium
Fe – Iron
Pb – Lead
Ni – Nickel
Si – Silicon
Ti – Titanium
W – Tungsten
Zn – Zinc
Zr – Zirconium

The following nanoparticles for example contained: Lead (Pb), Iron (Fe), Chromium (Cr), Nickel (Ni), Copper (Cu), and Tin (Sn).

Table 3 describes the size and amount of “debris” found in the vaccines (I have no reason to believe that these were in the vaccines by “accident”).
Infanrix hexa – 1821 “debris”.
Varilrix - 2723 “debris”.
Fluarix – 1317 “debris”.
Cervarix – 1569 “debris”.
Agrippal S1 – 1029 “debris”.

Similar toxics have been found in the blood of leukemic patients and in patients with cryoglobulinemia...

A.M. Gatti and S. Montanari New Quality-Control Investigations on Vaccines: Micro- and Nanocontamination (2017): medcraveonline.com/IJVV/IJVV-04-00072.php
(archived here: archive.is/yyce3)

These Italian scientists were later harassed by the cops and had their research material, including computers, confiscated: www.collective-evolution.com/2018/04/17/world-renowned-scientists-have-their-lab-shut-down-after-troublesome-vaccine-discovery/

Recently, a scientific looking paper was published, showing that when cellular barriers are exposed to metal nanoparticles (like that found by the Italian “scientists”), cause damage to the DNA of developing brain cells. This makes it more likely that these nanoparticles cause neurodegenerative conditions, including Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.

During their interactions with cell membranes, key cell processes are altered. In addition to affecting the directly exposed cells, the nanoparticles also detrimentally affect neighbouring cells in a manner similar to radiation-induced bystander effect: www.nanowerk.com/nanotechnology-news/newsid=49854.php

For much more on vaccines, including aluminium: www.lawfulpath.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=1346
David Icke – freemason, new ager and paedophile buddy - spinning tales to cover-up the scandals of the Royal psychopaths: www.lawfulpath.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=1125

SERCO – the biggest company you never heard of: www.lawfulpath.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&p=69054#p59198
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